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Class #21: May 2016 Atlas Corps Fellows

Abid Hussain Sayed, 30, Naushahro Feroze, Pakistan (Host: Creative Associates International)

Abid is a mobilization, monitoring and evaluation professional, with five years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector of Pakistan. He holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Sindh. Currently, he is working with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as a Social Mobilization (Team Lead) and District Focal Person in the Human Security Project, funded by UNTFHS. He is engaged in field operations, implementation, and as a liaison to the government and other stakeholders. He helped more than 2000 male and female farmers gain access to their social rights and maintain good relations with their landowners by signing tenancy agreements, along with economic development through on-farm and off-farm activities. His tenure helped develop his leadership, project management, rapport building and monitoring and evaluation skills. Beyond his skills and professionalism, he is very interested in youth empowerment through education and social entrepreneurship activities. He has voluntarily organized many sessions at schools in his vicinity to raise awareness for future opportunities for youth in education and development sector. Abid is an adventurous person, who loves to explore famous places, cultures, meet different people and learn new languages.

Host: Creative Associates International

Fellow Role at Creative Associates International: Abid will be supporting the Business Intelligence Function with research and analysis of the international development market to help inform strategic decisions. He will be conducting research on Creative’s competitors, partners, clients, and news sites to analyze where the market is and Creative’s advantages and potential opportunities.

Abida Naz, 29, Chitral, Pakistan (Host: Empowered Women International)

Abida has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Peshawar in Pakistan. She has diverse work experience as a program support personnel in planning, monitoring, evaluation, research, reporting, and knowledge management. Abida has worked with host communities, internally dislocated people as well as with refugees, in development and emergency contexts. While working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the Sarhad Rural Support Program, she helped in providing social mobilization support to the Community Driven Local Development policy of the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, under the funding of the EU. Abida has also helped in providing opportunities to the rural women of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in their homes, through the provision of skill development and microfinance trainings, under the AUSAID-funded livelihood strengthening project. Previously, Abida worked as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Officer with the Danish Refugee Council in Pakistan to support sustainable solutions for Afghan refugees living in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by creating livelihoods and improving general living conditions. Through these experiences, she has acquired strong monitoring and evaluations skills, which are applicable across different areas. Abida enjoys focusing on the topics of women empowerment, economic development, promotion of Civil Society Organizations and rural development.

Host: Empowered Women International

Fellow Role at Empowered Women International: Fellow Role at Empowered Women International: As EWI relies heavily on monitoring and evaluation of our program impacts for use in fundraising and communications with potential clients and donors, Abida will be helping shape the continued improvements to Monitoring & Evaluation by both assessing and updating the current systems, and researching & implementing a new Customer Relationship Management system by late 2016.

Adelide Kamanthe Mutinda,, 30, Nairobi, Kenya (Host: Foundation for Young Australians)

Adelide has four years of experience in the non profit sector. She earned a Bachelor's degree in International Studies, graduating magna cum laude, from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea and a Master's degree in Public Policy, graduating summa cum laude, from Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management. Adelide is currently the country director of the Africa Young Entrepreneurs Support Center in Kenya, a non profit which focuses on youth, leadership development and social entrepreneurship. She also has experience working in both government and non-governmental agencies such as the Global Peace Foundation and the Korea Trade Promotion-Investment Agency where she was actively involved in policy analysis, project management, event planning, research and report writing. Adelide has also volunteered with international organizations such as the Youth Federation for World Peace and the United Nations. Through these experiences, she has developed strong analytical, communication and marketing, and planning and coordinating skills. Adelide enjoys focusing on the topics of women and youth development, social entrepreneurship and economic development. She also enjoys academic and report writing and has won several awards. Adelide has also has participated in various professional development initiatives notably as adjudicating judge in the G20 Youth Model Summit in Incheon, Korea and the World Bank Regional Impact Evaluation Workshop in Seoul. Adelide hopes to use her knowledge and skills to contribute to the social and economic development of women and youth to enhance their contribution to the process of economic development.

Host: Foundation for Young Australians

Amira Elfadil Adam Abdalla, 33, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: International Center for Research on Women)

Amira holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from University of Khartoum and a Master’s of Public Health in Global Health – Leadership, Management and Policy from University of Washington. Amira currently works as a health officer supervisor for the Project for Strengthening Peace through the Improvement of Public Services in Darfur States. She is also a member of the University of Washington (UW) assessment team for the upcoming partnership project between UW and the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) that aims to strengthen FMoH capacity leadership and management and implementation science. Previously Amira worked with UNDP-Global Fund (GF) as a national consultant supporting FMOH implementation of the current Health System Strengthening (HSS) project. During her work as HIV specialist with UNDP-GF she carried out a situation analysis and proposed the first HIV/AIDS service intervention package targeting Internally Displaced Population (IDPs) in Sudan to be implemented in Darfur states. Throughout her eight years of experience Amira recognized that most of the health problems in Sudan are attributed to weakness of the health system. Hence, she started to focus her efforts on strengthening the health system through provision of technical support to FMOH in different programs. The experience she has working with health system in Sudan enabled her to develop a good understanding of productive solutions. She is also interested in development of leadership, management skills in public health, health system strengthening, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health.

Host: International Center for Research on Women

Fellow Role at International Center for Research on Women: Amira will be using her skills in quantitative data analysis and program monitoring and evaluation for supporting ongoing projects and providing input into the design of new research studies across the Gender, Population and Development portfolio. She will also deepen her skills in data analysis, research design, scientific writing, and business development.

Ankit Gupta, 23, Delhi, India (Host: Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute)

Ankit is a queer feminist activist. They are a member of Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR) and also serves on the Board of Directors. Ankit are passionate about reproductive justice for queer and trans youth, and have worked on range of issues from Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and public safety to environment and climate change. They serve on the Advisory Group to The Guttmacher-Lancet Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and the CIVICUS's Youth Action Taskforce. Ankit has also worked as a Consultant with International Center for Research on Women, The YP Foundation and Samarthyam.

Host: Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute

Fellow Role at Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute: As a program manager, Ankit will be working on the international program expanding to other countries including India. They will contribute their knowledge of the situation in India to the program. Overall, they will be supporting Victory’s programs in a range of different countries.

Anna Kanterova, 27, Moscow, Russia (Host: Miriam's Kitchen)

Anna has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. In 2009, she earned a Bachelors of Sciences in Social Work from Tomsk State University, Russia. She earned a Specialist’s degree in Social Work in 2010 and a Translator’s diploma (English) in Social Sciences in 2012. In 2010 Anna was employed as a full-time volunteer for six months at Hope Community Resources, Inc., in Anchorage, Alaska (U.S.) as a member of the Art Studio staff serving children and adults with disabilities. From 2011 to 2012, Anna was employed as a social worker for the Alyona Petrova Charitable Foundation, with responsibility for press coverage, grant writing, and fundraising for assistance to children with cancer. In 2012, she became a project coordinator at the largest regional charity, Ordinary Miracle, where she created customized presentations, made site visits, and founded an art therapy program. She has implemented various fundraising projects and grant-awarded social programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families. Also she provided the website modernization program. Since becoming Associate President of Ordinary Miracle, Anna has further improved her managerial, analytical, collaborative, and evaluation skills training local and regional nonprofit professionals in creating social projects, raising resources, applying for grant competitions, working with mass media, evaluating impact, and making donor reports. Anna is interested in monitoring and evaluation activities at all levels of social programs, and local charity development and fundraising management. This year she has enrolled in the Master’s program in Social Work at National Research Tomsk State University with a specialty in research monitoring and evaluation activities in a social programming field.

Host: Miriam's Kitchen

Fellow Role at Miriam's Kitchen: Donors give because they want to make a difference in their communities. Anna will help communicate the impact of MK to its donors, and help locate new donors that identify with the mission of MK. Specifically, Anna will work with Development department by conducting prospect research both for foundations and major gifts, stewardship of donors, and draft and share impact stories.

Arrey Tambe Tabot, 29, Yaounde, Cameroon (Host: Affinis Labs)

Arrey Tambe Tabot has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Buea in Cameroon, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja in Nigeria. He is currently finishing his PhD in Computer Science at the same University where he was an African Development Bank scholar. In 2014, he founded the EduTeens Science Development Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria whose work is focused on improving student achievement, teacher effectiveness and overall school quality through the implementation of technology-led initiatives. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Head of Department for Computer Science at the Nigerian Turkish Nile University where he served in volunteer roles as Android Student Club Facilitator, Google Computer Science First Advocate and capped it all by winning the highly competitive Google Computer Science for High Schools grant (one of the only four African Universities that won it globally that year). He was also a member of a 4-man team that participated at the first African Grand Challenge in Arusha, Tanzania where they presented their idea to combat maternal sepsis through a Personal Interactive Voice Response System that makes use of mobile phones, Radio Frequency Identification and Voice Commands. The same project was profiled by the AFP amongst the top innovative startups to emerge from Africa's premiere Science Forum during the Innovation Challenge at the Next Einstein Forum in Dakar, and featured on Yahoo News. He was a former Google Student Ambassador, and now serves as an Ambassador for the Next Einstein Forum, and an Ambassador for Global Education at A World at School. Through these varied experiences, he has developed strong project supervision, program evaluation, grant writing and budget management skills. His interests lie in education, technology, youth development, and social entrepreneurship.

Host: Affinis Labs

Fellow Role at Affinis Labs: Tabot will apply his skill set to develop for iPhone and Android applications based on the innovations that emerge from Affinis Labs. He will design and build mobile applications based on initial designs from Affinis Labs hackathons, he will interface with app development consultants, and build web platforms for Affinis Labs that can be used to organize, run, and publicize hackathons.

Brenda Hali Carrillo Hernández, 27, Mexico City, Mexico (Host: Meridian International Center)

Brenda Hali has five years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. During these years she has had the opportunity to serve and work in marketing, sales, product development, internal communication, social projects management and the organization of international conferences and summits, all in different countries across Latin America. She earned a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Trades from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico. Brenda Hali most recently worked as Chief Marketing Officer in the NGO AIESEC in Panama. With her team, she organized more than three hundred international volunteer and professional experiences, facilitating a network of one hundred youth leaders. She also created and replicated in Panamanian universities a forum called “Youth Competitiveness in a Multicultural Country” to create awareness about the social situation in the country. Through her experiences, Brenda Hali has developed strong multi-cultural teamwork, project management, volunteers management, facilitation, startups development consulting and mentoring skills. Brenda Hali feels ownership over the second big problem in Latin America: Education. She believes that good youth leadership and social entrepreneurship can make a difference in her region.

Host: Meridian International Center

Fellow Role at Meridian International Center: As a communications coordinator, Brenda Hali will recruit and place Fellows in fellowships. She will coordinate site visits, cultural and volunteer activities, and speaking engagements that will provide opportunities to apply skills. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of the public, private and diplomatic sectors, Meridian’s broad network will support Summit and Fellowship components.

Douglas Jefumare Imaralu, 30, Lagos, Nigeria (Host: Restless Development)

Douglas is a communications and development professional with two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He has a Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor’s in English Language from Lagos State University. Douglas also has journalism certifications from Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, NORAD/Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa and the School of Media and Communications, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. While working with Mara Foundation’s youth development and entrepreneurship focused program, Mara Mentor, Douglas was at the forefront of stakeholder engagement. He leveraged support from public, private and nonprofit decision-makers to influence policy to focus on capacity development for young Nigerians as a tool to mitigate unemployment, stimulate job creation, and spark development in local communities. In his role as Communications Manager, Douglas sourced and managed partnerships with stakeholders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He also oversaw media relations and the communications needs of the program. Douglas worked closely with the Country Manager in developing relationships with decision makers in government and provided communications support for the organisation’s development strategy, while working with business leaders and top professionals to mentor young, aspiring entrepreneurs in their local communities. Through his experience in the non-profit sector, Douglas has developed strong government relations, policy, and advocacy skills. He has also consolidated his capacity to manage development communication. Douglas is particularly passionate about youth empowerment and education. He has also worked as a Global Youth Ambassador for Education in Nigeria with A World at School, and is a strong advocate of using the media to drive social change projects.

Host: Restless Development

Fellow Role at Restless Development: Douglas will add capacity to continue leading the strategic growth of the US hub, which launched 4 years ago in New York, including helping to deliver on existing new projects and helping branch out in new areas. Specific areas Douglas will work on include: communications for general and targeted audiences, project management of a new corporate pro bono partnership, and research and coordination for expanding work on girls empowerment and gender equality.

