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Atlas Corps Diaspora Bloggers Network

Aldo Arce Gurrola, 25, México City, México (Host: National Audubon Society)

Aldo has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He holds a degree in Marketing and Communications and two postgraduate diplomas in Fundraising and Project Management & Education and Employment of Youth. Since he was 17 years old, he has been involved with social development organizations. Aldo was a volunteer at Amnesty International Mexico as well as a Program Officer in a human rights foundation. In 2008, he founded the nonprofit organization, Puerta Joven (“Youth Door”), which provides internet access and arts and technology programs to improve the education of the youth in poverty (with a primary focus on indigenous and people with physical disabilities). As the Founder and Program Coordinator, he gained experience to get support and funding for his own programs and projects from international aid agencies and foundations such as: the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), UNPD Mexico, UNESCO Brazil, Oxfam, and the Adobe Foundation. As a fundraiser, he has also done campaigns to get individual donations through media campaigns and mobile phones. Aldo was named Action Partner by Oxfam International Youth Partnerships. He has participated in key global forums like the World Youth Conference, organized by UN agencies where he was a member of the Global Council of NGOs and was also invited to run workshops about Fundraising. Aldo has knowledge in graphic design, web development, social media, and nonprofit marketing.

Host: National Audubon Society

Kate Kiama, 24, Nairobi, Kenya (Host: The Nike Foundation)

Kate Kiama has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London’s International Program. Kate currently works as a legal officer at the AIDS Law Project, a nonprofit in Kenya that aims to advance the human rights of persons living with HIV & AIDS. Since 2010, Kate has been running a mentorship project in her own capacity for teenage girls in rural and semi-formal settlements in Nairobi. The project, dubbed “Sisterhood”, aims to support, inspire, and encourage young impressionable teens to be the best they can be. In 2011, she received The Humanitarian Finalist Award by the Pillar Awards Africa-Kenyan. From 2011-2012, she served as the Google Student Ambassador in Kenya. From 2012-2013, she served as the Kenyan Youth Ambassador for the United Religions Initiative in the Great Lakes Region, as well as one of the few One Young World Kenyan Ambassadors. Kate was recently appointed as the Hands Up for HER focal person for Kenya. She is also a recipient of a three-year fellowship from the Vital Voices, which offers mentorship by distinguished women who are championing women’s rights issues. She is an avid writer and blogger and has been commended for her legal writing especially in regard to issues pertaining to the New Kenyan Constitution.

Host: The Nike Foundation

Fellow Role at The Nike Foundation
Kate will help the Nike Foundation use her Investment Fund intelligently to take the Girl Effect to scale. Kate will help manage a portfolio of grant relationships that deliver maximize return on investment, capture and distill learning, and inspire large-scale initiatives for girls.

Darren Gan, 29, Hengyang City, China (Host: Human Rights First)

Darren Gan is experienced in working in the nonprofit sector. He has been a committed volunteer at the Beijing-based NGO Aibai Culture & Education Center for nearly seven years. The organization's mission is to promote equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in China. Interested in LGBT culture, Gan started working as a translator and editor in 2006. His main responsibilities include looking for international LGBT news, translating them into Chinese, and editing them. Over the past three years, he has become an experienced part-time worker in Aibai, helping to build a professional news system, specialized in the translation work of international LGBT stories and news. Now, Aibai is the largest international foreign LGBT news provider in China. These international news and stories have given courage to thousands of LGBT people in China, and they also have guided many local NGOs in the LGBT field to progress in a more efficient way. Gan was a lifestyle journalist for China Daily, the biggest government-run English newspaper in China. He has written several important LGBT feature stories, including the challenges associated with openly identify as LGBT. Gan is also a very active freelancer for major Chinese magazines, including Time Out Beijing, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Architectural Digest (China). He also further honed his skills in English and Chinese writing, reporting, and editing.

Host: Human Rights First

Fellow Role at Human Rights First
Darren will provide research, content, and administrative support to the Advocacy Counsel at Human Rights First. Specifically, Darren will assist in achieving advocacy goals related to international lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights. As part of an expanding campaign, Darren will be integral in the pursuit of equality and dignity for the global LGBT community.

Hae Soo Park, 26, Seoul, South Korea (Host: InterAction)

Hae Soo Park has three years of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Kyung Hee University in Republic of Korea. Currently, Hae Soo is interning for Good Neighbors International, a Korean nonprofit humanitarian organization focused on child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. She is researching case studies of global campaigns and international governance, as well as updating current international issues and trends. Prior to her internship, Hae Soo was a Research Assistant at a private financial company in Korea, Woori Investment and Securities, for almost two years. She joined the firm in 2011 and assisted the equity research analyst in researching market trends, industry trends, and company updates. In 2009, she completed an internship for nine months at The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO). Her work mostly dealt with assisting the executive coordinator with updating membership database and information. She was also responsible for covering meetings on behalf of CoNGO at the United Nations. Finally, she assisted the staff of New York in organizing the logistics for CoNGO-sponsored meetings and receptions, including CoNGO Board Meetings as well as the Civil Society Development Forum. Through her experiences, Hae Soo has not only learned research skills, but she has also learned how to work proficiently in a fast paced environment. Hae Soo enjoys and feels passionately towards topics related to children's empowerment, education, and rights advocacy.

Host: InterAction

Fellow Role at InterAction
Hae Soo will provide support to InterAction’s Standards related work, as well as support the planning and execution of the 2014 InterAction Annual Forum.

