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Class 26: September 2017 Atlas Corps Fellows

Adriana Alegre Matheus, 29, Lima, Peru (HOST: Meridian International Center)

Adriana has eight years of experience working in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Advertising from the San Martin de Porres University in Peru and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Barcelona in Spain. While receiving her Master’s, Adriana served at the Public Information Office of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in Thailand. During this training, she created daily content for ESCAP’s digital platforms and social media campaigns and developed a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to increase regional outreach. Prior to that, Adriana worked at Doctors Without Borders, forming partnerships and raising awareness about the organization. Through AIESEC’s Global Community Development Program, Adriana interned at a nonprofit organization in Brazil, where she supported the implementation of various government programs in HIV prevention, LGBT rights, and social inclusion, and she also coordinated training sessions and conferences for HIV-positive women. Additionally, Adriana has a strong background in the private sector, where she worked for four years in the marketing department in the hotel chain Starwood. There, she was in charge of the annual marketing plan, branding and product development, management of online and offline campaigns, sales initiatives, and the communication plan for the sustainability and corporate social responsibility program. The materials she produced during these years helped to increase Peru’s national brand visibility. Through these experiences, Adriana developed strong skills in leadership, multicultural teamwork, project and events coordination, and management. She shifted her career path into the nonprofit sector in search for more impactful work experiences. Adriana is passionate about poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment, specifically through the promotion of sustainable tourism practices in developing countries and their consumption patterns, social systems, and revitalization of local economies.

Host: Meridian International Center

Fellow Role at Meridian International Center:
Adriana will develop strategic communications plans, manage social media efforts, prepare graphic materials, support the monthly newsletter, manage the database, prepare the app for the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) opening and summit, and collect program impact stories.

Aleksandr Prosekin, 28, Vladivostok, Russia (HOST: Roads to Success)

Aleksandr has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s degree of Journalism and a Master’s degree (with honors) of Strategic Management from the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia. Currently, Aleksandr serves as Founder and Director of KOLO consulting company, coordinator of the “School of Fundraising” educational program, and president of the Vladivostok Rotary Club. Aleksandr is in charge of strategic planning, communication policy, fundraising, and hands-on training for the Rotary Club. He works with nonprofits on various issues, ranging from strategy to endowments planning. Aleksandr is also a Founder and coordinator of The School of Fundraising, a one-month educational program for Russian nonprofits that helps executives manage their nonprofits effectively. Previously, Aleksandr worked as an entrepreneur and DJ, running youth dancing festivals and a night-club in Vladivostok. Through these experiences, Aleksandr developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. Aleksandr focuses on community development and education, and has a strong passion for youth empowerment.

Host: Roads to Success

Fellow Role at Roads to Success:
Aleksandr will be responsible for working with the Executive Director, the Development Committee of the Board of Directors and other members of the leadership team to develop and execute a fundraising strategy. His responsibilities will include finding new funding sources, writing grant proposals, cultivating funding opportunities and implementing a CRM system.

Alena Nazarova, 27, Volzhsky, Russia (HOST: Willpowered Woman)

Alena has 6 years of experience in nonprofit organizations. In 2011, she earned a Specialist's degree in Social Psychology from Volgograd State University and a degree in Economics and Management from Volgograd State Technical University. After graduation, Alena moved to Moscow and started working for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia as a case manager, supervising matches of children in institutional care with their mentors. Alena was promoted to the position of Director of Internal Communications, through which she organized more than 40 workshops for orphans and their mentors, 11 holidays for children, and 3 large events for partners and donors. Currently, Alena works for two nonprofit organizations as a project manager: Impulse Club and the Foundation for the Development of Social Initiatives "For Future!" Through Impulse Club she builds partnerships with public schools to engage students in volunteer projects and promote social change. In the Foundation for the Development of Social Initiatives "For Future!” she manages the "Animals in the City" project, which aims to create social partnerships between nonprofits, animal shelters, businesses and the public sector to effectively solve the problem of stray animals. Alena is interested in child rights, women empowerment, volunteerism, and public service.

