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Class 7: September 2011 Atlas Corps Fellows

Class #7: September 2011

Bolatito Oluwayemisi Ogunbiyi, 28, Abuja, Nigeria (Host: Population Action International)

Bolatito has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector in four Sub-Saharan African countries as a Population Health Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. While working as a Research, M&E Officer with Family Health International on a PEPFAR/USAID-funded program, Bolatito was involved in the implementation and documentation of high quality research including the HIV/STI Surveillance Surveys in Nigeria. Previously, she served as an Intern of the West African Health Organization with Helen Keller International, Niger, where she worked on a community-based child survival/nutrition program. Bolatito has volunteered in different capacities, including for a Most-at-Risk-Population program and UNICEF Total Goiter Rate Survey. Over the years, Bolatito has accrued technical competencies in the planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS and nutrition programs, particularly in resource-constrained settings. Her research interests include maternal and child health/nutrition. She is a recipient of various awards including the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps recommendation as an outstanding corps member.

Host: Population Action International

Cristina Andoni, 26, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova (Host: Points of Light Institute)

Cristina has over four years of professional experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. In 2008, she graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova with a Master’s degree in Finance, specializing in Financial Banking Administration. Cristina is an alumna of the Fund for American Studies (AIPES) and the Freedom Support Act Programs. While working as a Program Assistant within the Media Program at the Soros Foundation-Moldova, Cristina was responsible for the overall financial management of grant and operational projects starting from budget allocation to project closing, drafting and monitoring budgets, overseeing project implementation, organizing trainings, network meetings and other events, reviewing beneficiaries' financial reports, drafting agreements, and processing payments. Prior to this role, Cristina worked at Top Consulting LLC, a consulting firm specialized in quality management consulting, where she gained practical experience in project management by drafting documentation and assisting national companies in the implementation of international quality standards. Her work with the USAID Local Government Reform pilot project, in which she trained five accountants from Rezenu village city hall to use a computerized accounting program, further spurred her interest in nonprofits. Since 2002, Cristina has been involved in various civic initiatives: volunteering with the American Councils, engaging in the Bridges Between US project as an intern; participating in the Academy for Young Social Entrepreneurs in Poland; teaching at the Association for Young Managers of Moldova’s English summer camp; and assisting Mimi Chakarova's long-term project on human trafficking in Eastern Europe which culminated in a full-length documentary.

Host: Points of Light Institute

Demetrio Spinola Guirao, 26, Granada, Spain (Host: Habitat for Humanity)

Demetrio has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector in Spain, Madagascar, and Cambodia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy issued by the UCAM University of Murcia and a Master’s degree in Management and Direction of NGO’s issued by the Esade University of Madrid. In Madagascar, he worked as the technical coordinator for a program to fight against child malnutrition with the NGO Bel Avenir in partnership with the French NGO, Enfants du Monde. This program served more than 4,000 children in southern Madagascar. Demetrio also managed the international volunteer program for the same NGO in Madagascar for 2 years, returning to his home country to continue this work in the local counterpart, Fundacion Agua de Coco. In his time with the foundation, he worked as technical coordinator in areas of awareness, communication, and volunteerism, managing more than one hundred volunteers throughout Spain. His strides in organization, management, fundraising, graphic design and communication, such as establishing a presence in the world of social media, have made him a very versatile contributor to the nonprofit sector.

Host: Habitat for Humanity

Diana Flórez Melo, 32, Bogotá, Colombia (Host: Youth Service America)

Diana has over three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and Translation from the Latin American University of Science and Technology-Laureate International Universities and a Master of Arts degree in Peace Education from the UN-Mandated University for Peace. With a keen interest in disaster risk reduction and human rights education, Diana has interned with Teachers Without Borders, an international NGO focused on professional development for teachers, where she developed a module on emergency education for teachers around the globe. She collaborated with the Academy for Peace in Costa Rica as a facilitator of its unique BePeace course based on non-violent communication and heart-math techniques. In this capacity, she trained students of the UN-Mandated University for Peace in collaboration with members of the National Peace Academy (USA). Diana serves as a board member of the Rasur Foundation, where she proposed policies and oversaw the transition of the BePeace program into the Costa Rican Ministry of Justice and Peace. Most recently, Diana has volunteered for numerous projects related to education and social development. She developed an art therapy program for over 130 vulnerable elementary public school students with the Asociacion Artistica para Niños (ASART). She also helped facilitate a field-workshop on sustainable development for Boruca indigenous children in the southern region of Costa Rica. Diana has participated in various events such as the Fourth Summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace (2009), Religions for Peace (2009), and "Habilidades para el Siglo XXI un Reto Educativo" (2007).

