1. The true meaning of the word “seasons”
(and fashions associated with the same)
(I think only Fellows from tropical countries will relate to this)
2. That’s it’s possible (yes,
even despite Google Maps) to get lost in a perfectly
logically-designed city!
3. The value of a quarter when I do my laundry; and the value of a dollar when
I want to buy a hot cup of coffee on a freezing Winter
(which is pretty much everyday in NYC’s Winters!)
4. That Mental Maths is the most important subject I could have learnt at
Adding taxes to items at the store/grocery, calculating tips at a restaurant,
figuring out the right time to skype folks back home, converting Fahrenheit to Celsius to understand the weather better….( Yes dad, I should have practiced my multiplication tables more :-)!)
5. The “power of technology” when I skype with my family back home
6. The meaning of choice when at an American grocery store! There’s 30+ types of bread alone!
7. The meaning of “destiny” – when I hear a beautiful voice singing but on the subway
8. That it’s always too hot or too rainy or too snowy…no matter which part of
the world you’re in.

Bombay’s monsoons v/s New York’s winters


9. That even a 1st world country like the USA is not free from poverty :-((
10.That the power of “doing good” … is limitless/borderless :-))!


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