Duha Ahmed Mukhtar Elmardi, 25, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: DC Scores)

Duha is a global changemaker with four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a bachelor's degree in NGO Management from The National Ribat University in Khartoum. Duha seeks to create a positive impact both locally and globally and she is especially passionate in the field of education, youth development and empowerment because she believes that education is the most important tool of positive change, and that youth hold immense potentials which need to be tapped into to achieve prosperity within nations. Duha has volunteered in various community-based organizations working with different target groups inside Khartoum and in the rural areas of Sudan. She was also the communication assistant for RedR UK, and her latest accomplishment was serving for a year as a community development officer for Science Of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7), an organization based in southeast Asia, proving high quality education and life skills for underprivileged communities.

Host: DC Scores

Fellow Role at DC Scores: As a development fellow, Duha will add much-needed capacity to the small development team. She will be a significant contributor to our being able to both respond to the unique challenges and leverage the unique opportunities of this critical moment in DC Scores’ history.

Dunbar Anesu Mazazi Masube, 27, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe (Host: American Express)

Anesu has 7 years of experience in technology for development in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science Honors Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. He is a young social purpose leader who believes that young people and technology play a critical role in development. Taking this passion forward, Anesu has been involved in a number of youth initiatives in Zimbabwe and around the world. He is a co-founder of Zimbabwe's foremost internationally convened platform by young people, TheSpace Zimbabwe. He consulted for Wings Learning Centres, an edtech social entreprise in Kolkata and Bangalore in India, where he was responsible for digital marketing and partnerships. In 2015 he was awarded a scholarship to be an IDEX global fellow in India. He worked for Janaagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy as a Product Associate where he coordinated and managed I Paid a Bribe International (IPAB), an online tool which seeks to expose and understand retail corruption by capturing data through crowdsourcing. He managed to expand IPAB’s operations to more than 10 countries worldwide including Serbia, Sierra Leon and Egypt. In 2014 he was selected to represent Opportunties for Zimbabweans at the International Youth Forum Seliger in Russia where he was responsible for reporting and addressing the key social critical issues affecting young Zimbabweans. He has also done a lot of volunteering work in marginalized societies in Zimbabwe, helping young talented people to get access to global resources and opportunities. Apart from bringing along the experience of having worked in developing countries and understanding their needs, Anesu is also a skilled web applications developer as well as a social media analyst. His skills also include public speaking, youth engagement and mentoring.

Host: American Express

Fellow Role at American Express: Anesu will support the overall strengthening of leadership development in the nonprofit sector by helping to expand the American Express Leadership Academy franchise. Building on the American Express role in supporting best-in-class leadership practices and capacity building, he will coordinate and grow the alumni network; manage and coordinate the global Alumni Summit, help develop and improve communication and dissemination of best practices and provide overall project support for the American Express Leadership website.

Khurram Javed Kazi, 29, Islamabad, Pakistan (Host: Creative Associates International)

Khurram is a Scholar-Practitioner of peace and development with over 10 years of diverse experience in academia, the nonprofit sector and the UN system. Khurram began his career with Pakistan Air Force (PAF), where he received military training for a full time career with the PAF. Khurram witnessed the increasing number of terrorist incidents in Pakistan and became committed to building peace and addressing the root causes of terrorism. To pursue his ambition of bringing peace and stability to Pakistani life, he quit his promising military career and helped open Search for Common Ground (an INGOs) country office in Pakistan, where he designed, implemented, and evaluated programs involving the use of media for peacebuilding. Khurram has also worked as Consultant with the UNICEF’s Global Peacebuilding, Education, and Advocacy Program; and as Advisor with the Peace and Development Program of UNDP. Khurram has participated in a number of conferences, courses and trainings in various countries. He is a Visiting Faculty Member at a number of Universities teaching courses on Conflict Resolution, International Affairs, Security Policy, Contemporary Affairs, Counter-Terrorism, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills. He is also a trainer and a mediator, certified from American Bar Association (ABA). Khurram is a regular contributor to various International and local publications. Khurram holds MS degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and MA degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs. His specialties include Program Management; Communication for Development (C4D); Community Development; Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR); Security Policy; and Peace Education. Khurram has lived and worked in Azerbaijan, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Host: Creative Associates International

Fellow Role at Creative Associates International: Khurram will help Creative establish itself as a thought leader and a primary implementer of projects that focus on countering violent extremism (CVE) at the community level. He will support efforts in Citizen Security, Governance, Stabilization, Education, Economic Development, Elections, and their integration with CVE initiatives. He will develop proposals, draft online publications, cultivate relationships with strategic partners, capturing best practices, developing training, and guiding project implementation.

Lina María Valbuena Silva, 27, Bogotá, Colombia (Host: America Solidaria)

Lina has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector working on public-private strategic alliances. She earned a Bachelor´s Degree in International Relations from the Rosario University, and a Specialization in International Cooperation and Development Projects. With a deep interest in the development field and corporate social responsibility, she worked to build alliances with companies and institutions to promote health, education, and economic development projects, and also worked on a fundraising plan. As a specialized professional in the international cooperation field, she contributed in the completion of strategies to achieve the NGO mission: Overcome Poverty in Latin America. Previously, Lina worked to promote the private sector’s contribution to the community in coordination with a IT recycling company that works for inclusion of the recyclers community, building bonds between them and big companies.After finishing college, Lina helped to create a NGO that promotes de volunteering programs and education projects for tribal communities in Amazonas, Colombia.

Host: America Solidaria

Fellow Role at America Solidaria: Lina will support the Executive Director in activities related to raising funds and contributing to the sustainability of the organization. America Solidaria currently operates with a very small team and Lina will be key in making sure crucial fundraising and communications tasks are accomplished as the organization becomes more established in the U.S. She will be focusing on developing corporate partnerships, supporting grant-writing endeavors, and managing communications related to donor and partner cultivation and maintenance.

Masooma Haider, 30, Karachi, Pakistan (Host: American Red Cross)

Masooma has 6 years of experience in the non-profit sector with the United Nations (UN) in Pakistan. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. During her tenure with the UN, Masooma has worked with the World Food Programme as a Food Aid Monitor looking after the planning, implementation, and monitoring related to food assistance in emergencies (2010 floods in Pakistan) to recovery projects including Cash for Work, Food for Work, and Nutrition-specific interventions. Masooma has specific expertise in Cash and Voucher Programming and has also worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN as a Cash Working Group Coordinator. During this time she worked to promote efficient response analysis, implementation, and harmonization in cash and voucher projects during emergencies, early recovery, and social protection by bringing together humanitarian organisations and Government to the CWG coordination platform. Cash and vouchers are considered as ways to address basic needs and to protect and re-establish livelihoods, especially when the local market system is functioning during or post disasters.

Over the years, Masooma has been able to develop specific knowledge and skills in the Food Security and Livelihoods Sector, Coordination in Emergencies, and Cash and Voucher Programming. Masooma is passionate about playing an active role towards the betterment of society, continuously developing her knowledge and skills across the various Humanitarian and Development sectors, and applying them to support communities build resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

Host: American Red Cross

Fellow Role at American Red Cross: Masooma will support the design and implementation of a new disaster preparedness and business continuity initiative, with the opportunity to leverage and enhance skills in disaster preparedness, knowledge management, data analysis, and stakeholder outreach. The primary aim of this initiative is to build disaster resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises, and in turn help make safer communities as the two continuously rely on one another.

Qaisar Ahmed, 25, Lasbela, Pakistan (Host: Girl Rising)

Qaisar is brought up and schooled from Lasbela Balochistan, and he has been active doing social and volunteer work since the age of nine, He is the founder and CEO of several initiatives including Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG), a Balochistan based NGO which struggles for fairer society through it’s different intervention with young people. He is also the Chairman of Chanan Development Association (CDA-Pakistan) one of Pakistan’s leading youth focused organizations, At 25, Qaisar’s work has already been recognized by organizations in his native Pakistan and globally. Qaisar recently launched MeriReport.com® which is a platform enabling voices from grassroots levels to reach the mainstream through participatory approaches. MeriReport.com® is an idea to centralizes the news that matters to local people in rural areas and areas where mainstream media has no direct outreach, to further democratize media.Qaisar is leading Youth Peer education network (Y-PEER Pakistan) as the national focal point In charge, Y-PEER is a youth peer education network initiated by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Its membership includes thousands of young people working in the area of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.Qaisar’s work runs the gamut – from grassroots development work to advocacy to policy, His development work includes community workshops and trainings in issues including: Leadership, Change, Conflict resolution, Civic Education, Countering Violence and Extremisms, citizenship, communication skills, , Social Media Activism, girls’ rights, sexual and reproductive health, human rights, social enterprise, micro-entrepreneurship, youth engagement, cross-cultural understanding and safe motherhood. His advocacy work has focused largely on these same issues, and working with agencies including USAID, UNFPA, Rutgers World Population Foundation, Do School Global and Soliya, In addition to his activism, Qaisar is a regular contributor to various local and national newspapers and he blogs at www.roonjha.com He has been recognized for his work by the British Council, as a Global Changemaker by British, as Global creative art winner by Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, and more.

Host: Girl Rising

Fellow Role at Girl Rising: Qaisar will be involving in managing various Girl Rising campaigns. Girl Rising is in the initial stages of launching a Pakistan campaign and Qaisar will be crucial in this effort. This will include formative assessment of education issues in Pakistan, particularly as they relate to girls, engaging and managing partners across sectors and in general assisting in the development of the Pakistan campaign. In addition, he will also be working on multiple global campaigns.

Sunha Hwang, 32, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Host: World Vision)

Sunha has more than three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Myongji University in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently pursuing her MA in the Distribution Industry in Sejong University. Sunha worked at an international development NGO called the World Channel Sharing Foundation (WCSF) as a manager of the international cooperation team. She was sent to Cambodia to manage two charity schools from 2014 to 2015. As the Director of Cambodia Foreign Language School(CFLS), she managed the overall school system, including administration, finance, and cooperation with the headquarters in Korea in order to organize and implement a number of seminars and relief aid activities. She developed a new charity school and a community library, and also helped poor children in rural areas to be educated at the school. Previously, Sunha consistently participated in volunteer work in developing countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia while she was working in the for-profit sector. She was selected from Myongji University Volunteer Service Center to work at Workcamp in France through the International Workcamp Organization (IWO) in order to restore cultural heritage in 2008. Sunha is particularly interested in Children, Education, Project Management, and Gender Equality in third world countries. She is passionate about learning new things, and loves a new challenge.

Host: World Vision

Fellow Role at World Vision: Sunha will be working on project management and research support to several early grade reading programs in a number of national offices. She will also support the build out of our Literacy Boost model in Uganda, Ghana, Malawi and Nepal and help develop tools and resources that support improved teacher training, community action and reading assessment processes.

Umair Bin Riaz, 31, Hyderabad, Pakistan (Host: Voice of America)

Umair has nine years of experience in journalism, and earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations from University of Karachi, Pakistan and Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. Being a career journalist he has worked in print, electronic and online media and has vast experience in news reporting, editing, script writing, researching, interviewing and broadcasting.

He has been working for Voice of America (Urdu Service) as an Assistant Editor/Reporter since 2010 where he contributes to and oversees content development and editorial work for different platforms including Radio, TV and Web. He received VoA’s Annual Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2012. Previously, Umair worked as Copy Editor-Web at ARY NEWS, one of the leading news channels in Pakistan; as Staff Reporter at Daily Business Recorder, the most reputable financial daily in Pakistan; and as Staff Reporter at Pakistan Press International, Pakistan’s largest news agency. He has extensively covered international relations, politics, culture, terrorism, conflicts, and government affairs in his career and has written hundreds of original news stories, features, and TV and radio scripts. He has interviewed many foreign and Pakistani dignitaries and celebrities; and developed content and coverage plans for various newsworthy events, occasions and incidents. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Philosophy for European Studies program at Area Study Centre for Europe (ASCE), University of Karachi, Pakistan, and briefly served the Centre as Research Associate before arriving the U.S.

Host: Voice of America

Fellow Role at Voice of America: Umair will learn about the VOA, its unique news gathering and broadcasting operations around the world. He will gain experience in new production and broadcasting techniques, U.S. journalism, and its code of journalistic ethics. He will participate in producing multimedia reports and programs, and he will write and edit scripts and conduct interviews.