Isaiah Owolabi, 27, Lagos, Nigeria (Host: GBCHealth)

Isaiah Owolabi has over six years of experience working to implement and advocate for development initiatives aimed at combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Environment Degradation and incorporating business models for such interventions. He is the project director and co-founder of HACEY's Health Initiative, a nongovernmental organization supporting and empowering vulnerable children, women and young people in Africa to live a healthy and productive life. He is also a co-founder and currently serves as the executive chair of the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP). He is the author of the book HIV/AIDS - The future of the infected and affected. He is also a contributing author to the Girls Sexual Health Promotion training manual and the co-author for the Sanitation and Hygiene Training Manual for School Children. Isaiah holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Physiology. He is a One Young World Ambassador, Alumni of the United States Consulate Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, a member of the International AIDS Society, Young Investigator Award winner for his presentation on Oral contraceptive at the International Union of Physiological Science Congress in Kyoto, Japan, and a 2012 finalist for the Commonwealth Youth Award for excellence in development. Isaiah is an International Associate of Wagner College, New York- a recognition of his completion of 6 weeks experiential learning program on Civic Leadership. In July 2014, Isaiah became an alumni of President Barack Obama’s prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders program (Young African Leaders Initiative – YALI).He is passionate about implementing programs and advocating for policies that will help vulnerable people live a healthy and productive life.

Host: GBCHealth

Fellow Role at GBCHealth
Isaiah, in his role as Program Manager, will provide management and leadership for GBCHealth' Corporate Alliance for Malaria in Africa (CAMA). He will bring his technical and programmatic expertise to increase business engagement in multi-sector collaboration to fight malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Munyaradzi Malunga, 29, Harare, Zimbabwe (Host: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota)

Munyaradzi has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector and holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies with the University of the Free State in South Africa. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Zimbabwe in 2007. Currently, Munyaradzi conducts and coordinates research that informs the efforts of the organization towards improved welfare for women, children and families. While working as a Special Programs Coordinator for World Education under the USAID funded OVC Program in Zimbabwe, Munyaradzi helped improve the lives of children with disabilities. He also set up coalitions for advocacy around issues affecting children with disabilities and participated in the development of new models for service delivery. Before joining World Education, Munyaradzi served Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Zimbabwe as a Program Officer and later as a Program Coordinator and Team Leader. While holding these positions, Munyaradzi facilitated service provision for children, women and youth and provided training and support to community leaders and stakeholders on governance, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, education, nutrition, child rights, and advocacy. Munyaradzi has volunteered as a Field Officer for ADRA Zimbabwe, providing psychosocial support to vulnerable children, including those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. He also volunteered as an Administrator for Tukondo Children Trust and helped set up the organization. Through these experiences and education, Munyaradzi has developed strong training, project management, monitoring and evaluation and research skills. Munyaradzi enjoys designing and conducting research to add value to the work of organizations and is passionate about children’s rights, youth empowerment and the well-being of families. He believes in amplifying the voices of various rights holders and holding the government and other duty bearers accountable.

Host: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Fellow Role at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Munya will provide leadership in working with the services for people with disabilities and the services for older adult teams as it relates to specific projects, service delivery systems, research and evaluation to enhance the service delivery systems of the organization. Munya will be working closely with executive leadership and their teams in a statewide delivery system structure.

Myounghwa Hwang, 29, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Save the Children)

Myounghwa Hwang has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector in South Korea. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science from Ewha Womans University, South Korea. She has worked for Save the Children Korea as a marketing manager. Myounghwa has been in charge of marketing and fundraising through the pilot testing of acquisition channels and campaigns. She has planned more than 15 projects to engage people to be actively involved with the activities of Save the Children. With her dedicated commitments, Save the Children has grown more than 30%. She was awarded the most outstanding staff member in 2012 and promoted to manager in the shortest possible term, becoming the youngest manager in the process. Before Save the Children, she worked for two and half year in the Hope Institute, a civically engaged think-tank. She was in charge of running a platform, called “Social Invention Ideas”, for citizens to propose any ideas to change society for the better. Myounghwa, as a trained qualitative researcher and planner, undertook a multi-country research project, suggesting innovative and differentiated Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programs to corporations including Samsung. She did an internship in the Office of the President of the Republic of Korea, working in the office of the Domestic Press Team. She is a member of Korea Women’s Political Solidarity and Empowerment (KWPS) and Internet Alternative News Media, Pressian. She co-founded an education scholarship for youth, “Vitsol”, in 2008. Through the scholarship, around 15 students received support to graduate from high school. She is an avid reader and loves drawing. She is also a television critic. She earned an award for this and a critique was published in a book funded by the Foundation for Broadcasting Culture in 2009.

Host: Save the Children

Fellow Role at Save the Children
Myounghwa will provide account management support to existing global sponsorship partners (SC Italy & SC Korea) and will support the cultivation of new business through prospective Members. Myounghwa will also be responsible for supporting the management of the Child Guardian product (including Member relationships and marketing) and for supporting the development of a global marketing strategy to increase coordination among partners and improve operations, marketing and knowledge sharing.

Sook Hee Yuk, 31, Seoul, South Korea(Host: Global Campaign for Education)

Sook Hee has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Development studies from the University of Ghana in Ghana and a Master’s of Economics in Middle East and Africa areas of studies from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. While working as a Director and Founder of Make Africa Better which is based in Korea and Ghana, she helped women and communities in northern Ghana to improve quality of life through an income generation project. At the same time, Sook Hee gave lectures about “Africa and Sustainable development” and “Africa and NGOs” at the Hankuk University of Foreign studies. Previously, she has worked as a research assistant in several research institutions including AFDB and Korea Legislation Research Institute. Through these experiences, she has developed balanced aspects of Africa development. Sook Hee enjoys focusing on the issues of poverty alleviation through income generation and education program, and has a strong passion for marginalized people in Africa.

