Atlas Corps Tech is a special initiative within Atlas Corps—a nonprofit organization that engages social change leaders from around the world in long-term professional service overseas. Building on our successful track record of bringing the world’s best global service leaders to the United States, Atlas Corps Tech focuses on engaging social change leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to serve in the U.S. for 12-18 months at the world’s best technology organizations and nonprofits.

Why Launch Atlas Corps Tech?

Atlas Corps believes that talent is universally distributed in the world but opportunity is not. The Tech Sector clearly recognizes this idea. The CEOs of leading tech companies, like Microsoft and Google, were born in India. There are countless examples of other talented tech leaders crossing borders to grow companies and spread knowledge. We want this opportunity to also exist for the world’s most talented social change tech leaders, where resources and visa capabilities are not as abundant. Nonprofits and CSR teams could greatly benefit from social change tech leaders crossing borders to address critical social issues. We want social change tech leaders from overseas to learn best practices from the U.S. and for us to learn from them. Atlas Corps builds bridges with the world’s best social change tech leaders and organizations.


Atlas Corps seeks applicants who:

Each Fellow will identify tracks based on area of expertise and interest. Tracks include: Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Information Technology, Internet, Policy, Science, Software & Hardware, and Telecommunications.


Arrey Tambe Tabot, (Cameroon, Host: Affinis Labs)

Tabot holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Buea in Cameroon and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja in Nigeria. He is currently finishing his PhD in Computer Science at the same University where he was an African Development Bank scholar. In 2014, he founded the EduTeens Science Development Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria whose work is focused on improving student achievement, teacher effectiveness and overall school quality through the implementation of technology-led initiatives.

Fellow Role at Affinis Labs: Tabot is applying his skill set to develop for iPhone and Android applications based on the innovations that emerge from Affinis Labs. He designs and builds mobile applications based on initial designs from Affinis Labs hackathons, he interfaces with app development consultants, and builds web platforms for Affinis Labs that can be used to organize, run, and publicize hackathons.

Highlights of Tabot’s Fellowship:


Atlas Corps seeks leading technology companies and nonprofit organizations to engage top global technology professionals for 12 months. Currently, Atlas Corps Tech Fellows serve at:

The challenges of bringing these professionals into the country require substantial effort including paperwork, logistics and associated costs. Our solution is our process:


Capacity & Diversity: Organizational capacity is increased and global reach extended with the unique perspective and talent of the Fellow.

Recruitment: Atlas Corps handles all recruiting and due diligence efforts, while engaging with the Host Organization to ensure the best match.

Logistics: Atlas Corps handles the logistics, including visa, flight, travel, health insurance, taxes, living stipend, training, end of service award, and ongoing support.


Maria Aiolova, Atlas Corps Tech Director
maria@atlascorps.org +1.917.921.0446


The Atlas Corps Tech Board contributes the resources, expertise, and networks to build and support the Atlas Corp Tech Initiative.

Bob Spoer, Ashoka (previously at LinkedIn)
Chris Fowler, BMW Foundation
Craig Mullaney, Facebook
Danny Marx. Hosteling International
David Bujard, Blackstone Technology Group
Gina Telsa, IBM
Jessica Santana, New York on Tech
John DiMarco, IBM
Jordan Tigani, Google
Kat Duffy, Internews
Katherine Brown, Council on Foreign Relations/International Affairs Fellows
Katie Oyama, Google
Lee Brenner, Hypervocal (previously at Microsoft)
Megan Wilson, Medentech Limited
Nick Martin,TechChange
Nicole Isaac, LinkedIn
Nicole Patrice de Member, indais
Nilmini Rubin, Tetra Tech
Quintan Wiktorowicz, Affinis Labs
Saket Mishra, Atlas Corps Fellow
Shahed Amanullah, Affinis Labs
Suhas Subramanyam Global Corridor Group (previously at the White House)
Svetlana Matt, Congressman Jerry McNerney
Thomas Peng, SalesForce Consultant
Tomicah Tilleman, Blockchain Business Council
Vera Zakem, Twitter
VJ Rao, Xykon
Whitney Hunter-Thomson, Business & Technology Strategist