Host: Willpowered Woman

Fellow Role at Willpowered Woman:
Fellow Role at Willpowered Woman: Alena will collaborate with the CEO to spread Willpowered Woman’s message to potential clients, donors, and community members. She will work on creating partnerships with local high schools, universities, and colleges to increase awareness about domestic abuse, collaborating with local corporations to raise funds and creating speaking opportunities for the CEO to go out into the community to spread awareness.

Alexandra Jimenez, 35, Mexico City, Mexico (HOST: Southwest Economic Solutions)*

Alexandra has 9 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She received a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development from Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute in Madrid, Spain. She was the Institutional Development Coordinator at Center Prodh - a human rights nonprofit in Mexico - for 8 years. She was also a consultant for AJWS. She has experience in strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, as well as knowledge on methodologies such as Logical Framework Approach and Theory of Change. She has worked with U.S. private foundations and the EU-Mexico cooperation. Her experiences have provided her with an understanding of the main human rights issues and confirmed her deep commitment with social justice and strengthening of civil society. Alexandra enjoys processes of learning, cultural exchanges, the outside and the arts.

Host: Southwest Economic Solutions

Fellow Role at Southwest Economic Solutions:
Alexandra will develop, implement, and evaluate processes that integrate the work of SWES both programmatically and technologically. Her work will culminate in both the implementation of new programs as well as an actionable recommendation for integrative practices for the future.

*Atlas Corps America Solidaria Fellow

Arwa Guesmi, 30, Tunis, Tunisia (HOST: CleanChoice Energy)

Arwa has five years of experience in the energy industry and two years of experience in the nonprofit sector - specifically in women’s empowerment, gender equity and inclusion of women in the technology and engineering sectors. Arwa earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with focus on Electrical and Control systems from the National School of Engineers in Sfax, Tunisia. As an electrical and instrumentation specialist engineer Arwa worked in design and technical consultancy with oil and gas operating companies in Tunisia. She is responsible for carrying out conceptual engineering design, preparing technical engineering documents, budget estimation, testing and commissioning procedures, feasibility studies, and risk assessment reports.Arwa is a fellow of the Techwomen Program, an immersive leadership program administered by the U.S. State Department and the Institute of International Education tailored for emerging female leaders in STEM fields. Through the Techwomen program Arwa learned about day to day operations in Silicon Valley and visited the world’s top companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Symantec, and Autodesk. In 2015, Arwa was selected as a visiting engineer for an internship in SolarCity San Francisco America’s largest solar provider, during her internship Arwa worked with the Grid Engineering department on identifying solutions for energy integration problems. Arwa is also a fellow of the SHE ENTREPRENEURS, a recognized leadership program administered by the Swedish Institute in Sweden for female social entrepreneurs in the MENA region. Arwa is the co-founder and Communications and Social Media Manager of Women Leaders in Technology “WoLTech”, a Tunisian nonprofit promoting and empowering women in the tech field. She is passionate about renewable energies and sustainability, women empowerment and global citizenship.

Host: CleanChoice Energy

Fellow Role at CleanChoice Energy:
Arwa will work to help develop new consumer options to offer customers new opportunities to make clean choices. She will work on product development for new renewable energy, community solar, and smart home choices.

Carlos Rivera Gonzaga, 26, Lima, Peru (HOST: Bread for the City)*

Carlos has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication for Social Change and Development from Lima University in Peru. He has also earned a Diploma in International Law of Human Rights from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and a Diploma in Communication for Social Sector from ESAN Graduate Business School. Carlos started his career at the International Labour Organization, where he was responsible for managing the communication of ILO’s Office for the Andean Countries. Later on, he was hired as a Public Information Consultant for the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has also been a Volunteer Specialist at The United Nations Development Program, where he was in charge of more than 200 volunteers that offered their services to The Annual Meetings of The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund held in Lima in 2015. In addition, he has also worked as a Communication and Advocacy Analyst at the international NGO Action against Hunger, where he led the Volunteer Program, and assisted various cooperation processes with ministries and local governments, in order to support the implementation of national and international campaigns. In 2016, Carlos worked as a Gender Equity Program Coordinator in the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, where he trained more than 200 public employees in gender equality and gender mainstreaming. That same year he became the Liaison Officer for the Australian delegation at APEC 2016. Through these experiences, Carlos has developed skills in programming, public speaking, proposal drafting and managing social media. Carlos is passionate about human rights, conflict resolution, youth development, and gender equality.