Umer Dil, 32, Bannu, Pakistan (Host: InterAction)

Umer has served for over 8 years in the humanitarian sector in a very progressive manner, dedicated to moving up the ladder with each passing year. He has been working in this sector since 2006 with national and international organizations such as; WHO, UNHCR, USAID, World Bank Funded Southern Areas Development Project, Provincial Disaster Management Authority and Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). He has earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Kohat University of Science and Technology, Pakistan and another Master’s degree in Project Management from Abasyn University Peshawar, Pakistan. In his current role as a Provincial Campaign Control Room Officer for the World Health Organization (WHO) Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI), he has gained extensive experience in working with communities and partner organizations. He has monitored polio campaign activities in the field, analyzed data, and generated reports at a provincial level. Umer received a certificate of recognition from the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for his vital role in the program. Previously, he worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the World Bank funded Southern Areas Development Project aimed at supporting the recovery and rehabilitation needs of people in the Southern districts of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa province in Pakistan. Umer has also worked in various positions in the sector of infrastructure development, relief activities, and with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Refugees. He loves focusing on the areas of research, poverty/homeliness, economic development, peace/conflict resolution, public/community health, refugee/humanitarian relief, data analysis and monitoring and evaluation.

Host: InterAction

Fellow Role at InterAction: Umer will play an instrumental part in InterAction’s 2016 Self-Certification- Plus process, during which the 190 members self-certify their compliance with our Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Standards. He will be the main line of communication between InterAction and the member organizations during the submission and review process. He will also provide assistance with the analysis of the data that comes in.

Victoria Rubanovich, 26, Bratsk, Russia (Host: Youth Service America)

Victoria has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector and began to acquire her experience as an undergraduate student. While a sophomore international law student, Victoria actively participated in local Rotaract club activities and masterminded the implementation of a few projects that included teaching English in Irkutsk’s orphanage. Her interest in social issues has given her a chance to become a GLOBAL UGRAD Exchange Program fellow, and allowed her to spend a year at Murray State University where she volunteered at the MSU Womens’ Center and assisted in various projects aimed at helping female students overcome crisis situations. Also, Victoria completed an internship at the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy as a legal intern, and assisted a public defender in her work and with case preparation. From 2011-2012 Victoria worked as an administrative assistant at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk, Russia. After graduating from the university with a bachelor’s degree in international law, Victoria spent a year at KyungHee University in South Korea where she combined classes in international relations, international development and East Asian studies with volunteer work as an English teacher. In September 2015, Victoria completed her Master of Arts in Euroculture from University of Deusto where, inher third semester, she completed an internship at Mission of Rossotrudnichestvo in The Netherlands and gained experience in public diplomacy and cultural event planning.

Host: Youth Service America

Fellow Role at Youth Service America: As a manager of communications, Victoria will support a robust communications and marketing strategy for increasing the number of young people YSA engages in service, the number of partner organizations YSA works with,and the number of youth-led projects YSA supports that lead to measurable change in communities.

Yana Krasovskaya, 32, Arkhangelsk, Russia (Host: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy)

Yana has six years of experience both in the nonprofit and the private sectors. She earned a Master’s degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Yana leads the projects related to investment promotion and industrial and economic development of Moscow region in Russia as a part of the Moscow Region Development Corporation’s team. Before that, she facilitated social adaptation of vulnerable members of society and development of local tourism market as a Head of Tourism Sector in a Russian nonprofit organization. Her previous experiences also include carrying out project activities pertaining to private sector development in the South Caucasus at GIZ in Tbilisi, Georgia and coordinating a major international investment project in Astana, Kazakhstan. Yana enjoys deploying her project design, management and monitoring and evaluation skills in economic development projects, and she is particularly passionate about capacity building and social entrepreneurship.

Host: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Fellow Role at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy: Yana will report to the YPFP President and will be responsible for conducting financial and market research, assisting the Chief of Staff to maximize volunteer effectiveness, improving the organization’s HR system, and helping manage organizational and program budgets. She will work with the Executive Team to contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies, and practices.

Yuleidy Mérida González, 30, Havana, Cuba (Host: International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region)

Yuleidy has over six years of experience in nonprofit, health-related communication, journalism and marketing. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Catholic University Saint Antony (Murcia, Spain) and a Master in Media and Communication from City University London (London, UK). Merida Gonzalez’s former job was at the National Centre for Sexual Education in Cuba, where she became Head of the Communication and Public Relations Department after 8 months working as a Communication and Marketing Manager – Senior Specialist. During that time, she was in charge of the communication, external relations and editorial teams. Her previous professional experience also includes working as a science journalist for almost 2 years and as a communication and marketing specialist for over 3 years at a nonprofit clinical research organization. Yuleidy Mérida González is mainly interested in public health, gender equality, sexual and human rights, politics and democracy.

Host: International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region

Fellow Role at Planned Parenthood: Yuleidy will be making institutional data processes more efficient and improving data quality. She will be making data more accessible through visualization to support organizational learning, decision-making, and strategy development with the ultimate goal of improving access to sexual and reproductive health services. In addition, she will support the planning, implementation and follow up of a conference related to NGO-academic collaboration conducting research on topics of sexual and reproductive health in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Yury Terekhov, 26, Arkhangelsk, Russia (Host: National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry)

Yury is a young professional in New Media and International Relations. He was born in the North West of Russia, in 2011 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a Bachelor of Arts in Regional Studies. He lived and studied in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. In 2015, he successfully graduated from Jagiellonian University -- the oldest university in Poland -- with a Master of Arts in International Relations. Two years ago he founded the 'RuFabula' Journal - one of the few independent Russian media outlets. He is familiar with DC as he did his internship at the Cato Institute this spring. Yury enjoys travelling, swimming and he's a big cat lover!

Host: National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry

Fellow Role at National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry: Yury will be monitoring legislation, researching and reporting on regional developments, producing publications, maintaining the web site, attending hearings and briefings, organizing and staffing events, and general administrative duties. He will also work independently to develop new publications on U.S.-Eurasia relations, combating anti-Semitism and hate crimes, and issues of importance to Jewish communities in the region.

Class #20: January 2016 Atlas Corps Fellows

Agha Mohsin Ali, 33, Islamabad, Pakistan (Host: Creative Associates International)

Agha Mohsin Ali has been working in the development sector since 2006 with National & International organizations including NRDP, WWOP, Youth in Action, UNDP, BBSA, CPEA Network and SEHER in different management positions. He earned a Master's in International Relations from the University of Balochistan, Quetta Pakistan. While working with the National Rural Development Programme (NRDP) Pakistan in Islamabad as Manager, Program Planning and Partnership Development, he led overall fundraising, resource mobilization, program research, planning, and program development processes. During 10 years of experience he implemented, coordinated, and developed partnerships with major donor agencies like USAID, DFID, UK-aid, UNICEF, USAID, CIDA, UNICEF, UNDP, USIP and IOM. Agha has had in-depth experience in child rights, education, and youth empowerment in Pakistan. He worked to protect children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation as well as to provide access to education through establishment of child-friendly spaces and temporary learning centers in flood affected areas. He has provided child protection actors opportunity to interact, share their experiences and avoid any duplication of resources through the CPEA Network and 12 larger projects on education, child rights, democracy and nutrition. Over this period, he has developed skills in monitoring and evaluation, program development, program implementation, proposal writing and resource mobilization. He has also written different articles and blogs on child rights and education in different news sites like ARY Blogs, Hamari Web, Duniya News and The Nations News. Agha also participated in different national and international forums like the World Youth Conference, 2010 in Leon City, Mexico, where he was as a delegate.

Host: Creative Associates International

Fellow Role at Creative Associates International: Agha will be assisting project staff with the development of an indicator database for a new evaluation project with the ExxonMobil Foundation. This project will be assessing the progress of client grantees in women’s economic empowerment on outcome indicators.

Alanna Sousa, 27, São Luís, Brazil (Host: Liter of Light USA)

Alanna Sousa has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has earned a Bachelor´s degree in Law School from CESUSC in Florianopolis, Brazil, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute, in Nairobi, Kenya. While living and studying in Nairobi, in the first semester of 2015, Alanna worked as an Associate, and Venture. She also received a Fellowship in Ashoka East Africa, where she was responsible for developing a guideline program for supporting the Ashoka´s fellows in planning, measuring and reporting social impact. She also worked as a Business Development Manager in Liter of Light Kenya, leading the first ground actions in the country, and expanding the organization's night light solution in poor villages and slums. Previously, in 2012, Alanna co-founded the Brazilian chapter of Liter of Light, where she held responsibility for coordinating the national team and fundraising for the organization in its first two years of activity. In the same year she founded her own company, Todoos Impacto Social. It is a consultancy for social impact. Alanna has over one year of experience working youth leadership and entrepreneurship development at Junior Achievement Santa Catarina and at AIESEC in Florianopolis. These experiences led her to develop strong communication, strategic planning, and leadership skills. Alanna is passionate about topics involving social entrepreneurship, access to energy in developing countries, and youth leadership development.

Host: Liter of Light USA

Fellow Role at Liter of Light USA: As the Program Officer in Liter of Light USA Alanna is responsible for providing Project Managing activities in the U.S., such as building new partnerships, deepening and refining all aspects of communications, aggregating project level data to continuously improve interventions, and engaging in strategic business planning process for Liter of Light’s national and global expansion.

Andrew Tangas, 26, Melbourne, Australia (Host: Atlas Corps)

Andrew Tangas has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Sociology from La Trobe University in Australia. While working at the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), a leading Australian youth program delivery and policy advocacy organization, Andrew engaged with federal and state governments to leverage program funds and influence policy change around youth-related education, employment, entrepreneurship, and social change. In this role, Andrew oversaw the development and implementation of the organization's government relations strategy, worked closely with the CEO in developing relationships with key government decision-makers, and supported the organization's program teams in generating government funding streams. Through his experience in the nonprofit sector, Andrew has developed strong government relations, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Andrew is particularly passionate about creating strategic partnerships between governments, nonprofit organizations, and social entrepreneurs to maximise the social impact of innovative change projects.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps: Andrew will be managing special projects within Atlas Corps, including the long-term plan to franchise the Atlas Corps model around the world. In addition, he will assist the CEO with organizational development, fundraising, and streamlining internal processes. He will help manage strategic partnerships and donor relationships.

Anna-Kim Robinson, 28, Kingston, Jamaica (Host: Heartland Alliance International)

Anna-Kim has seven years of work experience in the development sector and is passionate about youth leadership and empowerment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Economic Development Policy. Her experience in the development field started at age 15, when she participated in a U.K.-based global youth-to youth mentorship project. This experience gave her the opportunity to interact with young leaders from the U.K., South Africa, and the U.S., and inspired her to start a youth-to-youth mentorship program in Jamaica. As a young professional, Anna-Kim continued her promotion of youth empowerment as the Project Officer of Sports Development and Youth Leadership at the N.C.B Foundation. There, she assisted with the design and implementation of grassroots initiatives that provided access to basic necessities and encouraged young people to shape their own futures. She also managed the Foundation's operating expenditure and public relations and advertising budgets. Throughout her career, Anna-Kim has worked in several areas of development, such as education, youth empowerment and development, rural regeneration, health safety and security, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy. Through these experiences, she has developed strong competencies such as grant writing for USAID, UNICEF, and UNDP funding, project coordination and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, budget forecast and tracking, marketing and communications, event coordination, and community mobilization.

Host: Heartland Alliance International

Fellow Role at Heartland Alliance International: Anna-Kim will support the operational aspects of HAI, including but not limited to: subaward, human resources, budget, and finance management and provide translation or interpretation as needed. She will provide back-end support to ensure quality operations that are on par or better than international standards and best practices.

Annabel S. Perreras, 26, Manila, Philippines (Host: International Accountability Project)

Ann has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned her Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of the Philippines and received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Santo Tomas. Formerly, Ann was the Policy Officer of NGO Forum in ADB. The Forum is an independent network of over 250 civil society organizations in Asia based in Manila, Philippines. The network champions the rights of local communities adversely affected by the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) large scale infrastructure projects and policies. As the Policy Officer, Ann had the opportunity to be involved in the safeguards evaluation process of the Bank, and to work with its local partner, CSOs to institute affected communities in filing complaints for ADB’s Accountability Mechanism. Prior to joining the Forum, her inclination to local governance and development work led her to join the Leagues of Cities of the Philippines for three years as Junior Program Officer. LCP is the mandated organization of all cities in the country that tackles local governance agenda at the forefront of the country’s national development. As the Junior Program Officer, she was able to handle projects on improving the state of maternal health in the country, like its governance and making cities resilient among others. Through these experiences she had developed strong skills on project management and policy advocacy. Therefore, Ann is interested to further work directly with local communities, be immersed on issues of local governance, human rights, urban planning and advocacy targeting international financial institutions.

