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Class 11: January 2013 Atlas Corps Fellows

Cleopatra Ndlovu, 33, Harare, Zimbabwe (Host: InsideNGO)

Cleopatra Ndlovu has nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector in Zimbabwe. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in English and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Media and Communications from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a former Director of Women in Politics Support Unit (WiPSU), a feminist nongovernmental organization that promotes the participation of women in politics in Zimbabwe. Previously, Cleopatra was employed by Women’s Action Group (WAG), which is an organization which seeks to promote women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. During her three years at WAG, she was the Communications Officer and the Editor of their quarterly magazine, Speak Out/Taurai/Khulumani. Cleopatra is a founding member of The Girls Legacy, an organization seeking to build the capacity of young women and girls through leadership development and mentoring so that they can live empowered lives and become models and change agents in their communities. She has served as a Board Member for several organizations including Transparency International- Zimbabwe, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Youth Initiative for Democracy in Zimbabwe, Women and AIDS Support Network and Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building. Cleopatra has a strong passion for women’s rights.

Host: InsideNGO

Donna Torsu, 29, Accra, Ghana (Host: PYXERA Global)

Donna has over three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Master of Arts in International Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts in French and Psychology both from the University of Ghana. Her Masters’ dissertation focused on, “The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1820 on Sexual Violence against Women: Prospects and challenges.” Currently a Program Assistant at the UNESCO Office in Accra, Donna provides support in the implementation of program activities in areas of social science research capacity development; climate change and migration; and youth civic engagement. In partnership with a colleague, she has prepared a background research paper on the nexus between climate change and migration. She has also been engaged in an assignment to map and assess national youth policies in Sub Saharan Africa. While still at UNESCO, Donna worked on a volunteer assignment for UNFPA on engaging men and boys to prevent gender-based violence. Through her work experience, Donna has developed good writing, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation skills. Her areas of particular interest are gender equality and youth development.

Host: PYXERA Global

Maksim Karliuk, 25, Minsk, Belarus (Host: The Cato Institute)+

Maksim has four years of research experience and has earned an LL.M in European Law from the College of Europe. He has been involved in a number of research projects on the issues of regulatory impact assessment (RIA), legal approximation and Eurasian integration and pursues his own research in the philosophy of human motivation. He cooperates with the Ecole National d’Administration in France, University College London in the UK, works as analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, and lectures at the Belarusian State University. Through these and other experiences, he has developed strong research, leadership and productivity skills and reinforced his enthusiasm to bring about a positive change in his country and region.

+Think Tank LINKS Fellow

Host: The Cato Institute

Natasha Uppal, 23, New Delhi, India (Host: PYXERA Global/U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy)

Natasha conceptualized and implemented a nation-wide program aimed at sensitizing the youth and mobilizing thought and action around the cause of women’s empowerment while working at CARE India as the Youth Engagement Coordinator. Previously, as part of Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship initiative, Natasha supported marketing and communication efforts for the ‘Global Summit of Housing Entrepreneurs’ held in Barcelona, Spain. She also assisted volunteer teams with strategies for onsite implementation and event delivery. Natasha has held multiple leadership positions in AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization, which she was a part of for three years. She partnered with thirty-five NGOs focusing on HIV/AIDS, education, and child rights, and implemented innovative social projects that combined international exchange programs with local awareness events. She organized Delhi University’s first HIV/AIDS testing drive and facilitated HIV/AIDS and reproductive health workshops for over 500 students. Additionally, she led six diverse and multicultural teams throughout her tenure and in 2009, was selected to represent AIESEC India as a cultural envoy to Turkey. In 2010, she led a five member international team and handled media relations and PR for India’s largest youth congregation comprising of 700 young leaders from 110 countries. Through these experiences, Natasha has honed strong communication, project management, and leadership skills and has grown into a committed and ambitious nonprofit professional. Natasha has earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Delhi, India, and is a strong advocate for women and children’s rights.

Host: PYXERA Global/U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy

Nici Meyer, 33, Cape Town, South Africa (Host: International Peace and Security Institute)

Nici has two and a half years of full-time experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, after obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Management and Human Resources, from the University of Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Nici has been the Program Coordinator for Operation Smile South Africa since October 2011, maintaining the medical and non-medical volunteer base as well as coordinating all the surgical programs in Southern Africa. Prior to that, Nici managed an education project on the Wild Coast of South Africa, where children in rural schools were taught basic end-user computing skills. This change in career came after many years of part-time volunteering and working within the corporate social responsibility sector in the tourism industry. This experience has greatly improved her coordination and time management skills acquired over the years as a Project Manager in the tourism industry, specifically now within the nonprofit sector. Nici is passionate about building a society where everyone actively volunteers and works towards a better future for all, allowing everyone to enjoy at least the basic human rights some often take for granted.