Host: Youth Service America

Esther Kelechi Agbarakwe, 27, Abuja, Nigeria (Host: Population Action International)

Esther has over eight years of experience working on sexuality and environmental issues. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Calabar. Esther is a climate change policy expert and trainer with extensive experience in creating, facilitating and managing youth-led projects. Esther has represented Nigeria and Africa at over ten high-level global governance meetings on sustainable development and has served as the African coordinator of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Youth and Children Major Group. In 2009, Esther co-founded the Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition, the biggest youth climate movement in Nigeria. Esther also serves as a volunteer support staff member with the White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria and convened the first Youth E-consultation on Maternal New Born and Child Health (MNCH). She was selected as 'Women Deliver 100 Young Leaders' for her strong interest in women’s issues and was invited to attend the "Women Deliver" Global Conference in DC in June 2010. Esther is the recipient of the 2010 LEAP Africa Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Award and is a Dekeyser & Friends Foundation Fellow and Commonwealth Youth Climate Fellow.

Host: Population Action International

Eva Kemigisa Baguma, 33, Kampala, Uganda (Host: Ashoka)

Eva has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from Makerere University in Uganda and holds Certificates in Fundraising Database Management (Blackbaud, UK) and Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management from Makerere University Training Institute. Eva most recently served as the Program Officer of Fundraising and Resource Mobilization at the Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC), a local non-governmental organization involved in the medical and social rehabilitation of children with disabilities and their families. USDC is currently implementing development projects ranging from advocacy and lobbying to capacity-building, social-economic empowerment, education, and health in twenty-four districts of Uganda. As the Fundraising Program Officer at USDC, Eva directed the organization’s public relations and media and communications campaigns, which included the development and production of the organization's print media products and online communications. Prior to this role, Eva served as a hospitality and events manager in several capacities before finding her true calling in the development sector, where she has found a heightened sense of fulfillment in her work.

Host: Ashoka

Gastón Pierri Gonsebatt, 30, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Host: Global Citizens Network)

Gastón has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He has degrees in Law and Economics from University of Buenos Aires and University of Alcala and has worked for various development agencies and international organizations in programmatic and managerial positions. Gastón worked as the Director of the Research Center in Law and Development, called Center OMG (COMG). He has also worked with the UNDP, RedCross, and USAID. Gastón has implemented over fifty different development, strategic planning, training, and consulting programs in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Spain. He is also a founding member of Ceritoycruz.org, a youth education advocacy group in the Dominican Republic. Gastón possesses strong skills in project management and advises on various legal, social, and development issues. He has significant experience in social research, assessment and evaluation, and a strong background in organizing and conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Host: Global Citizens Network

Hina Mushtaq, 27, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Host: Public Health Institute)

Hina has five years of experience in nonprofit organizations. She did her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from National University of Comp. and Emerging Sciences and is pursuing her Executive MBA from the National University of Science and Technology - Islamabad. After completing her Bachelor’s, she joined a Software House KALSOFT as an Engagement Executive where she started her research work on e-health systems for rural areas of Pakistan. Hina is an expert on the use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) to address global health. She worked as a Research Assistant at SEECS-NUST to monitor and evaluate the project "Jaroka: Capacity-Building of Lady Health Workers" in rural Mardan through the use of ICT-based telemedicine (in collaboration with Stanford University, APPNA USA, and HEC/USAID Pak). She also had an opportunity to work with ITU UN Headquarters in Geneva where she conducted research on the national ICT strategies and e-health policies for a number of countries. In 2009, she won the ITU Cyber Security and ICT Competition, which was open to contestants from all over the world. For the competition, she covered the topic 'Mobiles for Development: Enabling Low-Cost E-Applications for Rural and Remote Areas (E-Health)" and presented on how this idea could be practically executed. For two years, she has worked closely with the USAID-funded Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) Project on a voluntary basis. She was selected as a Technical Director to develop a massive web portal (www.heartofasia.pk). Through this, she tried to project a softer and favorable image of Pakistan in the international community by creating a fully functional web portal that contains general information repositories about Pakistan as well as links to useful websites.