Host: Bread for the City

Fellow Role at Bread for the City:
Carlos will develop creative content to capture and engage audiences, work directly with clients to help them tell their stories in a variety of mediums, and build valuable writing, communications, and fundraising experience.

*Atlas Corps America Solidaria Fellow

Chiudo Ehirim, 32, Port Harcourt, Nigeria (HOST: Seeding Labs)

Chiudo has eight years of experience in environmental management consulting and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Pure and Industrial Chemistry from the University of Nigeria, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Technology and Management from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. Chiudo is Head of Projects at Rumines Limited, an environmental technology and management consulting company in Nigeria. His responsibilities include project management, environmental research, data collection and analysis, as well as technical report writing. Since June 2016, he has served as Country Manager for Nigeria with Climate Scorecard - a U.S.-based organization that monitors how the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries implement the Paris Agreement on climate change. As a participant of the USAID Young African Leaders Initiative training program that held in Accra, Ghana, from October to December 2015, he served as Research and Outreach Volunteer with U.S.-based Leaders of the Free World, a nonprofit that aims to improve positive outcomes for young Black males through training on leadership and self-efficacy, and international travel. Chiudo helped to develop a White Paper on the LFW program and contributed to blog articles. He is interested in environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

Host: Seeding Labs

Fellow Role at Seeding Labs:
Chiudo will be responsible for managing several partnerships with universities in the Instrumental Access program. He will also help increase the annual capacity of universities that Seeding Labs can support.

Diana Bwette, 33, Wakiso, Uganda (HOST: Heartland Alliance International)

Diana has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector offering legal services. She earned a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies from University of Rotterdam, Netherlands, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre in Uganda, and a Bachelor’s of Law Degree from Uganda Christian University. She has worked with War Child Canada as the senior legal officer on the Bureau of Population, Refugee, and Migration (BPRM) a United States Department of State Federal Assistance Grant project, and UN WOMEN Central Emergency Fund (CERF) project. She has advanced pro bono legal services to refugee sexual based violence survivors from South Sudan, the Congo, and Burundi. Previously, she worked for the Uganda Law Society Legal Aid Clinic on a Democratic Government Fun to represent children that come into conflict with the law. Diana prides herself in empowering women and girls to demand for their rights and seek justice through awareness raising, training, advocating for gender equality and ensuring that all human rights and fundamental freedoms for women and girls are respected, protected and fulfilled. Through these experiences, she has acquired skills in coordination, networking, mobilization, and strategic planning skills. Diane has a keen interest in human rights especially women and children's rights, gender equality, and social justice. When she is not busy advocating for human rights or representing the marginalized in court, you will find her site seeing or busy in the kitchen trying out all kinds of recipes.

Host: Heartland Alliance International

Fellow Role at Heartland Alliance International:
Diana will provide legal support in subaward management, contract management, lease management and registration management, as well as providing translation as needed. She will provide back-end support to ensure quality operations that are on par or better than international standards and best practices.

Diego Reyes Orantes, 30, Mexico City, Mexico (HOST: Goodwill Industries International)