Host: Global Campaign for Education

Fellow Role at Global Campaign for Education
Sook Hee will work the with Director on researching potential funders and writing grant proposals to foundations. She will also assist with the development and functioning of a GCE-US Youth Advisory Group to enable the organization to more effectively engage the next generation of advocates for Education For All.

Trina Talukdar, 26, Kolkata, India, (Host: American Express Foundation)

Trina started working in Kalighat, one of Asia's oldest and largest red light areas, at the age of 18. Her interaction with commercial sex workers spurred her passion to spend her life working on gender empowerment. After graduating with a major in English Literature, Political Science and Sociology, she went on to do her Masters in Social Work, specializing in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. During her Masters, Trina visited and interned with various women’s rights and anti-trafficking organizations. Trina started her own non-profit, Kranti at the age of 22, in Mumbai. Kranti identifies the potential in girls who have been trafficked to become agents of social change, as they have survived the worst social adversities, and have the passion and understanding to solve these social problems. Kranti uses counseling, education, and leadership training to empower marginalized girls as change-agents. Recently, Trina moved to Ashoka: Innovators for the Public to explore other areas and models of work in the development sector, through Ashoka’s fellow selection process.

Host: American Express Foundation

Fellow Role at American Express Foundation
Trina will support the overall strengthening of leadership development in the nonprofit sector by helping to expand the American Express Leadership Academy franchise. Building on the American Express role in supporting best-in-class leadership practices and capacity building, Trina will coordinate and grow the alumni network; help develop and improve communication and dissemination of best practice and provide overall project support as needed.

Victoria Dangond, 29, Bogotá, Colombia (Host: Atlas Corps)

Victoria has five years of experience in public information and project development in the international cooperation and nonprofit sector. Victoria holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism from Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, and a Master’s degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations Mandate University for Peace. Victoria has worked on multiple USAID funded projects and has experience with multilateral organizations and agencies including the Organization of American States (OAS) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). As Communications Officer for USAID’s Access to Justice Program in Colombia, Victoria was responsible for information and outreach activities in four conflict stricken regions where she implemented virtual training courses for justice sector operators on human rights and provided access to justice for vulnerable communities. She interned for UNHCR in Costa Rica during her Master studies. More recently, Victoria participated in the OAS Internship Program in Washington D.C. and volunteered for the International Center on Religion and Democracy (ICRD). In the academic field, Victoria has worked as adjunct professor at Universidad de la Sabana teaching undergraduate students to design communication strategies for local social development projects.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps
Victoria will support the work of the Chief Development & Engagement Officer to raise the profile of the organization to better share the story of Atlas Corps with the purpose of increasing the pool of potential Host Organization and individual candidates and leveraging additional funding opportunities. Victoria will strengthen and practice skills in the implementation, evaluation and expansion of the Atlas Corps external presence as included in our communications and public relations strategy.

Diaspora Bloggers Network 2013

Cleopatra Ndlovu, Zimbabwe (Host: InsideNGO)

Cleopatra Ndlovu has nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector in Zimbabwe. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in English and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Media and Communications from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a former Director of Women in Politics Support Unit (WiPSU), a feminist nongovernmental organization that promotes the participation of women in politics in Zimbabwe. Previously, Cleopatra was employed by Women’s Action Group (WAG), which is an organization which seeks to promote women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. During her three years at WAG, she was the Communications Officer and the Editor of their quarterly magazine, Speak Out/Taurai/Khulumani. Cleopatra is a founding member of The Girls Legacy, an organization seeking to build the capacity of young women and girls through leadership development and mentoring so that they can live empowered lives and become models and change agents in their communities. She has served as a Board Member for several organizations including Transparency International- Zimbabwe, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Youth Initiative for Democracy in Zimbabwe, Women and AIDS Support Network and Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building. Cleopatra has a strong passion for women’s rights.

Host: InsideNGO

Dipanwita Das, India (Host: Atlas Corps) Twitter @dipanwita_d

Dipanwita brings three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and has worked as an editor, a journalist, a public relations strategist, and a social entrepreneur. She has an undergraduate degree in History from St. Stephen’s College and a postgraduate degree in Globalization and Development from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. While working as an Account Manager with 20:20MSL (a Publicis Groupe company), she designed the Google+ nonprofit outreach strategy in India and set up the non-profit service line for the organization. Dipanwita also founded an online art enterprise called The Outline that works towards democratizing the sale and appreciation of art in India while working with 20:20MSL. Previously, she co-founded and led strategy at What’s Up Bharat, which is a social enterprise that engages youth with social issues through innovative methods across both online and offline platforms. She has handled media relations and program design for Whypoll, which is a nonprofit working towards better governance and women’s safety. Deeply interested in the use of technology for effecting positive change, Dipanwita has worked with the prevention of child abuse, LGBT rights, and education for the underprivileged as well as art for development. She enjoys focusing on women’s and minority rights and studying the unorganized labor sector in India.