Host: Public Health Institute

Hira Tanveer, 28, Islamabad, Pakistan (Host: Service for Peace)

Hira has more than four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Hira holds two postgraduate degrees in Mass Communication and English Language and Literature from the National University of Modern Language in Pakistan. Her areas of expertise are advocacy, development communication, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, reporting and research. Since March 2010, she has worked with the Oxfam GB Pakistan Programme as a Communications and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the emergency response team. Previously, Hira worked with the Red Cross as a Program Officer where she was responsible for improving the quality of health, disaster risk reduction, and capacity-building programs by undertaking effective monitoring. Hira has also worked for UNDP Pakistan, where she streamlined knowledge management and developed a strategy to serve as a roadmap for knowledge sharing. She ensured efficient utilization of knowledge-sharing tools and produced key research focusing on poverty, gender, environment, governance and crises prevention issues to serve as policy support for the government. She has also participated in UNICEF relief efforts for children affected by the earthquake in Pakistan.

Host: Service for Peace

Ibrahim Mothana, 23, Sana’a, Yemen (Host: MobileActive.org)

Ibrahim has over six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, along with professional certificates in Crisis Management and Sustainable Development. He is a youth ambassador for the Arab Thought Foundation and the youngest member of its advisory committee. He started writing at the age of 12, has been published in three languages and is currently finalizing a book on Arab youth and identity. He is well known for his efforts in youth empowerment and advocating for sustainable development and human rights issues. He successfully launched many projects and implemented several advocacy programs in local communities around Yemen. He gained considerable experience from working and volunteering with many national and international organizations including UNESCO, Oxfam, British Council Global Changemakers, and many others. In 2010, he was selected to become the youngest member of the Arab Thought Foundation Advisory Committee, which is comprised of a group of distinguished business and academic intellectuals from the Arab world. In this capacity, he provides the foundation with guidance on its operation and a range of critical matters.

Host: MobileActive.org

Ihsan Karayazi, 29, Kars, Turkey (Host: HasNa)

Ihsan Karayazi has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Kafkas University and a Master’s degree in Cultural Management from Istanbul Bilgi University. Ihsan has worked for both public and civil society areas with a particular focus on conflict resolution alongside the border with South Caucasus. From 2005-2009, Ihsan was employed by the Municipality of Kars as an officer in charge of external relations and project coordination. In 2009, he joined UNDP Turkey as the site manager of UN Joint Program Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia, which uses tourism to generate income and eliminate poverty. Ihsan has worked as an advisor to many national and international organizations including the International Institute of Urban Development (IIUD), International Alert of London, TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation) of Istanbul, Anadolu Kultur of Istanbul, City Research Center of Gyumri, Armenia and Barents Secreteriat of Kirkenes, Norway. Ihsan has participated in training programs including the Emerging Young Leaders program offered by US State Department, the summer university program of the Central European University (CEU-Budapest) on Public Management of Urban Challenges in Transitional Cities, and a European Diploma program in Cultural Project Management.

Host: Hasna

Jane Wanjiku Kiiru, 29, Nairobi, Kenya (Host: InsideNGO)

Jane has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Language and Communications from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Information Science from the Kenya School of Professional Studies. As a Programme Officer at the Foundation for Kenya Pastoralist Women (FKPW), she was in charge of facilitating processes and initiatives that enhanced the participation of pastoralist women in socio-economic, political, and cultural development. Prior to joining FKPW, Jane worked for Transparency International Kenya as a Deputy Programme Officer in charge of the Resource Center. She was part of the Advocacy and Communication Programme that was mandated to advocate for transparent and accountable institutions of governance in Kenya whilst building alliances with civil society, public institutions, schools, and media outlets. Jane has also set up fully- functional libraries for Save the Children Sweden and Water Service Trust Fund. Jane has worked as a Presiding Officer in the Starehe by-elections and the referendum that saw the enactment of Kenya’s new constitution. Through her experiences, Jane has gained a deep understanding of development issues and valuable skills in research management and administration.