Host: International Accountability Project

Fellow Role at International Accountability Project: Annabel will serve as the IAP Smitu Kothari Fellow. The Smitu Kohtari Fellowship is a unique work and learning opportunity for young advocates created in honor of IAP founding board member Smitu Kothari. The aim of the Smitu Kothari Fellowship is an opportunity to continue growth within the movement for global justice and to strengthen their abilities as activists, critical thinkers and change-makers.

Bora Kang, 31, Seoul, Korea (Host: D3 Jubilee)

Bora has two years of experience working for Root Impact and has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Media from the University of Yonsei in Korea. While working as a senior manager in Root Impact, a for-purpose organization supporting change-makers including social entrepreneurs, she executed the social contribution program with client company and helped to build a vibrant community of change-makers based on co-working spaces. Previously, Bora worked for LINE Plus to expand user base of mobile messenger application into East Asian countries by creating TV and digital advertisements. Given her experiences in both, nonprofit and profit sectors, she achieved balanced perspectives for communication skills and strong project implementation. Bora enjoys focusing on the topics of innovative business model to solve social issues in terms of social and financial impacts, and has a strong desire to be a professional in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investment.

Host: D3 Jubilee

Fellow Role at D3 Jubilee: Bora will assist her supervisor in conducing due diligence on start-up companies, impact funds, and direct deal structures.She will also prepare quarterly reports for investors, look for investment opportunities, and help arrange meetings, seminars, and other networking events.

Cosmos Elorm Godson, 28, Accra, Ghana (Host: Heartland Alliance International)

Cosmos Elorm Godson has five years of work experience in the nonprofit sector and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance from Université Mohammed V, Morocco. As a humanitarian worker, he helped New Forest Green to bring education to the youth, skill development for women, gender equality activism and domestic violence prevention in the deprived communities in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He currently works with Strategy Africa as Project Coordinator where he coordinates educational programs for brilliant but needy students and deals with human rights issues. In the past, Cosmos volunteered to teach in a public Senior High School in the Upper West Region of Ghana to help bridge the educational gap between the Northern (where there is acute lack of qualified teachers) and Southern Ghana. As a Rotarian, Cosmos has volunteered and served on many charitable projects of the club. Some of these projects include Rotary Family Health Day. Just to mention a few, this project brings health screening, immunization and distribution of drugs to the deprived communities in Accra; Walk for Polio Eradication, which creates awareness and raises funds to eradicate polio globally; career guidance training in schools; donation of books and learning materials for schools. Additionally, Cosmos contributes to Strategy Africa's quest to bringing education and human right’s advocacy to marginalized children. Throughout his several volunteering experiences, he gained strong project management and fundraising skills. Cosmos is strongly interested and passionate about learning and achieving goals in youth empowerment and humanitarian microfinance.

Host: Heartland Alliance International

Fellow Role at Heartland Alliance International: Cosmos will support the operational aspects of HAI, including but not limited to: subaward, human resources, budget, and finance management and provide translation or interpretation as needed. He will provide back-end support to ensure quality operations that are on par or better than international standards and best practices.

Eyitayo Ogunmola, 27, Lagos Nigeria (Host: Creative Associates International)

Eyitayo has more than eight years of experience in the development and social impact investment sector. He has led projects and strengthened labour and enterprise forces in West Africa. Eyitayo studied Physiology at the University of Ilorin. He also received a certification from Lagos Business School in Finance and Data Analysis. He is a certified PMP project manager and a Lean VI Sigma Professional. In 2014, with the grant support of the United States Government through the consulate in Nigeria, he Co-founded TIE Nigeria, a governance and social leadership driven organization. The organization launched a 'Speak to leadership' programme which was measured to improve women and youth participation in 4 communities, engaged more than 131 youth leaders on the 2015 electioneering procedures and also created platforms for engaging public officer holders. He was a 2014 Carrington Fellow of the United States Consulate, Lagos where he served with the governance team for a year and moved in 2015 to become an Associate Fellow of the Nigerian Leadership Initiative and Social Innovator fellow of Leap Africa. Eyitayo also worked on a Commonwealth sponsored project between 2012 and 2013; the project provided enterprise support to more than 14 startups across Africa and engaged about 370 entrepreneurs on business leadership. Between 2013 and 2014, he was the Project and Strategies Lead of Initiatives of Change, Nigeria where he worked on 4 major development projects. He developed better models for volunteers management and team trainings. He managed the project “celebrating the unseen projects” and 4 governance dialogues which had about 160 top influencers in Nigeria discuss the future of political participation. He enjoys developing training programmes, managing enterprise support projects and mobilizing grassroot learning. He is more focused on human and institutional capital development in Nigeria. He currently serves as the Founder and Project team lead of PM Hub Nigeria, an organization working in 2 West African countries, 4 states and 15 universities developing the business competence and corporate leadership skills of young people.

Host: Creative Associates International

Fellow Role at Creative Associates International: Eyitayo will provide support to a variety of internal and external clients using iterations of the CreativeU e-learning platform to promote active use of the courses, communities of practice, and resource libraries. He will also work to build new content partnerships to generate additional modules and resources with international and national partner organizations.

Giannina Raffo, 24, Caracas, Venezuela (Host: Atlas Corps)

Giannina has more than three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, and a Master’s degree in Think Tank Management from Atlas Economic Research Foundation in the United States. While working as a Public Relations and Social Media Manager of the most influential free-market think tanks in Latin America, The Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge for Freedom (CEDICE Freedom), Giannina helped to create and manage social media campaigns with high impact, and coordinate forums and round tables for the Public Spending Observatory, Economic Legislative Observatory, and the young core of CEDICE. In addition, she also serves as International Programs Director of CEDICE, where she coordinates the fundraising of international programs for women, children and youth. Previously, Giannina worked as Project Manager of the Economics Program for Children and Youth, developing the comic book “Justice League of Freedom", educating free market ideas in low income areas of Venezuela, and also developed the program Women, Leadership and Communication, creating training workshops for young female journalists. Giannina also has been a writer and junior researcher working with several media outlets around the world, such as Panam Post, Peru 21, International Society for Individual Liberty, and the Venezuelan Council for Investment Promotion, on issues of freedom, entrepreneurship, human rights and Venezuelan economy. Giannina enjoys focusing on the topics of youth development, civic engagement and fundraising.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps: Giannina will support the work of the Chief Development & Engagement Officer to raise the profile of the organization, to better share the story of Atlas Corps, with the purpose of increasing the pool of potential Host Organizations and individual candidates and leveraging additional funding opportunities. She will be integral to the management of the organization’s social media strategy, and will be involved in event planning, and publications development, while assisting the execution of Atlas Corps Fellow Recruitment Strategy.

Hashim Ismail Yousif, 33, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Making Cents International)

Hashim has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Sikkim Manipal University, India and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Project Management from Sudan International University. In his current role as Project Manager for the British Council, he has extensive experience working with communities and educational programs in Sudan, specifically in grant-funded projects partnering with ministries of education, schools, universities, and socially responsible partners. For large-scale projects, he has implemented, monitored, and evaluated a portfolio of large scale teachers’ training programs in ten states around Sudan through a partnership with the Federal Ministry of General Education. In this role, he assessed the impact and results of the program, suggested improvements, and provided feedback. He has been organizing over 20 Management Forum sessions for young and mid-career professionals and business practitioners in association with MTN (a regional telecoms company operating in Sudan). Most recently, Hashim has managed Premier Skills (a project in partnership with Sudanese Football Association, the British Embassy, USAID, and the Youth and Youngsters Organization) to train and coach educators. This project supports community youth football leagues to productively engage youth and build the capacity of coaches in inclusive community development activities. Hashim has also designed an art-and-music community-based project, which utilizes art and music to turn negative behaviors into positive ones. He organized Open Mic events and cultural forums at the British Council to give a platform to youth and develop their talent. Hashim’s overall aim is to develop youth as social entrepreneurs.

Host: Making Cents International

Fellow Role at Making Cents International: As the Youth Development Research Associate, Hashim will be supporting the Vice President of Youth Development and the technical team in conducting research; developing monitoring and evaluation strategies; contributing to new business development; and creating strategic action plans and products on topics related to cross-sectoral youth development, youth economic opportunities, and soft skills development. He will also enhance technical assistance through assessments, capacity building, and monitoring & evaluation.

Hira Tauqeer, 26, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Host: Making Cents International)

Hira Tauqeer is a Project Management Professional. She has worked as a Resident Administrative and Project Officer with the NDI office in Islamabad, Pakistan. In this role she has used her well-honed organizational and communication skills to make a positive contribution to Political Parties Development Program. She also utilizes her master training, leadership, team building and personnel management skills to benefit the program. She is adventurous, loves challenges, and believes in lifelong learning. She is flexible, creative, and loves to work in teams. . Currently, Hira is working with the Senior Project Manager of Training Fellowship Program. In this role she is a master trainer to train young members of political parties to assist them with leadership, political organizing, communication and public speaking skills. During her university life, she organized workshops and seminars, and she managed events. Hira organized an International Applied Business research conference for her university. She earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance and a Master’s degree in Project Management from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology. She has written a number of research papers including "Conflict among global virtual teams" and "Mentoring". She is fluent in English and Urdu.

Host: Making Cents International

Fellow Role at Making Cents International: Hira will be supporting the full cycle development and implementation of Making Cents’ annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit. She will support the execution of a thoughtful and well-planned industry-leading Summit, which in 2016 will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. She will also YouthEconomicOpportunities.org learning hub and webinar series, which leverage relationships and content from the Summit and provides a learning platform that strengthens the youth economic opportunities field.

Ilona Filimonova, 30, Russia, Moscow (Host: Taproot Foundation)

Ilona Filimonova has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She obtained a Bachelor of Political Science from National Research University in the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia, with a dual Master of Arts (Euroculture) from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and Uppsala University, Sweden. Thus, she received a prestigious European Commission scholarship for European Neighborhood Policy countries and Russia. For the last four years, Ilona has been working as Head of Public Relations at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia. She was responsible for implementation of communications strategy, maintaining partner relations, promoting the organization's mission and supporting volunteers through engaging events and trainings. She served as a Big Sister herself, mentoring a 13-year-old girl living in one of Moscow’s orphanage. Ilona has also helped improve BBBS of Russia’s image as a transparent and trustworthy nonprofit. She has increased its visibility for the public, resulting in attracting a steady inflow of volunteers and establishing successful partnerships. Ilona's previous experience includes an internship for Council of the Baltic Sea States, and Children at Risk Unit, in Sweden. She carried out a research project on early childhood interventions in the Baltic Sea region. Ilona is particularly interested in social interventions and has a strong passion for volunteering for the girls’ empowerment and youth development.

Host: Taproot Foundation

Fellow role at Taproot Foundation: As a Taproot Foundation DC Program Manager, Ilona will be guiding programs bringing capacity building support to hundreds of the region’s nonprofits every year. To achieve this, she will collaborate with a strong program team and tap into a talent pool of over one thousand professionals donating their expertise as pro bono consultants.

Kangkwon Lee, 30, Taejeon, South Korea (Host: Goodwill Industries International)

Kangkwon has over four years of experience in the profit and nonprofit sectors. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Korea University in South Korea. From 2013 to 2015, Kangkwon worked at KPMG, positioned in Climate Change & Sustainability Division. In 2015, Kangkwon, as a project manager, successfully developed ‘Creating Shared Value’ business model, which aims to revitalize depressed rural villages in Jeju Island, Korea. Kangkwon also worked at Eco-Frontier, a local consultancy, where he provided a number of advisory services on corporate social responsibility. Kangkwon also completed internships for research assistant role at the UN Global Compact Korea Network in 2010 and at People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) in 2009. Through the years of rigorous and demanding consulting experiences, Kangkwon acquired project management skills and a strong acumen for communication. Kangkwon is most concerned about issues that affect the youth, mostly education and unemployment, because he believes these are tools to foster success and empowerment. He has a strong passion to entrepreneurship for social change and one day hopes to find business-based solutions for education and employment issues facing young Koreans.