Host: Atlas Corps

Eduardo Salazar Moreira, Perú (Host: University of Maryland, Center for Social Value Creation) Twitter @edusalamore

Eduardo has three and a half years experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru. For the last two years Eduardo taught in a low-income area of Lima for Enseña Peru, Teach for All's Peruvian chapter. He taught English and math in primary school, and math and business-related workshops in high school, giving students the skills and knowledge needed to start their own small businesses. In between school years at Enseña Peru, Eduardo was an intern at Caja Rural Los Andes, a rural microfinance institution in Puno, Peru, where he researched social conditions and needs beyond microcredit of rural credit holders. Previously, Eduardo worked for the post-graduate school at Universidad del Pacífic, and as a junior consultant at Invertir, a Peruvian nonprofit organization that promotes entrepreneurship, seed capital funds, and microfinance. There he collaborated in the research and editing of a book about successful business through microfinance, and assessed business plans for entrepreneurship programs. His work in business entrepreneurship, microfinance, and education has helped him develop leadership and capacity improvement skills, as well as skills for entrepreneurship and business development. Eduardo is interested and committed to social and economic development, access to microfinance, improvement in the quality of education, and reducing poverty in his country. He is also an avid reader, amateur photographer, and music-lover.

Host: University of Maryland, Center for Social Value Creation

Fellow Role at University of Maryland, Center for Social Value Creation
Eduardo will expand the social entrepreneurship offerings at the Smith School and across UMD. This role will include developing new programs, growing existing ones and creating an asset map of SE on campus.

Eric Mwangi Njoroge, Kenya (Host: UN Foundation) Twitter @SenatorEric

Eric has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Urbanian University, Rome and a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Religion specializing in peace-building and conflict resolution from Kenyatta University, Kenya. He is currently pursuing his PhD on ethnicity and national cohesion from Kenyatta University, Kenya. Currently, Eric is the Executive Director of Furukombe Initiative, a position he has held for the last two and half years. His main responsibilities are to fundraise and build partnerships with corporations and foundations. He developed and coordinated a youth leadership program between fifty U.S. students from Colorado State and Kenyan students funded by the U.S. State Department. Eric has also worked with Sudan Catholic Bishops Regional Secretariat based in Juba, South Sudan as an Emergency Coordinator for two years where he raised funds on behalf of the refugees, returnees, and internally displaced people in South Sudan. Eric has worked with Caritas Nairobi, Kenya as a Program Coordinator for one and half years. His main responsibilities were fundraising, coordinating peace building programs, and facilitating capacity building. Through these experiences, he acquired the skills of fundraising, partnership, training, and report-writing. Eric is interested in fundraising and capacity building in nonprofit sector. His hobbies are swimming and cycling.

Host: UN Foundation

Fellow's Role at UN Foundation:
Eric will serve as the Development Associate cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding financial and in-kind donors for the mHealth Alliance program from corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals.

The Development Associate identifies institutional synergies and new funding sources, manages cultivation and solicitation data and results, creates proposals and letters of interest to meet program objectives, and works effectively and collaboratively with other UN Foundation programs and offices to maximize grant potential and partnership success.

Francis Gallardo Enrique, Philippines (Host: Points of Light) Twitter @EnriqueF2012

Francis has more than four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Master’s degree in Philanthropy and Social Innovation from Universita di Bologna, Italy, and an MBA in International Management from Northern Illinois University, U.S. In the past year, he worked as Resource Mobilization Officer in Apnalaya, a nonprofit organization for the slum welfare in Mumbai, India. With Apnalaya, he was responsible in fundraising and marketing communications planning. He also developed a social entrepreneurship program for the youth in Mumbai to help them realize their latent potentials and to avoid dropouts in schools. Francis has extensively experienced the implementation of country programs of the United Nations in the Philippines, U.S., Italy, Spain, and Israel. Through these experiences, he acquired skills in research, international development, and public-private partnerships. As a global citizen, Francis is most passionate about cross-cultural understanding and multi-sectoral collaboration to achieve world peace and unity.

Host: Points of Light

Fellow Role at Points of Lights
Francis will develop and implement Points of Light’s global marketing and communications strategy, conduct international market research and feasibility studies, and support new product development.

Hripsime Amirkhanyan, Armenia (Host: HasNa) Twitter @Sime_Am

Hripsime brings 16 years of experience of leading projects and volunteering for various international and local organizations. She has mostly focused on the implementation of different social and development projects to support the disadvantaged groups of people such as refugees, socially vulnerable families, certain categories of children, and the unemployed. While being a student at Vanadzor State Teachers’ Training Institute for her Master’s degree in Education, Hripsime started working for UNHCR, then continued her career with IFAD, UMCOR, UN WFP, and PH International, followed by CHF International Armenia/USAID in the position of Program Officer. During her professional career, Hripsime established strong links with partner organizations outside of Armenia and enlarged the scope of projects. Later, Hripsime received her second Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies with major in cultural differences, identity and philosophy through cultural studies and cultural geography. Hripsime is also a member of the Steering Group developing Youth Projects within European Union Programs and one of the organizers of youth exchanges among some EU member countries and Armenia. In 2011, Hripsime returned to PH International as one of the project leaders for the Armenian delegation to implement YouthLAB (Leadership Across Borders) project in the U.S. together with partners from Turkey. Hripsime is a very active participant of various training courses, conferences, and exchange programs. She is a great asset to any academic or working environment not only due to her high level of erudition but also her practical knowledge in the areas she is involved in.

Host: HasNa

Janice Cashia Pratt, Liberia (Host: Worldwatch Institute) Twitter @jcp4real

Janice has five years of experience in the nonprofit, media, and governmental sectors, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia. While studying for her college degree, she volunteered with Population Services International as a Youth Coordinator. With PSI, she managed a radio show on sexual reproductive health, and planned outreach activities for young people. Janice has developed youth related brochures and IECs materials for several groups including UNICEF and UNAIDS. Her advocacy has progressed to include programs in girls’ rights, youth and gender empowerment, and poverty reduction. Through these experiences, she developed strong research, leadership, and report writing skills. Janice enjoys focusing on the topics of economic reform and population need. She has a strong passion for creative arts and hopes to one day use it as a unifying tool for social justice.