Diego is an international business developer with 6 years of experience in business development, sourcing and sustainability within a Fortune 500 company as well as in international trade & investment in government organizations. He holds a Bachelor’s dual-degree in International Business Management from ESB Reutlingen in Germany and Universidad de las Américas in Puebla and an MBA from Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City. An upbringing in Mexico and the U.S., as well as extended academic and work experiences in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and France, has given him keen cross cultural experiences and helped him become fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. Until recently, he led multi-sectoral efforts to promote Mexican exports and attract foreign direct investment as an international business consultant at the Trade & Investment Commission of Mexico in the U.S. and Germany. Previous experience includes leading Communication and PR Programs for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for water usage efficiency, residue management, renewable energy sources and human development within a Fortune 500 company. In 2016, he founded Xiik’ Business Accelerator, a boot camp for Mexican startups in founding stages with core businesses linked to environmentally sustainable business models. Through his experience as project leader in the public and private sector, he developed solid project management skills; enabling him to lead multiple projects and its budgets with a strategic approach while meeting strict time schedules and productivity targets. Diego is passionate about the current role of social entrepreneurship - with the firm belief of becoming a social entrepreneur himself - and would like to further pursue doctoral studies on how institutions can effectively foster economic development in Latin American countries.

Host: Goodwill Industries International

Fellow Role at Goodwill Industries International:
Diego will support Goodwill Industries International, Inc.’s goal to strategically expand the Goodwill social enterprise model internationally. He will join the International Development team, identifying new international opportunities, supporting existing international affiliates and partners, and contributing to broad initiatives including data collection and analysis, fundraising, the development of tools for the delivery of technical assistance and training to international partners, and other capacity-building mechanisms.

Dorena Dyrmishi, 25, Tirana, Albania (HOST: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy)

Dorena has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration and a Master’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Tirana, Albania. She has been working as Event Coordinator for around 5 months in a known company in Albania, which organizes big conferences for organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF, OSBE, World Bank, and UN Women, among others. She is responsible for organizing meetings, social programs, conferences, and similar business events in Albania. Dorena has been part of Peace Corps Albania as a short-term Medical Assistant and full time Administrative Assistant for the U.S. Peace Corps office in Albania. She has also been working for three years as Head of Human Resources at Unique Junior Enterprise, a very active student organization operating in the Faculty of Economics. She has vast experience working with people from all over Europe on different projects, since she has been involved in several activities of the Erasmus program part of European Commission, such as training, youth exchanges, seminars and conferences in Albania and abroad. Through her experiences and volunteer work, she has developed strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-moving, multi-cultural environment.

Host: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Fellow Role at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy:
Dorena will be responsible for conducting financial and market research, assisting the Chief of Staff to maximize volunteer effectiveness, improving the organization’s HR system, and helping manage organizational and program budgets. She will work with the Executive Team to contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies, and practices.

Edison Frangu, 29, Lis, Albania (HOST: OpenGov Hub)

Edison has 13 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s of Law from the University of Tirana in Albania. While continuing his law studies, Edison has been engaged in several youth organizations with a wide scope of activities including human rights, environment, governance, social care programs under the leadership of organizations like British Council, Eden Center, Beyond Barriers, Albanian Life Quality Union, Walk Together etc. These experiences equipped Edison with a vast knowledge concerning social phenomena, versed him with organizational, managerial and leadership skills to promote, maintain and achieve longstanding objectives on behalf of the communities in need. From 2013, Edison entered the public administration service as a specialist of Foreign Relations in the local municipality of Kamza, Tirana where he was appointed as a Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Klos Municipality in Albania. These two official governmental positions have provided Edison with the opportunity to learn and understand fundamental problems from within the Albanian public administration, problems that require immediate reforms and to be in the grassroots of the rural problems and in touch directly with the inhabitants. Edision is passionate about reforming the public administration of Albania, helping improve the social polarization and inequality in rural zones and empowering youth.

Host: OpenGov Hub

Fellow Role at OpenGov Hub:
Edison will help to connect and facilitate the sharing of resources among organizations in Opengov Hub’s network of leading international organizations working on transparency, accountability and civic participation around the world.