Host: Goodwill Industries International

Fellow Role at Goodwill Industries International: Fellow Role at Goodwill Industries International: Kangkwon will support the strategic expansion of the Goodwill social enterprise model internationally. He will join the International Development team, contributing in the areas of identifying new international partnership opportunities, supporting existing international affiliates and partners, and broad initiatives including data collection and analysis, fundraising, as well as development of tools for the delivery of technical assistance and training to international partners and other capacity­building mechanisms.

Kiran Kasim Ali, 33, Karachi, Pakistan (Host: Youth For Understanding- International Secretariat)

Kiran has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has earned her Master’s degree in Education from Hamdard University in Karachi, Pakistan. While working with a provincial education foundation as Training and Development Officer, she leads an important portfolio of teachers’ capacity building with special emphasis on early childhood development and child centered learning pedagogies at Learning Support Unit. Her core contribution is towards seeking the betterment through education. She has empowered more than 3000 teachers of Sindh province to become professional teachers, under different projects of Sindh Education Foundation. Given her teaching experience and on-the-ground work with teacher trainings, she is adept at designing robust programs and adapting to various learning styles. She has been active in the International Inspiration, a London 2012’s sports legacy programme which is organized by the British Council as a partner organization and selected as a Master Trainer for Pakistan region. Kiran also serves as Vice Chairperson of an emerging nonprofit Child Rise. It focuses on the children’s rights in Pakistan by ensuring access to quality education, protection from all types of exploitation and economic empowerment to adolescents and women. Kiran is very interested in adolescents and youth empowerment, training designing and facilitation, academic and administrative management. She has also inspired many young students to volunteer by organizing different training programs at community- based setting.

Host: Youth for Understanding- International Secretariat

Fellow Role at Youth for Understanding- International Secretariat: YFU will launch a new Learning Management System, taking YFU trainings online for the international network. Kiran will be responsible for building up the content, creating trainings in various areas and topics, serving and supporting the YFU network of 55+ countries.

Lamia Sameen Malik, 27, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Host: World Vision International)

Lamia has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing from NUST Business School in Pakistan. Currently, Lamia works as a Grants Writer with IOM within their Pakistan Transition Initiative project in Pakistan under the USAID/OTI project to strengthen government-community relations and improve the socioeconomic status of communities in conflict-prone areas of Pakistan. She supervises grant closing, reviews final evaluation report and oversees donor and independent monitoring unit queries. Previously, Lamia worked with a capacity building organization on a mission to create change-makers who promote socio-economic transformation. Lamia has a preceding background in Microfinance. She worked with a prestigious roster of clients including ADB, UNIDO, UNDP, ILO, and the Government of Pakistan. She has had the opportunity to focus on multiple thematic areas, including community development, youth empowerment, livelihood and enterprise development, gender sensitization and mainstreaming, institutional development and good governance. Lamia was able to acquire project design, project implementation and management, curriculum design and training cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, documentation and report writing, and client coordination that enhanced her leadership skills.

Host: World Vision International

Fellow Role at World Vision International: Lamia will coordinate and expand a global, multi-agency network of facilitators and organisations using a unique internationally recognized conflict analysis tool called ‘Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts’ (MSTC). She will manage network communications and resources, while making a key contribution to strategic planning and resource development for future network growth.

Malik Kamran Elahi, 34, Chakwal, Pakistan (Host: CARE USA)

Kamran Malik has 8 years of experience working in the non-profit sector. Kamran holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with two independent majors in Financial Management and Project Management. For the past 3 years, Kamran has been working with The Asia Foundation in Pakistan for improving and strengthening Human Rights in Pakistan. Kamran has played a key role in establishing a national network of 25 organizations to promote religious freedom and protection of rights in Pakistan. With an Undergraduate Degree in commerce, and a Diploma in cost and management accounting, Kamran started his career in the corporate sector. Driven by his passion towards establishing a fair and just society, Kamran left the lucrative corporate sector after four years and started working in the nonprofit sector. Over the past 8 years, Kamran has worked with several national and international nonprofits in Pakistan on issues including disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, post-disaster rehabilitation, health and hygiene, and protection of religious minorities in Pakistan.

Host: CARE

Fellow role at CARE: Kamran will be responsible for assisting with the financial management of advocacy department of CARE USA. In addition, he will assist with monitoring and reporting of international advocacy grants, and he will have the opportunity to learn about how CARE utilizes advocacy to help achieve its mission. Kamran will also support the women and girls lead global international advocacy program—an advocacy initiative that receives quarterly reports from offices in five countries.

Mary Apollo, 27, Juba, South Sudan (Host: Global Women’s Institute)

Mary has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector focused on gender and women's issues, peace and conflict resolution, media engagement, human rights, and civil rights. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and mass communication from University of Khartoum, Sudan. Mary currently works for the Niles as a journalist, where she collects and writes news articles for publication. In this role, she has engaged with women activists by offering civics trainings, encouraging women to participate in public life, and advocating for women’s rights. Previously, Mary worked as an assistant project coordinator for Justice Africa: Sudan, where she wrote and implemented projects and compiled project reports. Mary also collected data for a collaborative research project entitled “Identity and Citizenship in Sudan,” conducted in 2011 by Khartoum University, the University of Oxford, and New York University. Mary has developed skills such as report writing, policy advocacy, government relations, and capacity building. As an Atlas Corps fellow, Mary will be working with the Global Women Institute (GWI). She will write original blog posts and articles for the Policy and Outreach team and advise current research projects on gender-based violence in South Sudan. Upon returning to South Sudan, Mary will assist in disseminating key findings from the research to her community.

Host: Global Women’s Institute

Fellow Role at Global Women’s Institute: Mary will serve a variety of needs in both the Policy and Outreach and Research portfolios at GWI. She will advise on a current research project on gender-based violence in South Sudan, and will help with research dissemination once she returns to South Sudan. Mary will also write original content (blog pieces, articles, etc.) for the Policy and Outreach team, along with supporting all projects of that team.

Mehak Toseef, 25, Lahore, Pakistan (Host: Atlas Corps)

Mehak has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Environmental Policy from the Lahore School of Economics. While working as an Assistant Manager for Communications and Knowledge Management at Nur Center for Research and Policy, Mehak spearheaded a DFID-UKAID funded project for developing the first National Knowledge Portal for Maternal and Neonatal Child Health (MNCH). This knowledge portal serves as a platform to share and collate maximum available MNCH knowledge in Pakistan, to facilitate public health experts and establish policymakers in developing evidence-based policies to strengthen the MNCH sector in Pakistan. Mehak also worked as Project Lead for an operational study with UNICEF on the Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) initiative, where she was intricately involved in organizing training sessions for skilled birth attendants and designing interventions based on the findings of the research. In the past she has worked for different social and development projects, supporting youth and women’s rights, which she feels passionately about. Previously, Mehak has worked on a one year USAID funded project on rehabilitating survivors of gender based violence (GBV) at a shelter-home. Her work involved developing holistic rehabilitation plans for the GBV survivors in order to reintegrate them back into society. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project management, report writing, event planning and communication skills, especially with regards to donor-funded projects. She is also a certified fitness instructor and works part-time at a fitness studio, leading High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps: Mehak will be responsible for managing the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab (GLL), a training program for rising global nonprofit leaders participating in the Atlas Corps Fellowship. She will also plan and manage this leadership development program to empower Atlas Corps Fellows in their professional journeys. Mehak will ensure the overall excellent experience for staff, speakers, and Fellow participants.

Nadia Taha, 30, Alfasher, Sudan (Host: Voice of America)

Nadia Taha is a journalist working for Ahyin and Nuba Reports in Nairobi, Kenya. As a trained lawyer, Nadia holds an LLB from Nilein University in Khartoum, Sudan. With Ahyin and Nuba Reports, Nadia works as the Director of Communications. In addition to being the public face of the organization, Nadia has gained skills in video production, social media marketing, and an in-depth understanding of political and social dynamics of Sudan's conflict zones. Nadia has also worked as an associated producer and researcher for VICE on two projects. The first was a film about Darfur refugees, and the second was about the Chadian army fighting Boko Haram. This has helped strengthen Nadia's skills. Nadia previously worked with Sudan Radio Service based in Nairobi. She introduced a program specifically covering women’s issues in Sudan that deal with human rights, legal issues, gender concerns, war crimes, and female education. This program was broadcasted to Darfur and the rest of Sudan each Friday. Nadia was also a lead actor in the Al-Dawahi series, a radio drama series that tackles issues such as human rights, rape in the Darfur conflict, early marriage and the role of the UN in peace in Darfur. She has been instrumental in getting radio programs produced by the Sudan Radio Service to be rebroadcast on an FM station in eastern Chad, which broadcasts to several Darfur refugee camps located in that country.

Host: Voice of America

Fellow role at Voice of America: Nadia will serve with VOA staff to identify and research news and feature stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to the target audience, and will be called upon to conduct interviews. She will expand her skills in journalism and storytelling and produce radio reports for international broadcast and/or digital content for the voanews.com/southsudan website. In addition, Nadia will support the editorial process of planning daily news coverage, and be expected to participate actively in daily news meetings.

Phales Milimo, 30, Lusaka, Zambia (Host: World Vision International)

Phales has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Zambia. During the time she worked for World Vision as a monitoring and evaluation officer, Phales gained a lot of experience working with the rural communities and programming projects to ensure that they met their goals. She helped vulnerable children with access to education, good health and clean water. She also has led the Sinazongwe area development program in conducting the end of cycle evaluation in which all the project's’ impacts were assessed against the baseline. When she served as a global health corps fellow in 2014 to 2015, she witnessed how health equity and social justice are possible to achieve. This experience exposed her to public health and has strengthened her leadership skills. Phales has worked on a number of projects ranging from access to sexual reproductive health and rights, to HIV and AIDS, food security, and economic empowerment. She also participated in an early childhood development community sensitization. It addressed developmental delays in children and gave technical support on a Smartcare project which included training health workers in the electronic health system. Phales enjoys interacting with children, conducting presentations, research, report writing and project management.

Host: World Vision International

Fellow role at World Vision International: Phales will help develop a new framework and narrative for World Vision International to decrease vulnerabilities of children, with a special focus on disability inclusion and gender. Her portfolio will include extensive research including literature reviews, environmental scans, position papers, communications and analysis of opportunities to strengthen equality and inclusion through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Selma Bardakci, 29, Istanbul, Turkey (Host: John D. Evans Foundation)

Selma has five years of experience in Turkey’s non-profit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s of Political Science and International Relations from the Bahcesehir University in Turkey, during which she was an Erasmus exchange student at European University Viadrina in Germany for one semester. She also holds a Master of Global Politics and International Relations from Bahcesehir University. She most recently served as Deputy Director of International Leadership Application and Research Center. There are two departments in this center: the School of Government & Leadership, and the American Studies Center. She worked closely with the government to facilitate dialogue among policy makers, experts, civil society leaders and academics on regional and global issues. She also helped to organize Bahçeşehir University’s School of Politics U.S. program, which is a two week program for graduate school students to meet with political and business institutions including nonprofits, the U.S. Congress, think tanks, media organizations, and lobbying groups. Selma also organizes the Global Leadership Forum, which gathers international policy makers, academics and experts from around the world. In 2012, Selma led the Young Turkey - Young America Program, representing both Turkish young professionals as well as her own university. Selma enjoys focusing on the topics of leadership development, global politics, diplomacy and youth empowerment. She is also a Co-Opinion Young Professional Fellow, which is a policy-oriented youth solidarity network that advocates an integrated approach for youth policies in the Middle East and North Africa region to improve the agency of youth and to enhance their economic and social prospects. She has a strong passion for human and social capital development. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project coordination, implementation and management skills. In addition to her professional roles, Selma works on a social project to help Syrian refugees. Selma has been continuously contributing opinion pieces and interviews to Project on the Middle East and the Arab Spring (POMEAS), an online open forum for reflecting on and analyzing the various dimensions of the Arab Spring and its echoes in the region today. Selma has a passion for soccer, theatre and urban exploration.

Host: John D. Evans Foundation

Fellow Role at John D. Evans Foundation: Selma will be maintaining relationships for the foundation’s Grantees. In addition, she will attend various meetings with the Foundation. She will conduct necessary research and will also help with the Board work of the Executive VP’s foundation duties.