Host: International Peace and Security Institute

Nurangiz Khodzharova, 27, Moscow, Russia (Host: Net Impact)

Nurangiz has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Art in International Development and Management from Lund University, Sweden. She has worked for Migration and Law Integration Center in Moscow coordinating a project on providing assistance to Moldovan children and families in Russia, in partnership with the Terre des hommes Foundation. As Network Coordinator, Nurangiz helped set up a network of organizations for referral and assistance to migrants. Previously, she worked for the Russian Union of Journalists and the Ford Foundation in Russia. She has also interned with UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education in the Arab States in Beirut, Lebanon. Through these experiences Nurangiz developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. She was also actively involved in radio journalism at Lund University where she learned to create and produce broadcast content. Her special areas of interest are sexual and reproductive health, migration, and media development.

Host: Net Impact

Ramona Dragomir, 27, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Host: International Association of Volunteer Effort)

Ramona has over six years of experience in working in the nonprofit sector, starting as a volunteer in numerous local, national, and international organizations and later joining Pro Vobis – National Resource Center for Volunteering of Romania as a Program Coordinator. She a degree in Political Science from Babes-Bolyai University and her thesis was on how social capital is developed and fostered within virtual communities; she was also awarded a fellowship to participate in the Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation at San Diego State University. Ramona has also participated in numerous trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops that focused on the topic of volunteering, both at the national and European level. Her extensive professional experience in the field of social development by means of volunteering translates in to setting up and implementing projects to support the development of volunteer infrastructure in her home country - managing the National Network of Local Volunteer Centers, overseeing national events such as National Volunteer Week. Ramona is currently working for the Local Volunteer Center in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, contributing to developing a culture of volunteerism in the local community.

Host: International Association of Volunteer Effort

Sally Roshdy, 24, Cairo, Egypt (Host: Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED))+

Sally Roshdy has three years of experience as a researcher in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelors’ degree of Political Science from the University of Cairo in Egypt in 2009. While working as a Policy Researcher at One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Care in Cairo (OWF), she contributed to the transition-focused research work of Refa'a Al-Tahtawy Forum, an independent Egyptian think tank of OWF. Her area of research focuses on the transition issues in Egypt with an emphasis on the Democratic Reform and Security Sector Reform (SSR). Sally has participated in the assessment of Egyptian civil society needs concerning engagement in SSR through coordinating the joint program of SSR learning exchange in collaboration with Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS). She has coordinated a study visit to Serbia on an exchange of Egyptian and Serbian experiences of SSR. Sally has written number of policy briefs addressing the Egyptian issues of reform. She has contributed in the organization of regional conferences that focus on the transition issues of Arab Spring Countries, the most recent one was, the Exchange of Arab NGOs Experience conference hosted in Egypt in collaboration with the Network of Democrats in the Arab World. Throughout her career, she has gained vast experience in Democratic Reform with a focus on electoral processes. She also contributed to voter education through interacting with groups of citizens in number of provinces in Egypt during the last election.

+Think Tank LINKS Fellow

Host: Project on Middle East Democracy

Sergio Daga, 29, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Host: Heritage Foundation)+

Sergio has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Bolivia, and a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Chile. In his years of experience he has acquired solid quantitative and qualitative research skills, has conducted several research projects, and has developed interpersonal and team working skills. He started as a researcher in a microfinance institution assessing the impact of microloans on poverty among less-developed areas of Bolivia’s highlands. Afterwards he worked as a researcher in the infrastructure sector of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) at its headquarters in Venezuela. Back in Bolivia, he worked in the Research Department of the Ministry of Planning (UDAPE), where his main research interest was the relationship between the financial system, private investments, and labor markets. Since January, 2010, he has worked in the Research Department of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Santa Cruz (CAINCO) in Bolivia, where he runs the macroeconomic and financial research agenda. He is also the Director of the Economic Program in POPULI (Políticas Públicas para la Libertad), a public policy independent think tank that promotes well-designed public polices for a free society. He has several publications, including chapters in books and working papers.

+Think Tank LINKS Fellow

Host: Heritage Foundation

Steven Caron, 23, Montreal, Canada (Host: Charity Navigator)

Steven Caron has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree (Major in Finance; Minor in International Business) from Concordia University. While working as an intern in financial and business development for project COOPFORH under SOCODEVI, he helped initiate, support, and develop economic activities and businesses to help improve the economic and social situations of rural, cooperative members in Honduras. Steven has also worked for Camp B'nai Brith as a supervisor and managed a team of 13 staff members. He has also trained 42 future staff members. These experiences have taught and prepared him in project management, business development, leadership training, and financial management. Steven has a keen interest in business development, the environment, and microfinance.

Host: Charity Navigator

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