Host: Worldwatch Institute

Fellow's Role at Worldwatch Institute
Janice will serve as Research Assistant to the President. In this position she will be primarily responsible for assisting in research by the President in three areas of substance: Gender, reproductive health and population, Sustainable agriculture and food production and Climate change and sustainable energy for all. Additionally she will aid various Worldwatch teams seeking to: Improve our outreach on research results for optimum impact in our mission of promoting a rapid transition to sustainable societies that meet human needs Develop and expand networks of likeminded organizations around the world.

Machien Luoi Thiep, South Sudan (Host: BRAC USA) Twitter @machien_luoi

Machien has six years of experience in nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. As a Senior Program Officer with AECOM International in South Sudan under the USAID–funded South Sudan Transition and Conflict Mitigation (SSTCM) program, he assisted state and county governments in reduction of conflicts emanating from rebel militia groups, cattle rustling, border trade, and nomadic migration activities in South Sudan. Prior to that assignment, he was a Democracy and Governance Project Specialist with Winrock International under a USAID – funded BRIDGE Sudan Program to build capacity of state and county government officers in four key areas – human resource management, planning and budgeting, financial management, and taxation administration in Unity State. Previously, Machien was a volunteer for PACODES – a civil society organization he helped found in the United States to construct a library, transport books from United States to Ganyliel, South Sudan. He has developed strong capacity building, project management, grant proposal writing, and monitoring and evaluation skills. Machien is interested in civil society capacity building, education, health, social business and microfinance programs to help alleviate poverty and develop communities in South Sudan.


Fellow Role at BRAC USA
Machien will support the implementation and execution of their strategic and program services, public education efforts, and grantmaking strategies. He will be expected to assist with a diverse portfolio of program work that includes microfinance, livelihood development, social enterprises, health, education, human rights and legal services.

Mari Seto, Japan (Host: GlobalGiving Foundation) Twitter @setomaring

Mari has over two years of experience in non-profit sector. She earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science from Keio University in Tokyo, and a Master's of Arts in International Trade and Investment Policy concentrating in Development Economics from the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. Her interest in international development began when she experienced first-hand the financial default in Argentina in 2001. Since then, she became interested in development that really works for poverty alleviation. After starting her graduate studies in 2011, she joined GlobalGiving Foundation as a Project Intern. At GlobalGiving Foundation, she successfully led two fundraising campaigns for 16 partnering organizations working for disaster relief in Japan, raising almost $200,000 from 1200 individual donors. In addition, she served as an In-the-Field representative for GlobalGiving Foundation in China. She travelled throughout the country to conduct site evaluations, provide advice on online fundraising to local partners, and recruit potential partners for GlobalGiving. Mari's special areas of interests are social entrepreneurship, crowd funding, and economic empowerment.

Host: GlobalGiving Foundation

Fellow Role at GlobalGiving Foundation
Mari will be serving at the intersection of their nonprofit partnership team and business development teams to help nonprofits that are referred by our corporate donors have a better experience on GlobalGiving. Her responsibilities will include managing communications with corporate-referred nonprofits, providing support for corporate-sponsored donation campaigns like Microsoft's Give for Youth program, and helping nonprofit organizations post projects and write reports.

May Abd Elnasir, Sudan (Host: Voice of America) Twitter @MayAbdElnsir

May has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and has worked as a volunteer at many organizations in both Egypt and Sudan. May holds a Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science from Modern Academy in Cairo, and she is completing her Master's degree in Gender and Development. In 2011, May worked in the Cairo Institute for Human Right Studies (CIHRS) as a researcher and working in media monitoring for the Egyptian Parliament Election. May has significant experience collecting and analyzing data in accordance required formats, preparing and writing daily reports and bulletins being produced by the Media Monitoring Center, and preparing and submitting regular qualitative reports to the Monitoring Specialist as requested. In 2010, May worked in the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA) as a researcher and in media monitoring in the Referendum of Sudan and the Election of South Kordufan. May also attends conferences and workshops to cover for her reports at the Referendum, and she has met many leaders from South Sudan including Luka Abyong. In 2010, she worked as a presenter on radio and TV outlets in Sudan and Egypt to discuss many Sudanese social and cultural issues, and in 2009, May worked at the American University in Cairo as research assistant in the political science department.

Host: Voice of America (VOA)

Fellow Role at Voice of America
May will serve with VOA staff to identify and research stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to our audience, and will be called up to conduct interviews. She will expand her skills in journalistic and storytelling and put together her own radio pieces. In addition, May will be supporting the editorial process for a daily radio program.

Nabeel Mohamed Biajo, Sudan (Host: Voice of America) Twitter @Nabilbiajo

Nabeel has three years of nonprofit experience focusing on elections, public health, and youth development. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Sudan University of Science and Technology. As an interpreter with the Carter Center’s International Election and Referendum Observation Mission in Sudan, he accompanied international election observers monitoring voter registration and polling centers in South Kurdufan state’s electoral process. Previously, Nabeel worked with a team of Carter Center conflict resolution experts to survey the town of Kadugli, South Kurdufan prior to the Referendum on South Sudan’s independence. After attending a workshop on AIDS and other STDs, Nabeel has volunteered to advance health education and promote adolescent reproductive health awareness with UNICEF and the Center for HIV/AIDS in Sudan. He participated in a campaign visiting different high schools and universities to hold seminars and talks on the subject. Additionally, Nabeel served as a volunteer English teacher for adults and kids at several institutes including the English Cultural Center, Future Leaders Primary School, and Sudan International Grammar School in Khartoum. Through these experiences, he developed an understanding of how NGOs function and strong project coordination and implementation skills. Nabeel is particularly passionate about gender issues, environment, and youth empowerment.