Shahd Osman, 33, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Women’s Refugee Commission)

Dr. Shahd Osman obtained her MBBS from Ahfad University for Women, and an MSc. In Epidemiology from the American University of Beirut. Shahd also has a fellowship in Health Sciences Education and a PGC in Research Ethics. She has been working for the past year as an Educational Quality specialist at the Public Health Institute, Federal Ministry of Health. Her current position enables her to participate in setting standards, auditing and evaluating the educational process. During the past seven years Dr. Shahd has been involved in many educational programs both at part time and full time basis. Currently she is also a lecturer of Public Health Ethics and Epidemiology at Ahfad University and Al-Neelin University in Sudan. Upon her graduation and working several years in the clinical field, Shahd has recognized that many of the dilemmas she and her colleagues face are complex ethical issues associated with minimal contextual research to provide solutions for her community. Consequently she sought a career in Epidemiology and grew an interest in Ethics. Dr. Shahd has many activities including research, mentoring students, coordinating and facilitating workshops (mainly in health sciences education, research ethics and evidence based medicine). She has apparent leadership skills and aims at promoting leadership among her peers and in her surroundings, Shahd is a recognized Heymann fellow (i.e. Fellow of the IANPHI Leadership Academy). She has special interest in Non-communicable diseases research, Public health, Research ethics and development of human resources for health.

Host: Women’s Refugee Commission

Fellow Role at Women’s Refugee Commission: Shahd will join the reproductive health team to support their work on adolescent reproductive health, disaster risk reduction, and community based SRH interventions. Shahd’s fellowship has been developed to bring a greater capacity for research to the SRH team as well as expertise from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where much of the current SRH work is being implemented.

Suyoung Kim, 29, Seoul, Korea (Host: Jubilee JumpStart)

Suyoung has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is in the process of obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Policy for Development, from International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Suyoung previously worked for World Vision Korea, an international humanitarian organization, where she organized and coordinated fund-raising filming visits to 12 countries with Korean National TV stations. She communicated with many locals in need and local counterparts, and effectively delivered their reality to Korean audiences via mass media. She also contributed to Global citizenship education and peace building program for youth, by organizing the 24 Famine campaign and planning overseas volunteering programs. Through these experiences she developed strong communication and project coordination skills, and gained experience in the TV fundraising. Suyoung enjoys focusing on the topics of cross-cultural understanding and youth empowerment and has a strong passion for education.

Host: Jubilee JumpStart

Fellow Role at Jubilee JumpStart(JJS): Suyoung will support the Director of Development in managing JJS’ comprehensive giving program to help raise funds, with special attention given to JJS’ growing portfolio of individual supporters. She will work closely with Director and Executive Director to broaden and improve communications and awareness-building efforts. Overall, Suyoung will grow the effectiveness and impact of development and fundraising efforts.

Yemisrach Seifu, 31, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Host: Population Action International)

Yemisrach has nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Gondar. She finished her postgraduate studies in the field of Sociology from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). While working as a Program Manager with Talent Youth Association, she led and coordinated sexual and reproductive health programs, and helped improve the health of youth. Since December 2006, she worked in different nonprofit organizations as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer, Capacity Building Officer, Evaluator, Program Coordinator, Project Officer, and also as a Social Worker. Yemisrach has extensive and contextual knowledge on youth development, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, women's empowerment, economic and social justice, emergency response, social accountability and good governance. Through these experiences, she developed strong program coordination and implementation, leadership, communication, and strategic planning skills. Yemisrach is interested in youth leadership, good governance, human rights, and conflict resolution. She enjoys reading, walking, and communicating with people.

Host: Population Action International

Fellow Role at Population Action International: Yemisrach will oversee the Monitoring and Evaluation of PAI’s advocacy and research work to improve reproductive health and rights. She will work with program staff to collect M&E data. She will also be responsible for synthesizing and condensing the collected data into monthly and quarterly reports.

Class #19: September 2015 Atlas Corps Fellows

Alecia Maragh, 28, St. Catherine, Jamaica (Host: Childfund International)

Alecia has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and is currently completing her Master of Science degree in Human Rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), under the British Chevening Scholarship. Alecia served as a Regional Programme Officer at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica from 2013-2014. While at UWI, Alecia coordinated the regional youth platform, University of the West Indies Student Today Alumni Tomorrow (UWISTAT). In this position, she gained experience in project management, programme development and youth training. Prior to this, Alecia served as an Assistant Language Teacher for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme and was based in Shizuoka, Japan, for three and a half years. In this position, she was responsible for curriculum design, capacity building and education. Alecia previously worked as a Public (Consumer) Relations Officer which, coupled with her current responsibility as a Chevening Scholar Social Media Ambassador, has honed her communication, public speaking and outreach skills. Alecia has been actively involved in youth leadership both in her community and at the national and international level. She participated in the Jamaican national consultation process for the Post -2015 as a youth advocate, and she has represented her country at several international fora. Alecia also volunteered in Ishinomaki, Japan, after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and she was an international volunteer on the Peace Boat’s 78th global voyage. With the knowledge gained from her professional, volunteer and multicultural experiences, Alecia intends to pursue a career in human rights policy-making and corporate social responsibility.

Host: ChildFund International

Fellow Role at ChildFund International:
Alecia Maragh will provide major support in conducting research on education, protection and economic strengthening. She will also be providing operational support, strict analysis and support to the National Offices and Lifestage team.

Ana Paula Barreto, 32, São Paulo, Brazil (Host: International Planned Parenthood Federation)

Ana Paula has over nine years of experience working for the nonprofit sector, private sector and international organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. While working as a coordinator for a youth project in the Jardim Angela/Capao Redondo neighborhood, (the neighborhood was considered by United Nations the most dangerous place on the planet in 1996), she developed several partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, universities, international organizations and government entities to offer poor adolescents opportunities to change their lives through access to formal education. Previously, Ana worked for UNICEF to advance child and adolescent rights in Brazil’s public agenda, especially for those who live in poor and rural areas of the country. During her work as an assistant of the UN Resident Coordinator's office, she focused on topics of race, gender, access to education, violence and youth empowerment. She volunteered as a popular educator for over ten years, promoting human rights, gender, race and peace in Brazil.

Host: International Planned Parenthood Federation

Fellow Role at International Planned Parenthood Federation:
Ana will assist staff by managing the portfolio of sexual and reproductive health programs related to youth, gender-based violence, and HIV/STIs. She will implement programmatic strategies in sex education, access to quality health services, prevention of gender-based violence and sexual rights, amongst other programs.

Arpine Porsughyan, 30, Gyumri, Armenia (Host: Community Options, Inc.)

Arpine has over ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s degree in Policy Analysis and Administration from Duquesne University and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from Tbilisi State University. Arpine brings a unique combination of experience in research and grassroots development. For over seven years, in affiliation with the Caucasus Research Resource Centers, GeoWel Research, and as an independent consultant, Arpine conducted research in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and the U.S. for a number of international and local organizations. Research covered a wide range of issues: migration, gender based violence and reproductive health, media, economic development, value chains, and justice. Arpine worked with JumpStart Georgia, where, besides researching and reporting, she trained media and nonprofit organizations in Armenia to use data, technology, and storytelling techniques to better advocate for human rights and civil society issues. She also has over ten years of experience in project design, fundraising and management, and transferred these skills through leading multiple workshops across the South Caucasus. Arpine served as a development expert for Ajakits NGO and Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia, and was a trainer and training specialist for the U.S. Peace Corps, among others. Through her nonprofit work experience Arpine acquired a diverse set of skills that include community facilitation using participatory civic engagement tools, and project design. Arpine is interested in asset-based community development models, the role of statistical data in development, and is passionate about women's empowerment.

Host: Community Options

Fellow Role at Community Options:
Arpine will provide strategic support in marketing, fundraising, and other administrative and public awareness projects. She will also work on leadership support to the Community Based day program by implementing a formalized teaching curriculum and facilitating regular self-advocacy groups for individuals with disabilities.

Asmaa Abumezied, 27, Gaza, Palestine (Host: Internet2)

Asmaa has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and completed her Master’s degree in Management and Human Resources from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the Islamic University of Gaza majoring in Business Administration. While working as a Researcher and Business Development Specialist at Small Enterprise Center, she worked on the economic empowerment of marginalized people and areas of economic recovery in the Gaza Strip through Oxfam and UNDP projects. She provided more than 1000 training hours on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, marketing and financing for small businesses. Furthermore, Asmaa conducted research on the demand and supply of business development services, needs assessments and sector relevant studies. Asmaa is a Global Shaper in Gaza Hub. She was responsible for organizing Gaza contribution in the Shaping Davos “Conflict Resolution” session; part of the World Economic Forum activities held in Davos in 2015. Additionally, Asmaa was one of the 50 shapers attending the World Economic Forum for MENA region where she stressed the role of entrepreneurship in youth empowerment. She is also a co-founder of an initiative called “PAL Initiatives of Change”, which aims to foster and reinforce the human values in the Palestinian society as well as develop the sense of individual and collective responsibility toward positive change. Previously, she worked as a part-time lecturer at Al-Azhar University-Gaza, giving courses, teaching in principles of management, research methodology as well as other areas in management. Asmaa is very passionate about economic development, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, training, volunteerism and community service.

Host: Internet2

Fellow Role at Internet2
Asmaa will focus on the core development of the Internet2 Advancement program. She will be identifying and researching programs aligned with the mission, and she will support the membership’s advanced global research and educational priorities by creating case statements in support of various programs.

Asma Razaq, 34, Jhelum, Pakistan (Host: Universities Allied for Essential Medicine)

Asma Razaq has been working in both print and electronic media for the last six years. At present, she is working as a Reporter in SamaaTv, Pakistan’s top news channel. At Samaa, her primary responsibilities include: the coverage of economic affairs including the Federal Board of Revenue, the Ministry of Finance, financial institutions, foreign investment and assistance to Pakistan, the Privatization Commission, and health issues. Earlier, she worked for Abbtak news channel for two years. She was also working in an English Daily ‘Business Recorder;’ the biggest financial daily in Pakistan, and the first such publication in the Muslim world. She worked for Daily Business Recorder for five years. One of Asma’s articles was included among the top stories of a New York-based website ‘www.tobacco.org;’ her stories exposed a pharmaceutical company that was selling an anti-hepatitis injection without conducting human tests. Asma’s news articles on health issues put pressure on the government to form a Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) in Pakistan. Recently, her news package titled ‘IMF and Pakistan’ was widely appreciated and got national recognition, as well. Asma has worked with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a Coordinator. She had been nominated by the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan for the reporting tour on Global Food Security in the year 2011. She had also been selected as a participant of US-Pak Journalist Exchange Program-2014 by the East-West Center in Hawaii. During the program, she was selected as a guest in ‘Global Journalist,’ a popular radio program in Columbia.

Host: Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

Fellow Role at Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)
As the Media and Communications Fellow, Asma Razaq will support the creative development and implementation of a media and communications strategy for UAEM North America. This involves implementing the interactive new website design so it is usable to share media and foster communication work in building a more effective and efficient internal communication strategy.

Carolina Tejada, 32, Medellín, Colombia (Host: Mozilla Foundation)

Carolina has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Communications degree at the Universidad of Medellín. She recently completed postgraduate studies in Sociology and Political Sciences at FLACSO, Argentina. While working at the Organización VID, she helped to strengthen the image of the institution by redesigning their virtual media. Likewise, Carolina worked at FENALCO ANTIOQUIA; a nonprofit organization that unionizes medium and small traders, for helping them to strengthen their business. One of the most relevant goals that she achieved was being designated as a member of the Strategic Planning Team. Carolina has also volunteered as a teacher on Communication and Information Technologies, at an HIV childrens’ foundation. She taught a group of children how to use web tools for their own development and self-education. Through all these experiences Carolina has acquired significant skills such as: creating multimedia educational material, researching relevant information and pedagogical resources, and organizing memorable social and institutional events. Carolina strongly believes in the mixture of education, technology and communication, as a powerful key to fight poverty and improve quality of life.

Host: Mozilla Foundation

Fellow Role at Mozilla Foundation
Carolina will help design and develop a distributed training program for teaching web literacy skills. She will leverage existing research and conduct their own light research to inform and support a global program that provides guidance/instruction/community support for people that want to teach others how to read, write and participate in the digital world.