Host: InsideNGO

Jonathas Freire Barreto, 25, São Paulo, Brazil (Host: Points of Light Institute)

Jonathas has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector promoting sustainability and social entrepreneurship within the Brazilian private and nonprofit sector in roles such as consultant, manager, and professor. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, and has completed specialization courses on Nonprofit Management. Jonathas has worked in various sectors, from starting economic development projects to teaching low-income university students in Brazil. He served as the financial manager for Pangea bilingual school for impoverished youth, where he significantly increased the student enrollment rate, started a social enterprise for unemployed parents and implemented a business model for incorporating paying students to make the school self-sustainable. He played a key role for over two years in the most strategic partnership for Ashoka, where he, in collaboration with McKinsey consultants, implemented a Scaling Up Program for fellows to increase their impact and conceived Ashoka’s first monitoring and evaluation system for fellow performance in Brazil. Most recently, Jonathas acted as an Associate Consultant at LUME sustainability consulting, where he advised leading Brazilian companies on sustainable business practices to achieve the triple bottom line of profits and social and environmental outcomes. He is a co-founding member of AIESEC in Juiz de Fora and a WYSE youth fellow.

Host: Points of Light Institute

Kay Kim, 26, Seoul, Korea (Host: Service for Peace)

Kay has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Northwestern University in IL, USA. She has served as a volunteer at NGOs such as Habitat for Humanity, Rotary International and Clinton Global Initiative, in countries including the Philippines, Belize, and Hong Kong, mainly focusing on HIV/AIDS education and awareness. Recently, Kay finished a six-month internship with South Africa’s leading HIV/AIDS activist organization, Treatment Action Campaign. During her tenure within the M&E unit of TAC, Kay wrote researched articles about tuberculosis for an online website, organized public service ads, and co-edited its first book publication. Prior to launching a career in the nonprofit sector, Kay worked in Hong Kong as an equity capital markets financial research manager responsible for covering and liaising with top-banking clients within the Asia-Pacific region. Kay is passionate about working in the fields of human rights, health, and education and wishes to utilize her research, reporting, and communications skills to achieve her goals. Outside of professional interests, she enjoys backpacking, reading memoirs, and playing the violin and piano.

Host: Service for Peace

Mohammed Seifeldin Abdalla, 26, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Susan G. Komen for the Cure)

Mohammed has over three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Khartoum and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology. Mohammed was the National Officer on Research Exchange and President of the Medical Students International Network (MedSIN--Sudan), an NGO that represents the future physicians of Sudan worldwide. After joining graduate school, Mohammed and his colleagues founded the Rebuilding Reproductive and Child Health Systems in Post Conflict Settings Initiative (ReReCHI), which is an official partner of the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. During that time, he also worked in post-conflict southern Sudan and was the head of Training and Capacity Building for the ReReCHI. Throughout the year, he conducted research that supported evidence-based health systems decisions and policies for health sector planners, analysts, policymakers, program designers, and other stakeholders. He also trained people ranging from illiterate women to PhD students in post-conflict southern Sudan. Due to great success of the initiative, the University of Medical Sciences and Technology formed the Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit, which is the first of its kind in Sudan. Mohammed also worked on projects for UNICEF and the EU mission in Sudan.

Host: Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Oladele Olagundoye, 31, Lagos, Nigeria (Host: GBCHealth)

Oladele has more than three years of experience in the nonprofit and community health services sector in Nigeria as a medical doctor. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2005. He obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010. Oladele’s professional interests are in the areas of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS treatment and community health services. He has acquired intensive trainings and certificates in these subject areas in Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom. In 2007, he pioneered community health awareness campaigns as a volunteer with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). These campaigns focused on dissemination of information and strategies to prevent the spread of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS in northern Nigeria. He was appointed as a consultant on HIV/AIDS treatment by the International Centre for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) in 2008. During this time, he developed strategies that contributed to improvements in the quality of care of HIV-infected persons. In 2011, he joined the Centre for Integrated Health Programs (CIHP), an indigenous non-governmental organization that delivers integrated services on malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS control and prevention. In his position as a "senior clinical associate", he provided technical assistance and capacity-building services for staff at CIHP project centres.