Host: Voice of America (VOA)

Fellow Role at Voice of America
Nabeel will serve with VOA staff to identify and research stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to our audience, and will be called up to conduct interviews. He will expand his skills in journalistic and storytelling and put together his own radio pieces. In addition, Nabeel will be supporting the editorial process for a daily radio program.

Nafeesa Mushtaq, Pakistan (Host: Disaster Accountability Project)

Nafeesa has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector in education, poverty alleviation, and humanitarian relief in emergencies. During these years her exposure to many parts of the country and abroad through extensive field visits provided her with the chance to see the ground realities and interact with people at the grassroots level. At the same time her experience enabled her to deal with government officials, civil society including people from pluralistic backgrounds. Nafeesa earned a postgraduate degree in Human Rights from Curtin University of Technology, Australia, under the Australian Development Scholarship. Nafeesa is also trained in Program and Project Management and Administration (PPMA) by Management Development Foundation (MDF) in The Netherlands. She earned a fellowship with the Nuffic Fellowship Programme for this course. Nafeesa has worked with CARE International in Pakistan in the Floods Emergency Response Programme (FERP) where she engaged in supporting Implementing Partners (IPs) in understanding donor compliance, accountability and quality in humanitarian relief projects. Nafeesa has also worked for the Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) as Research and Advocacy Coordinator where she supported coalition work through conceptualizing, developing, executing and reviewing advocacy campaigns. These campaigns were aimed at policy-makers and emphasized the need for a rights-based approach to education in national policies.

Host: Disaster Accountability Project

Fellow’s Role at Disaster Accountability Project
Nafeesa will manage SmartResponse.org, a global, online clearinghouse of disaster relief and humanitarian aid data that maximizes the impact of disaster relief by increasing transparency and accountability, providing valuable data to the donor public, beneficiaries, and media, and strengthening the role of civil society.

Natasha Uppal, India (Host: CDC Development Solutions/U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy) Twitter @natashauppal

Natasha conceptualized and implemented a nation-wide program aimed at sensitizing the youth and mobilizing thought and action around the cause of women’s empowerment while working at CARE India as the Youth Engagement Coordinator. Previously, as part of Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship initiative, Natasha supported marketing and communication efforts for the ‘Global Summit of Housing Entrepreneurs’ held in Barcelona, Spain. She also assisted volunteer teams with strategies for onsite implementation and event delivery. Natasha has held multiple leadership positions in AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization, which she was a part of for three years. She partnered with thirty-five NGOs focusing on HIV/AIDS, education, and child rights, and implemented innovative social projects that combined international exchange programs with local awareness events. She organized Delhi University’s first HIV/AIDS testing drive and facilitated HIV/AIDS and reproductive health workshops for over 500 students. Additionally, she led six diverse and multicultural teams throughout her tenure and in 2009, was selected to represent AIESEC India as a cultural envoy to Turkey. In 2010, she led a five member international team and handled media relations and PR for India’s largest youth congregation comprising of 700 young leaders from 110 countries. Through these experiences, Natasha has honed strong communication, project management, and leadership skills and has grown into a committed and ambitious nonprofit professional. Natasha has earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Delhi, India, and is a strong advocate for women and children’s rights.

Host: CDC Development Solutions/U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy

Neimat Abubaker-Abas, Sudan (Host: Women for Women International) Twitter @NeimatAbubaker

Neimat has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Juba University and a Master's degree in Gender and Governance from Ahfad University for Women in Sudan. Her research focused on women’s political participation at local level. Formerly, she worked as a Program Officer at Nidaa Training and Research Center. She also worked as a Human Rights Workshop Facilitator and Program Coordinator at the Group for Economic, Social, and Culture Rights Studies. Neimat was an active member in the leadership of the Students Association and other political and civil society organizations for several years. Neimat has gained excellent skills in working with university students in organizing political campaigns, raising public awareness about civil rights, and building democratic organizations and institutions. She was Deputy Chairperson of the Student Association from 2003 to 2004, and was the Head of the Female Student Office, from 2004 to2005. Neimat worked as volunteer with women who suffer from fistula at Khartoum Hospital. Neimat is an active politician as she was candidate for the National Parliament in 2009, and she became President of the Leadership Council of the New Forces Democratic Movement as the youngest female political leader.

Host: Women for Women International (WfWI)

Fellow Role at Women for Women International
Neimat will contribute to research and development of a common curriculum for the Men's Engagement Program, including a focus on how Islam respects women's rights. She will also contribute to preparation of a strategic priority on health services for women enrolled in the WfWI program and participate in annual and strategic planning activities, research and evaluation activities, and other program planning tasks.