Deepa Khatri, 26 Jaipur, India (Host: Youth for Understanding)

Deepa has seven years of intense work experience in the nonprofit sector, where she trained and facilitated leadership experiences for young students around the world. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Rajasthan University and started working with AIESEC in 2007 as a volunteer. Most recently, Deepa worked as a management consultant and counselor/trainer for young people. Before that, she worked with AIESEC International for a year, where she was responsible for handling operations in the Asia Pacific region. Her main role was to guide young student leaders from different Asia Pacific countries to coordinate the operations and align their national strategies with the global strategies of AIESEC for growth and development. Deepa was the President of AIESEC organization in Mauritius for two years. During her tenure, she initiated various projects on issues like Environment, Youth leadership, Cultural Understanding, Education & Sports, Gender, and Drug abuse. Additionally, the projects also provided a platform for the local youth to discover and develop their leadership potential. She got reputable companies involved in these projects as CSR, and worked very closely with government bodies to get support and recognition for her projects. She also got her environment project funded by UN Habitat in Mauritius. For three years, Deepa volunteered with a child development nonprofit organization, rural development organization, and AIESEC. Deepa is very interested in youth development & empowerment, social enterprise management, and international exchange programs. She has a passion for training, facilitation and project management. She also cares deeply for animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Host: Youth for Understanding

Fellow Role at Youth for Understanding
Deepa will begin the implementation of a 5-year business plan with the primary focus being on the diversification of YFU’s revenue sources; including both short-term and long-term recommendations for YFU. This will allow the organization to operate more effectively.

Emmanuel Dukundane, 32, Kigali, Rwanda (Host: CorpsAfrica)

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry from National University of Rwanda in 2009, Emmanuel is currently completing his second year in the Master’s degree program in International Education at the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. He has also had 5 years of experience directing cultural immersion and service-learning programs for American students in Rwanda and Senegal through the internationally acclaimed cross-cultural education program, “Where There Be Dragons.” While traveling as an experiential educator in this position, Emmanuel has co-created curricula and directed programs focused on critical service-learning, language study, and exploration of development issues in Rwanda and Senegal. He has also been responsible for setting up on-course activities including students’ homestays, arranging for workshop facilitators and guest speakers, and coordinating with local nonprofit organizations for students’ service-learning and internship opportunities. Through these experiences, Emmanuel has developed strong skills in program design and implementation, and a passion for participatory international service-learning and education for social change. Emmanuel’s strong belief in the benefits of cross cultural exchange and community empowerment also influenced the years he spent in volunteer service, including working as a counterpart to a US Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda in 2009 and later, working as language and cross culture facilitator (LCF) for US Peace Corps trainees in Rwanda. He also taught science to high school students through the Rwanda Girls Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to girls’ empowerment. Emmanuel is a fan of animated movies, loves Senegalese “Yassa Viande” and enjoys watching soccer.

Host: CorpsAfrica

Fellow Role at CorpsAfrica
Emmanuel will focus on developing a solid framework of communication and support for CorpsAfrica offices as the organization works to open offices in Sub-Saharan Africa. He will work closely with the senior management team with periodic travel to Morocco, Senegal.

Farhad Ahmed Jarral, 27, Islamabad, Pakistan (Host: Creative Science Labs)

Farhad has more than 5 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan. He founded a social media and public relations consultancy firm in April, 2015 named The Social Media Consultants. Previously, Farhad has worked as Communication Manager with UNDP’s project Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Development. He has also worked with the National Commission for Human Development, as well as Capital TV as Producer of a current affairs show, and Pakistan Peoples’ Party as central social media coordinator. He has played a pivotal role by teaming up with civil society to run campaigns for the cause of human rights. He also organized the regional South Asian Youth Conference in 2012. Through these experiences, he developed strong communication and public relations skills. He has also managed to build close contacts in civil society, political parties, and media. He loves writing and has a deep interest in new media technologies, human rights activism, politics, and international relations.

Host: Creative Science Labs

Fellow Role at Creative Science Labs
Farhad will lead market research and competitive analysis efforts, help develop and execute marketing plans, and be primarily responsible for the social media presence of Creative Science Labs.

Imran Newaz Khurshid, 28, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Host: Compass Partners)

Imran has about five years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned the "Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers" from Cambridge University, United Kingdom and a "Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering" from BRAC University, Bangladesh. While working for different philanthropic organizations including BRAC (the world’s largest nonprofit), he imparted education to underprivileged children, trained teachers, and facilitated international exchange and volunteer development programs. These activities addressed issues like the social and leadership development of young people, many of which were supported by the U.S. Embassy of Dhaka. Simultaneously, he was teaching the “Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers” to educators of various schools for about two years. Based on his understanding of young people’s needs of leadership development, Imran started his own initiative, “Mind Mechanics,” at the beginning of 2014. There, he designs and facilitates programs for various target groups representing different socio-economic, political and faith-based communities such as human rights activists, young political leaders, and students of 'Madrasas' (religious educational institutions). He does these to equip them with soft skills that promote employability, tolerance, co-existence, transformational leadership and democracy. Through these experiences Imran has developed strong leadership qualities, design thinking and facilitation skills for empowering youths of different age groups, and socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. He has a strong passion for holistic youth empowerment through youth leadership development.

Host: Compass Partners

Fellow Role at Compass Partners
Imran will be supporting the Executive Director through strengthening the program across 16 university campuses. He will play a pivotal role in revamping the curriculum, creating new hard-copy and online communications materials, enhancing regional and national communication/connectivity and improving upon campus-specific issues.

Lina del Pilar Bocanegra, 29, Bogotá, Colombia (Host: Latin American Youth Center)

Lina has two and a half years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from the University of Los Andes in Colombia. While working as Social and Environmental Promoter in the Aqueduct of Bogota, she has helped to formulate projects about educating people and enterprises on how to handle their solid wastes. In 2013, Lina was chosen to be a fellow of Balloon Chile, where she gave classes on entrepreneurship and innovation to local entrepreneurs of Lonquimay and Malalcahuello, Araucanía, South of Chile. Previously, she worked in a Marketing Research Agency, coordinating quantitative and qualitative projects for different industries. Lina has volunteered in Asociacion Somos CaPAZes where she gave classes to kids about how to handle conflicts, and coordinated an environmental project. Through these experiences, she developed project formulation, and coordination, marketing research, and teaching skills. Lina enjoys focusing on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and development of projects.

Host: Latin American Youth Center

Fellow Role at Latin American Youth Center
Lina will be working with Academic support and tutoring, Community Peace Building, and Arts & Media programming within the Teen Center. She will be responsible for working with Teen Center staff to facilitate recruitment and registration of middle/high school youth and evaluating student progress in the programs.

Mahwish Javaid, 29, Hyderabad, Pakistan (Host: Concern Worldwide)

Mahwish Javaid is a women entrepreneur, and an aspiring lawyer. She has six years of experience in nonprofit sector, and earned a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Reproductive Physiology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Mahwish studied effects of hormonal contraceptives and stress on reproductive health of women in Pakistan for her thesis. She joined UN Women in March 2014, as Project Officer; specifically, she worked on Gender Training and Capacity Building under the Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) program funded by United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS), in Sindh. Along with the International Labour Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, she helped to improve livelihoods of 2500 landless peasant women and 2000 informal women workers by enhancing access to social security services, food security, land tenancy agreements, and income generating opportunities. She supervised activities for disaster risk reduction, sanitation, and onsite trainings for gender mainstreaming, numeric literacy among women, and first aid in 120 villages. Her job profile encapsulated skills of project coordination, policy advocacy, women’s entrepreneurship, and capacity building to realize the goals of the program. Mahwish has been winner of national essay writing competition, and debate competitions and has also held leadership positions in the Scientific Academic Society, Quaidian Intellectual Forum, and Literary and Debating Society, respectively, in her university. She hopes not only to be a skilled social entrepreneur herself, but also to develop a successful model which can be replicated at macro-scale.

Host: Concern Worldwide

Fellow Role at Concern Worldwide
Mahwish will utilize her background in business, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship by supporting efforts of the Innovations team to sustain and expand programs with a specific focus on the Maker Hub for Maternal and Newborn Health in Nairobi, Kenya.

Maya Guevska, 26, Sofia, Bulgaria (Host: Community Options, Inc.)

Maya Guevska has more than three years of experience in the social sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in European Projects from Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria. She has studied in Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic under the Erasmus program, in the field of special pedagogy and work with people with disabilities. Maya has unique experiences in both the public and nonprofit sectors. She has worked in the Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria, as a senior expert since April 2013 on international and national projects which benefit the local community. Most of her projects are transnational partnership projects related to improvement of the territorial, economic and social integration process in Sofia in various fields (including social entrepreneurship, energy efficiency, sustainable urban development). Maya is also the founder of a nonprofit organization called People Help, which aims to facilitate the process of providing social services to disadvantaged people in Bulgaria. Through this work she is able to work with children and people with disabilities, and with volunteers conducting charity campaigns. In 2010 and 2011, she worked with elder people on a university project for psychosocial support and wrote a publication for the university yearbook. Thus during the last couple of years she gained experience and developed strong skills in team management and leadership, financial management, and comprehensive analysis of documents. Maya is interested in planning, coordination and management of projects and campaigns in the social field, charity and volunteer work. She works for accomplishing her goals through uniting people in a common cause.

Host: Community Options, Inc.

Fellow Role at Community Options
Maya will work with colleagues to roll out the implementation of several systems including web based client record keeping and a financial management. She will ensure compliance with auditing of records through sample reviews, and will work with the Regional Vice President on development needs as well as identifying potential funding and grant opportunities.

Mayada Hassanain Osman, 24, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Mentor Capital Network)

Mayada Abdelazim has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is a graduate of Economics with a major in Development from the University of Khartoum. She obtained her Masters in Development studies from The University of Medical Sciences and Technology. She is the co-founder of the SheLearns initiative, which has supported female education in Sudan since February 2012. Mayada has had in-depth experience in women's rights in Sudan and the horn of Africa, as a projects assistant at SIHA. She worked to enhance the capacity of women at the grassroots level, supporting them to organize themselves in cooperatives to improve their livelihood and gain access to rights. Mayada also worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as a researcher on missing persons in Darfur. Mayada is interested in finding ways to link macroeconomic interventions and the development of local communities, by creating cost effective, pro-poor strategies.

Host: Mentor Capital Network

Fellow Role at Mentor Capital Network
Mayada will expand interaction with entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors (collecting and telling stories, performing due-diligence for investors, and identifying where to further support them). She will also identify potential new opportunities for collaboration.

Mehr Bajwa, 35, Lahore, Pakistan (Host: Nexus Fund)

Mehr has nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Manchester in the UK, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan. While working as the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Punjab with GRM Futures Group under the Dfid-funded voice and accountability project for better health and nutrition, she helped improve the health and nutrition of poor and marginalized women and children in the southern Punjab province of Pakistan. Previously, Mehr worked as a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with Chemonics International, Inc., to make local value chains in Pakistan such as fresh mango, fruit and vegetable pulping, and dates more competitive in both international and local markets under the USAID-funded economic growth and agriculture program. She also has extensive experience working with stakeholders from the private and public sectors. Through these experiences, she has acquired strong monitoring and evaluation skills which are applicable across different thematic areas. Mehr enjoys focusing on the topics of empowerment and economic development.

Host: Nexus Fund

Fellow Role at Nexus Fund
Mehr will utilize her experience conducting research and managing projects to build up the innovation lab and grants program and find ways to support civil society in countries at risk of mass atrocities. She will also support the fundraising director in their efforts and build Nexus Fund’s capacity to liaise with grantees.

Mona Algherbawi, 30, Gaza, Palestine (Host: American Red Cross)

Mona has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, in addition to a professional Diploma in Development Design and Management in the Middle East from the University of Pavia in Italy. Mona has an extensive experience in managing emergency and development projects, working with both local and international non-profit organizations in Gaza Strip. Most recently, working with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for three years, she participated in the design and management of emergency response and recovery program in Gaza, focusing on shelter and livelihoods for conflict-affected families in rural communities and using market-based tools. She has also been managing a disaster risk reduction program that aims at increasing the resilience of vulnerable urban communities in Gaza by building the capacity of local development committees and establishing community-led microfinance system that provides financial services to its members. Prior to her work with CRS, Mona worked in developing and managing capacity building programs in the Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship (CSCED). Her work focused on the integration of women engineers in the construction industry through a market-based skills development and on-the-job training program. She also managed different institutional capacity building programs for municipalities and local nonprofit organizations in good governance, accountability and financial management.

Mona gained hands-on experience in program management including project design, proposal development, and monitoring and evaluation. Her experience in different sectors allowed for a wider perspective on development and understanding of communities needs and strengths.

Host: American Red Cross

Fellow Role at American Red Cross
Mona will support the implementation of strategic projects and broad, cross-cutting initiatives of the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC), including coordination and dissemination of innovative programs in new technologies, social media, and beneficiary communications.