Host: GBCHealth

Patrick Henry Asinero, 29, Davao City, Philippines (Host: International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children)

Patrick has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from the Mindanao State University in 2004. Patrick participated in the VSO and British Council’s Global Xchange Program in 2006 for a year of cultural exchange and volunteering in Mindanao and the United Kingdom under the theme "Peace and Development." Together with other youth volunteers of the team, he was awarded the "Millennium Volunteer Award of Excellence" by the UK Secretary of State for Education and Skills. Prior to this experience, Patrick was an Oxfam International Youth Partnerships Action Partner from 2004-2007, where he received capacity-building training, online peer mentoring, and support for his community project. In 2003, he received the national "13 UNEP-Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Award" for his community project on reforestation. Currently, he is the Provincial Education Officer in Mindanao for World Vision Philippines’ Child Labor Education Project, an initiative that uses education and policy advocacy to strengthen social structures and alternative livelihood as a means to combat child labor in the Philippines. He also volunteers as coordinator for the Mindanao Young Leaders Parliament, a network of youth social activists from Mindanao, and as an "Oxfam Youth Mentor and Motivator" for the new participants of the 2010-2013 Oxfam Action Partners cohort. Patrick belongs to the Bukidnons, one of the indigenous tribes of Mindanao.

Host: International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

Renata Chilvarquer, 24, São Paulo, Brazil (Host: Ashoka U)

Renata has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship development. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of São Paulo and in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil. Renata has always been involved in social change organizations and has spent the past three years at Endeavor, where she has developed a new social business for entrepreneurship education and supported small and medium-sized entrepreneurial initiatives to grow sustainably. Previously she worked for international NGOs including CEJIL, an international human rights law organization, and AIESEC, an international youth leadership development organization. Through these experiences, she developed strong entrepreneurial, interpersonal, and project coordination skills. Renata is very passionate about education, entrepreneurship, and economic development and seeks to advance those areas in order to promote positive change in the world.

Host: Ashoka U

Class #7: September 2011 Colombia

Benjamin Russell, 26, California, United States (Host Organization: Fundación Capital)

Benjamin has more than two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Boston University’s College of Communications and a Masters in International Affairs from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. He participated in the civil society development process as an intern for the Council for a Community of Democracies, applying his skills in written and oral communication. Later, he interned for the German Marshall Fund of the United States. This experience allowed him to engage with civil society leaders, understand current events, and their impact on government and civil society, and analyze and disseminate information effectively and concisely.

Host: Fundación Capital

Elisa Lopez, 22, California, United States (Host Organization: Fundación Alejandrito Corazón - Atlas Service Corps)

Elisa has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector with a student-run organization called Pemon Health. She started as a participant then transitioned to Program Coordinator and is now Director. She holds a Bacholor of Arts in Sociology and Education with a minor in Latin American studies from Swarthmore College. Elisa helped promote preventative health initiatives in rural Venezuela. Her work with Pemon Health has been enriched through the use of critical perspectives related to social action endeavors. Elisa wrote her senior thesis on the complexities that college groups attempting such an endeavor face. She proudly embraces her Mexican and Colombian heritage and her hometown of Jackson Heights, NY.

Host: Fundación Alejandrito Corazón - Atlas Service Corps Inc.

Isabel Quiroz, 28, Texas, United States (Host Organization: Fundación Niños de los Andes)

Isabel has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Statecraft and International Affairs. She worked for a national nonprofit and played a key role in the strategic planning through her role as liaison to the Board. Later, she gained experience in communications through work with the executive, communications, and research grants departments. She also worked as the Development Officer producing the best results in her performance. Her passion is to help people who are less fortunate than her. His dream is to give the poverty stricken the voice, the strength, and resources to improve their lives.

Host: Fundación Niños de los Andes

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