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Atlas Corps Videos

Atlas Corps is an official member of the YouTube Nonprofit Program and since our beginning we have used video to spread the word about or work. We encourage you to visit - www.youtube.com/atlascorps - and to (1) subscribe to our channel, (2) add "atlascorps" as a friend, (3) to watch our videos and give them five stars, and (4) finally to share the channel with others.

We have videos of Atlas Corps in English, Spanish, Hindi, French, Portuguese, and even Malay. Many of these videos were done by volunteers who wanted to help us spread the word. If you are interested in submitting a video, please contact us at media [at] atlascorps [dot] org or simply make a video and upload it to YouTube as a reply to our videos.

Thank you for your interest in Atlas Corps. We encourage you to start with our first Atlas Corps video that explains our program in about four minutes. (please click twice below on the video)

On November 15, 2006, Scott Beale spoke to a large crowd at the Delaware Children’s Theatre about Atlas Corps. Here is that speech in three parts:




Atlas Corps Spanish Video