Mosab Ahmed, 29, Khartoum , Sudan (Host: Atlas Corps)

Mosab has seven years of experience with Finance and Administration in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Khartoum in Sudan, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bahari University in Sudan. Mosab most recently worked with United Nation Development Program at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) as Administrative Associate. He also has worked as Finance and Administrative Assistant with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in the Food Security and Capacity Building Program. He previously worked as Finance Officer for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Income Generation Activities for a female sex workers project at the JASMAR Human Security Organization in Sudan. At UNDP, Mosab supported the administration and implementation of GFATM projects. Previously, at the JASMAR organization, he contributed to building the capacity of 27 local nonprofit organizations, focusing in fund management and financial reports. Mosab helped reduce the HIV/AIDS levels in the targeted areas by providing technical support and developing strong tools for effective and efficient monitoring of the project budget. Mosab has played key roles in the success of HIV/AIDS – And Income Generation Activities for a female sex workers project, which encouraged donors to allocate more funds for this project. Though these experiences, he developed strong financial resource management and financial control skills. He hopes to have the opportunity to use his current studies and acquired skills to become a specialist in non-profit organization finance and administrative management.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps
Reporting directly to the Controller and also assisting the Chief Operating Officer, Mosab Ahmed will work hand in hand in the daily oversight of the accounting and finance functions in the organization, including liaising between Atlas Corps staff and other Fellows on behalf of the accounting department.

Muhammad Hamza Abbas, 28, Sahiwal, Pakistan (Host: International Center for Research on Women)

Hamza has five years of experience in the development sector of Pakistan, and has a strong academic background in Development Economics with a Postgraduate Degree (MSc.) in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Hamza's thematic areas of expertise are regional connectivity and trade, development economics, democracy and social accountability, quantitative analysis, gender development, social budgeting, and child rights governance in Pakistan. He has gained experience progressively working for global, regional and national organizations on forwarding human rights of children, youth, women, and the most vulnerable populations in Pakistan. He was associated with the Economic Growth Unit at Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), a premier think tank in Pakistan, in the capacity of Project Associate. Hamza also has experience working with various international non-profit organizations such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children, Actionaid International, The Asia Foundation and national non-profit organizations like Social Innovations, Pakistan Microfinance Network, Bedari, and Youth Parliament of Pakistan. He has shown resilience and commitment to working in sensitive areas of Pakistan for Afghan refugees and Internally Displaced People from the conflict area of Swat, in Khyber PakhtunKhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA). Hamza’s core competencies include a drive for results, working with people, communication, formulating strategies and concepts, analyzing and interpreting, networking, and strategic thinking.

Host: International Center for Research on Women

Fellow Role at International Center for Research on Women
Hamza will be a Research Fellow specializing in quantitative data analysis and program monitoring and evaluation. This research will help to support ongoing projects by providing input into the design of new studies in various gender related initiatives.

Niza Castañeda, 25, Monterrey, Mexico (Host: AYUDA)

Niza has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), in Mexico, and a Master's degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from Pantheon-Assas University in France. While working for the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP), based in France, she provided legal advice on the legal incorporation of the IFP and helped promote an enabling environment for nonprofit organizations. Previously, she undertook an internship at the OHCHR in Switzerland, where she reviewed and analyzed National Human Rights Institutions independence, legal mandates, and cooperation with nonprofit organizations. In Mexico, she worked at the Human Rights Commission of Nuevo Leon, where she handled and processed complaints for human rights violations. Niza has also worked as a professor for the Mexican Ministry of Public Education and the UANL for 2 years. Throughout her career, she has volunteered in two projects, nationally and internationally: at Peace Brigades International France, for protecting Latin-American human rights defenders, and at the Penitentiary Institution for Minors of Nuevo Leon, for teaching computer and English courses. As a result of these experiences, she developed strong skills on project coordination, monitoring and implementation, as well as analytical reasoning and legal research. Niza is fluent in written and spoken Spanish, English and French. She enjoys focusing on the topics of human rights, education and social development.


Fellow Role at AYUDA
Niza will conduct interviews with clients and draft client statements. She will prepare applications, petitions and forms collecting documentary evidence. She will perform statutory, case law, public records and country conditions research, and she will also prepare certified translations of legal documents.

Olga Smolenchuk, 32, Tomsk, Russia (Host: Youth for Understanding)

Olga has more than four years of experience in the non-profit sector as a youth development professional, and more than six years of research experience in international affairs and policy studies. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Tomsk State University, Russia, in 2004. In 2005, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded Olga a prestigious “MATRA” scholarship for her study at the University of Amsterdam, where she earned an Executive Master Degree in International and European Relations and Management. In 2009, Olga began her PhD in Modern History at Tomsk State University, where she has been conducting research on international peacekeeping and humanitarian affairs. In 2012 and 2014, through a fellowship at the Netherlands “Clingendael” Institute for International Relations in The Hague, and the Indian Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) for sustainable development, Olga conducted interviews with international peace studies professionals. While working as a Project Manager at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR), Olga led an English Language E-learning Project. She also acted as a youth development consultant, preparing students for exchange programs and internships abroad. Since 2015, Olga has continued working in the youth development and education field at National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) as an International Programs Officer. There, she has developed and strengthened international cooperation with educational institutions from abroad by attracting foreign students and monitoring and analyzing the international educational services market. Through these experiences, she has matured as a project manager with a series of published articles. Olga enjoys focusing on the topics of youth development, humanitarian affairs, and international peace and conflict resolution.

Host: Youth for Understanding

Fellow Role at Youth for Understanding
Olga Yuryevna Smolenchuk will have the primary responsibility of developing and driving the evaluation for the exchange experience forward. Additionally, Olga will work with the team to refine and improve processes around YFU’s National Standards of Care by monitoring, training, and supporting students, families, and volunteers.

Pablo Mattos, 33, Rio Grande - RS, Brazil (Host: Bernardo Kohler Center)

Pablo has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector in Brazil and Uganda. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande – FURG, Brazil; and a Master's degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations from Carl Von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany. As a Legal Assistant at IMDH, a Brazilian NGO based in Brasilia, he is responsible for carrying on refugee status determination procedures, including the interview of asylum-seekers, country of origin information research, the preparation of legal opinions concerning asylum claims, and finally, the provision of general legal support to asylum seekers and refugees. In 2013, he worked for six months in a civil society organization in Kampala, Uganda, with the main goal of advocating for better oil and gas policies in the African Great Lakes region.. He also lived and worked for three months in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, as a intern at the Protection Sector of GIZ. He enjoys working on issues of human rights law, immigrant protection, forced migration, development and poverty reduction. He also intends to be a professional in the field of humanitarian assistance and emergency relief.

Host: Bernardo Kohler Center

Fellow Role at Bernardo Kohler Center
In accordance with the mission of Bernardo Kohler, Pablo will provide assistance to clients within the areas of abused, abandoned and neglected juveniles, victims of human trafficking, crime victims, and asylum seekers.

Samaya Jafarova 33, Baku, Azerbaijan (Host: Save the Children)

Samaya has fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned her BS in Mathematics and Information from the Azerbaijan International University in Baku, Azerbaijan. While working for SOS Children’s Villages Azerbaijan as a Corporate Fundraiser, she helped the organization to achieve sustainability while improving living conditions of children deprived of family care. Samaya provided humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced people from Nagorno Karabakh area of Azerbaijan affected by the war. Previously, Samaya worked with different development programs in Azerbaijan such as the Community Development Program implemented by Save the Children/USAID, the Integrated Solid Waste Management Program financed by the World Bank and the HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria projects funded by Global Fund and supervised by UNOPS. Through these experiences she developed strong monitoring and evaluation, project coordination, donor management, presentation, and reporting skills. As a member of Rotary Club of Baku International, Samaya takes part in different community service projects. Samaya enjoys focusing on the topics of mental health and cognitive based therapy, and has strong passion for women’s empowerment.

Host: Save the Children

Fellow Role at Save the Children
Under the HIV/AIDS team, Samaya will maintain personal narratives/human interest stories from all HIV and TB programs and interventions globally for the Department of Global Health’s document library and Save the Children’s Story Library. From this, a series of narratives will be produced to support the growth of the HIV/AIDS portfolio.

Sworo Momo Manasseh, 34, Juba, South Sudan (Host: World Vision)

Momo has 5 years experience in the non-profit sector, having studied Education in Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. While working as Assistant Project Manager for Save the Children International (SCI), under the DFID (UK Aid) funded “Education for All” Project, he helped increase school enrolment in Lakes State, as well as helped in the identification of schools for rehabilitation and construction of Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS) and improving the professional skills of teachers through training. The project focused on people who missed the opportunity of getting formal schooling due to the long period of conflict in South Sudan. In 2014, Momo helped in the founding of; The Rescue Initiative (TRI-SS), a South Sudanese National organization, where he currently holds the portfolio of Board Chairman. Momo’s latest assignment has been in Malakal – Upper Nile State, the area worst hit by the crisis in South Sudan, where he worked for War Child and later MEDAIR. The tasks in Upper Nile involved the implementation of Education in Emergencies Projects and the distribution of Non Food Items (NFIs) and Shelter materials to the most vulnerable. With this experience, Momo has been able develop skills in coordination, training, strategy planning and development as well as the ability of understanding and gaining skills in overall Project cycle management. Momo is currently focusing on gaining skills in Multi Sector Programming to boost more school enrolment in a country that has the highest illiteracy rates in the world.

Host: World Vision

Fellow Role at World Vision
Momo will support the development of an Education in Emergencies strategy and capacity building materials for the World Vision National Offices. Momo will focus time on South Sudan and the Middle East by providing project management support to the strategy development.

Class #18: May 2015 Atlas Corps Fellows

Aditi Mishra, 25, New Delhi, India (Host: ChildFund International)

Aditi has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and two years experience in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Delhi University followed by Master’s in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She interned with two nonprofit organizations in Mumbai, namely Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action (SNEHA) for reducing maternal and neonatal deaths, followed by work with Muskaan where she actively counseled children of parents undergoing divorce. Aditi has worked with Save the Children, India as an Institutional Partnership Officer where she was responsible for strategizing inflow of funds from active donors, such as DFID, European Union, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These donations were used to run programs for reproductive, maternal, new born, child, and adolescent health (RMNCH+A) across fourteen states in India. Previously, as a global graduate of Rio Tinto, Aditi worked in one of the most rural areas of India. She spent two years as a social analyst assessing the needs of people through various on-ground surveys and pre-feasibility studies. She also initiated an innovative project of education through tablet games for children under the influence of drugs. Her major achievements include designing and implementing a multi-year adult education and skill-building program for 315 workers of the company to boost local employment and development.

Host: ChildFund International

Fellow Role at ChildFund International:
Aditi will support ChildFund’s Advocacy team in conducting research and policy briefs, providing operational support, analysis, support to National Offices, and contribute to raising ChildFund’s profile among US government actors and key decision makers.

Hyun Shin Kwack, 33, Seoul, South Korea (Host: CARE USA)

Hyun Shin has more than two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. While working as a coordinator in the Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (KSRPD), she operated the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Disability Forum (APDF), an international disability organization. She also contributed to international partnerships with Disabled People’s Organizations in Asia and Pacific region by organizing seminars and conferences in Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Indonesia. She planned and organized different projects for youth leadership. She also worked as an executive assistant and interpreter to the President of APDF for meetings at the UNESCAP and the UN Headquarters. Hyun-Shin did an internship at the Development Education Centre in South Yorkshire in the U.K. in 2011, and finished her research on “An analysis of children’s development awareness.” Previously, Hyun-Shin worked as a co-worker in the Camphill Community in the UK in 2004, where she was responsible for the house unit looking after residents with disabilities, and completed the National Vocational Qualification in Care. She also worked as an English teacher for Korean middle and high school students in private sectors for four years. Through these experiences, Hyun-Shin developed project management and coordination skills as well as teamwork skills. She enjoys focusing on the issues of international development related to disability, global partnership, youth participation, gender, and education.


Fellow Role at CARE USA:
Hyun-Shin will work with the Senior Policy Advisor of the Gender and Empowerment team, which is involved in a number of policy and influence activities related to gender integration, prevention of gender-based violence, and mitigation and prevention of child marriage. Hyun-Shin will work to support the team’s efforts to influence global discourse and policy implementation on these issues, and to monitor progress against the team’s influence and policy implementation goals.

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