SXSW Eco gathered social and corporate leaders, activists, government officials, designers, developers and entrepreneurs in Austin to share an open space for innovation and progressive thinking. This place connected diverse groups to collaborate, exchange, and built throughout three days, a contagious call to action for social good worldwide.

Today, the world is in front of an opportunity to change human history by ending poverty and climate change. We, as a global family, have just adopted the Sustainable Development Goals a few weeks ago at the United Nations. SXSW Eco discussed them consciously and even in the moments when nobody was noticing, because there is no issue that is not included in the 17 goals and their 169 targets. Everything has to do with the Global Goals.

A hand full of hashtags and thousands of tweets were written. Hundreds of business cards exchanged. But there are 5 words that were deeply rooted in the conversations, both online and offline. These didn’t come as a coincidence.

Why where the Global Goals related to every topic at SXSW Eco? What are the goals about? +SocialGood has 5 words and 10 tweets for you:


“What works for humankind must also work for the planet.” – @kmd_drev, CEO @d_rev_org #SXSWEco #SXgood

If you care about the environment, you should care about #familyplanning – it plays a big role -@catlaz #SXSWEco #SXgood


No matter how #technology changes. The #globalgoals really matter and will continue to matter. – @harrisonshih #SXgood #SXSWEco

The @UN brings the #GlobalGoals to life using #VirtualReality at #SXSWEco: #SXgood


With the #GlobalGoals, we know what we are measuring. We learned lessons about #data from the #MDGs. – @FrancesJSSA #SXgood #SXSWEco

itself is never a story. It informs the stories you tell. More with@daniel_sauter from @TheNewSchool. #SXSWEco #SXgood


Citizens need to be part of the conversation, not just state officials, NGOs, Corp. leaders. THAT is #EnergyDemocracy -@GreenDoorInt #SXgood

Connected global citizens humanize the #globalgoals and unlock stories in a powerful way. – @harrisonshih #SXgood #SXSWEco


You must look at the #BlackLivesMatter Advancing Our Energy Democracy movement holistically – look at all environmental factors – education, health, etc#SXgood

“Dreamers “, soñadores. No pueden votar pero son capaces de movilizar a la comunidad por una causa. – @MiFamiliaVota #SXSWEco #SXgood

Do you want to learn more about these conversations?
Have a look at #SXgood #SXSWEco

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