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Scale & Sustainability

With time, Atlas Corps will eventually have 5,000 Fellows annually volunteering in approximately 100 cities around the world. Once a Fellow of Atlas Corps, these individuals have the opportunity to continue to participate in the network to support one another. A generation of global leaders will emerge not only well trained, but well networked across borders.

Atlas Corps creates value by leveraging the experienced efforts of skilled nonprofit professionals in volunteer placements overseas. By recruiting and placing these Fellows at Host Organizations, Atlas Corps seizes the opportunity created by a market failure - the inability for individuals from overseas to volunteer in the United States due to visa restrictions and limited resources. Simply put, there are thousands of experienced, talented international leaders who would be happy to volunteer a year of their life in the U.S., but they don't have the money or the opportunity to give of their time and talent.

Rather than just place these Fellows at U.S. nonprofit organizations as an expensive international exchange program, Atlas Corps charges a cost-share to U.S. nonprofit Host Organization based on the AmeriCorps VISTA model. With AmeriCorps VISTA, it is common for Host Organizations to pay a cost share to the U.S. Government for each volunteer. These VISTA Members are full-time, yearlong volunteers usually right out of college. Our cost share is less than the cost of an entry level employee (about $30,000 depending on the city), but our Fellows are easily worth well above $50,000 based on what the market would pay for the typical profile of our Fellows (29 years old, with five years of experience, a masters degree, bilingual with international perspectives).

As the cost share approaches the per-fellow expenses, Atlas Corps will quickly scale to involve thousands of Fellows from countries around the world volunteering in cities all around the world. Eventually we will achieve our systems changing impact when the "developing world" is no longer seen as a recipient for aide, but rather a partner in development. Eventually the global nonprofit sector will leverage the skills, talent and time from inspiring individuals around the world, no matter where they were born. Eventually, we will see how only through global partnerships and cooperation and can we tackle global challenges. As we change our perspective on how to solve intractable challenges, we will begin to change the world.

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