Ramona Dragomir, Romania (Host: International Association of Volunteer Effort) Twitter @ramodragomir

Ramona has over six years of experience in working in the nonprofit sector, starting as a volunteer in numerous local, national, and international organizations and later joining Pro Vobis – National Resource Center for Volunteering of Romania as a Program Coordinator. She a degree in Political Science from Babes-Bolyai University and her thesis was on how social capital is developed and fostered within virtual communities; she was also awarded a fellowship to participate in the Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation at San Diego State University. Ramona has also participated in numerous trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops that focused on the topic of volunteering, both at the national and European level. Her extensive professional experience in the field of social development by means of volunteering translates in to setting up and implementing projects to support the development of volunteer infrastructure in her home country - managing the National Network of Local Volunteer Centers, overseeing national events such as National Volunteer Week. Ramona is currently working for the Local Volunteer Center in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, contributing to developing a culture of volunteerism in the local community.

Host: International Association of Volunteer Effort

Sherif Elhassan, Sudan (Host: The Mayor's Office on African Affairs) @Suzanne_Sharif

Sherif has over six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Khartoum. Recently, Sherif and his colleagues established a new nonprofit in Sudan called the Medical and Dental Students Trust (MDST). MDST aims to help Medical and Dental Students achieve their maximum potential, by the provision of financial and logistic support. Sherif is the is the Grants Superintendent of this nonprofit. He also worked as a Research Assistant in the Mycetoma Research Center, Soba University Hospital, University of Khartoum, and was responsible for the Recording System of Mycetoma patients, data entry, and site visits to endemic areas. He provided necessary information for the medical students and helps them in their research on mycetoma. Sherif was the Regional Co-Assistant of Public Health on Africa of the International Federation of Medical Students' Association (IFMSA), a nonprofit that represents international medical students worldwide. He worked for two years as a Supervisory Council Member of the Medical Students International Network - Sudan (MedSIN-Sudan), a nonprofit that represents the future physicians of Sudan worldwide. Additionally, Sherif was a member of the committee that issued the decision to stop smoking in Khartoum International Airport. Through these experiences, he developed strong capacity building, project management and leadership skills. Sherif enjoys focusing on public and reproductive health topics, and has an interest in youth development.

Host: The Mayor's Office on African Affairs

Fellow’s Role at The Mayor’s Office on African Affairs
Sherif will be responsible for expanding the Capacity Building Program, primarily targeting the business sector, thereby helping to strengthen the local African business community. This will include conducting ongoing outreach to diverse African businesses in the District, organizing bi-monthly networking events, connecting African businesses to business development support, resources, and other opportunities through the District, Federal and nonprofit agencies.

Souad Alfaki, Sudan (Host: PVBLIC Foundation) Twitter @pvblicf

Souad has four years of experience with nonprofit work, after graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Education. She has worked in the education sector for almost three years as an Education Officer and an Education Training Coordinator with the Nuba Relief Rehabilitation and Development Organization. Souad also worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer briefly before becoming a Communication Officer for Save the Children in South Kordofan in Sudan. Souad has worked closely with community members and government authorities to provide resources for the vulnerable groups of people most affected by conflicts. Souad is an advocate for child rights through her work in several campaigns like the right to education, the right to proper health, and the right to a home and security.

Host: PVBLIC Foundation

Fellow’s role at PVBLIC Foundation
Souad will serve as the Communications & Events Coordinator, overseeing NEXUS Global Youth Summit at the UN and PVBLIC's "UN Media for Social Impact Summit". She will also coordinate the UN Media Coalition, spearheading PVBLIC’s social media strategy and outreach to grantees.

Steven Caron, Canada (Host: Charity Navigator) Twitter @stevenlcaron

Steven Caron has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree (Major in Finance; Minor in International Business) from Concordia University. While working as an intern in financial and business development for project COOPFORH under SOCODEVI, he helped initiate, support, and develop economic activities and businesses to help improve the economic and social situations of rural, cooperative members in Honduras. Steven has also worked for Camp B'nai Brith as a supervisor and managed a team of 13 staff members. He has also trained 42 future staff members. These experiences have taught and prepared him in project management, business development, leadership training, and financial management. Steven has a keen interest in business development, the environment, and microfinance.

Host: Charity Navigator

Sudeshna Mukherjee, India Twitter @sudeshna09

Sudeshna has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, working across such organizations as Oxfam India, the Resource Alliance, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of India, and GIVE India. Sudeshna received a Master's degree in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai in 2005. In addition, she is a Post-Graduate in the Certified Fundraising program, conducted by the Resource Alliance and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, where she stood first in academic ranking. Sudeshna began her career in program management at GIVE India and gradually transitioned to implementing effective fundraising and donor stewardship strategies for corporations, news media, and high net-worth individuals. In her last assignment with Oxfam India, Sudeshna focused on new business development, retention of existing corporate donors, and ethical evaluation of companies prior to public association. This position gave Sudeshna insight on Oxfam affiliates and international policy-making in different countries. In 2008, Sudeshna received recognition for her work with the Pareto Bursary and attended the 8th International Workshop on Resource Mobilization in Kuala Lumpur. In her free time, Sudeshna volunteers as a country ambassador for Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) in India, where she educates others on the state of fundraising in India.

Host: Global Giving

Suzan Abdallah, Sudan (Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation) Twitter @Suzanne_Sharif

Suzan has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Ahfad University for Women and a Master’s degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Sudan. She is internationally certified in disaster management from Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar, and received formal training in project management, advocacy, and leadership. Suzan is currently a consultant for the Non-Communicable Disease Center, providing input to the development of the work plans and projects, research designs and field research guidelines. She has worked as a technical officer for Health Alliance International providing technical support to the Sudan National STI/AIDS program for ten months. She worked closely with the Ministry of Health conducting operational research to improve and reform the HIV/AIDS prevention policies. Suzan also worked as research assistant for UNFPA Sudan in the HIV/AIDS and the gender empowerment departments. She conducted and internationally presented studies on female genital mutilation and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. Additionally, she worked as research assistant for Saudi Acute Care Co. Ltd, an independent research institution specialized in innovative health research and solutions. Suzan was the president of Ahfad Medical Students Association for two consecutive years, and represented medical students in many national and international conferences. During her undergraduate years, she interned for Global Fund/UNDP Sudan and worked as a project coordinator for AEDAS, a national nonprofit organization that works in raising HIV/AIDS awareness. Suzan has resided in both South and North Sudan, which has enhanced her strong interest and ability for working in post-conflict settings. She is especially interested in innovative health solutions, reproductive health, and health policy.

Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Fellow Role at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Suzan will serve as the Senior Research Officer and work within the research department under the VP of Research to achieve the Foundation’s goal of advancing research that enhances the prevention, care and treatment of Pediatric HIV/AIDS. The Senior Research Officer will contribute to idea conception, proposal submission, protocol development, personnel training, study implementation, and data management and analysis. In addition, she will contribute to the training and mentoring of research staff globally.

Thembi Mdachi, Malawi (Host: Agora Partnerships) Twitter @tmdachi

Thembi Mdachi has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is originally from Malawi, but spent most of her childhood years in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in International Studies. She has a strong background in conducting empirical and quantitative research and establishing metrics to track the social impact of microfinance on social and economic development in developing nations. She is interested in designing sustainable and empowering economic projects that address the root causes of poverty. In a self-designed internship in 2010, Thembi worked as a research assistant for FINCA International in Malawi, where she studied the role of micro-finance in reducing poverty and realized the vital importance of financial literacy, particularly among women, in achieving this goal. In 2011, she helped CARE International in the Malawi Economic Development Unit analyze the impact of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) through story telling. After graduating from college, she worked with early stage impact companies that are harnessing the power of business to solver critical social, economic and environmental challenges in their communities. She is dedicated to seeing more impact investing work replicated in Sub-Saharan Africa, where she feels the region has numerous untapped opportunities and talent.

Host: Agora Partnerships

Fellow Role at Agora Partnerships
Thembi will be serving at Agora Partnerships to gain more in-depth understanding of Agora’s Accelerator model and its application to poverty alleviation in Latin America. From Agora’s D.C. office, Thembi will handle most of the administrative duties of the organization, as well as support fundraising, systems management, and board development.

Tushar Malik, India (Host: Human Rights Campaign) Twitter @QueeredOut

Tushar has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector as an LGBTQ youth rights activist, and earned a Bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering from Manipal University, India. He is the co-founder of QueerCampus, India's first support group dedicated to LGBTQ youth, which was established in New Delhi in 2010, where he keeps engaging with Queer and questioning youth as a peer educator and counselor. Tushar is the Operations Head for the Equal India Alliance, a nonprofit which is working towards increasing awareness about and acceptance for LGBTQ people in India at workplaces and universities, and is currently spearheading the "I, Ally" campaign, which aims to record messages of support from straight allies from across India. Tushar worked as an advisor to the Diversity in India Network, a collective of diversity and HR professionals of multi-national corporates based in India. He is trained in Theatre of the Oppressed, a powerful line of theatre that he uses constantly in his workshops with youth. He has also dabbled in spreading awareness through regular school teaching, and is an active member of many Indian and Asia-Pacific level coalitions of youth activists working with sexual and reproductive health and rights and LGBTQ issues. He is also a published journalist, an award winning filmmaker, and a travel buff.

Host: Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Fellow Role at Human Rights Campaign
Tushar will be a part of the HRC’s global engagement program, which works to advance equality for LGBT people around the world. Tushar will be researching how HRC can empower LGBT leaders.

Virginia Campo, Panama (Host: Two Degrees) Twitter @VirgiC12

Virginia Campo has three years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies from Florida State University and has complemented her education with leadership development and social entrepreneurship programs with the Leadership Exchange Institute. She has worked in two United Nations agencies and in the field with an American sustainable development company, Kalu Yala, in addition to experience in the banking sector with HSBC. Virginia has gained valuable project management and report writing skills while working in the United Nations, and has broadened this knowledge with first-hand field experiences as a Community Outreach Director in a rural town outside of Panama City. Living in the rural areas awoke her passion for women’s empowerment, which led her to start Hecha y Derecha, an NGO devoted to bridging the gap between women in rural and urban areas through leadership and entrepreneurship education. Virginia has honed her quantitative, analytical and financial management skills as a Management Trainee Officer with HSBC Bank. She wishes to apply these skills to advance the work of nonprofit organizations.

Host: Two Degrees

Yathrib Elzein, Sudan (Host: PVBLIC Foundation)

Yathrib Elzein has three years of experience working in the humanitarian assistance community in Sudan. She studied international relations and management and an in-depth understanding of humanitarian issues as well as world politics. As a consultant for Almanar Voluntary Organization, she set up monitoring and evaluation systems. As a consultant for GOAL Ireland, she conducted an assessment on the impact of an informal adult education program. Her other responsibilities in her work with these two organizations include spearheading a gender mainstreaming program, managing donor reports and compliance, and creating successful proposals towards reducing poverty, malnutrition, human rights abuses, and conflict. Furthermore, Yathrib enjoys encouraging cross-cultural understanding for greater cooperation.

Host: PVBLIC Foundation

Fellow’s Role at PVBLIC Foundation:
Yathrib will serve as PVBLIC’s Grant Manager, a liaison between non-profits and media donors, and will cultivate relationships with non-profits. Her duties also include spearheading campaign creation as well as measuring the impact of media grants.

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