Efe Songun, 31, Istanbul, Turkey (HOST: Human Rights Campaign)

Efe has seven years of professional experience and almost ten years of volunteer experience in civil society. After finalizing his AFS year in Wisconsin in 2004, he started as a volunteer in community based activities in Istanbul, Turkey. As a graduate of Psychology, Bilkent University in 2010, he took civil society field as a profession and worked both in the field and in providing operational support with UN-FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations), AFS (American Field Service) Turkey, Violence Stories in Turkey with CRA (Cross Cultural Research Association), LGBT and Human Rights with SPoD (Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association) and KAOS GL, and Refugee and Asylum Seekers Rights with MdM (Medecins du Monde). As his primary interest in Human and LGBTQ Rights, he has prioritized a gender-based advocacy in the institutions and projects he has worked for. In 2015, he founded Harup, a project space that combines LGBTQ advocacy and arts as a medium. He has worked with several national and international media platforms where his writings and interviews were published. His intention is to be able to combine his passion for arts and culture and human and LGBTQ rights in order to work closely with different advocacy methods while keeping ties with local and global community.

Host: Human Rights Campaign

Fellow Role at Human Rights Campaign:
Efe will be a member of the HRC’s Global Office assisting with assignments to support programs in HRC Global and the HRC Foundation.

Evgeny Baranov, 23, Vladivostok, Russia (HOST: Voice of America)

Evgeny has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Far Eastern Federal University, and a Master's degree in International Relations from Central European University. Evgeny has been currently working at the Expert and Analytical Center of Far Eastern Federal University, whose goal is to provide an expert support to public organizations, and to facilitate research on cooperative endeavors in the Asia-Pacific region. From 2015 to 2017 he helped to execute projects and events related to the history and culture of the Russian Far East within his work at the Arsenev Regional Museum in Vladivostok, Russia. Since 2013 Evgeny was appointed President of the International Political Analytics Club and initiated a number of educational projects and events, which were aimed to improve students' skills in the research and analysis. Evgeny gained a considerable experience in areas such as coordination of the international conferences and panel discussions, an in-depth analysis of the different issues related to international relations (including field work with following reporting), and excellent skills in presentation and video editing. Evgeny is very passionate about regional development, education and environmental sustainability.

Host: Voice of America

Fellow Role at Voice of America:
Evgeny will serve with VOA staff to identify and research news and feature stories about UR-Russia relations and American life, thought and institutions. He will conduct interviews and produce TV reports for international broadcast and digital content for the golos-ameriki.ru website and work at its social media outreach. In addition, he will support the editorial process of daily news coverage.

Ingrid Xhafa, 26, Tirana, Albania (HOST: Peace Development Foundation)

Ingrid has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Joint Master’s of Arts in Public Policy from the Central European University in Hungary and University of York in United Kingdom. Just recently she worked as a Program Development and Quality Manager for Junior Achievement in Albania, where she was responsible for development and evaluation of programs in the organization major areas of expertise (youth entrepreneurship education, financial literacy and work readiness). She works with businesses and communities in ways that help create, retain and enhance jobs and economic opportunities. As a policy analyst, she assisted in analyzing the socio-economic conditions and agriculture policies of several municipalities in Albania, in the framework of drafting the new local territorial plans under the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project. Ingrid has worked in tourism destination management and development, and in related community involvement matters, related to integrated urban economic development, tourism improvement districts, multi-stakeholders integrated management of rural and cultural tourism, and planning and catalytic investments for social cohesion and sustainable tourism development. Moreover, Ingrid has a regional experience in the Western Balkans, having researched and drafted action plans on social sustainability and citizen engagement practices, under the World Bank’s Urban Partnership Program. Ingrid enjoys focusing on the topics of social and economic development particularly related to disadvantaged communities, and has a strong passion for tourism development, as an important sector for sustainable growth.

Host: Peace Development Foundation

Fellow Role at Peace Development Foundation:
Ingrid will foster a direct management relationship with grassroots community organizations that are fiscally sponsored by PDF. She will respond to inquiries from groups seeking to join the program, most of which she will manage. She will also have a role as a participant in PDF’s annual Community Organizing Grant Cycle, supporting the staff management team in Amherst and the PDF board in making grant decisions.

Jenny Park, 31, Seoul, Korea (HOST: International Student Conferences)

Jenny has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications from Trinity Western University in Canada. As a legal coordinator of the refugee organization's International Asylum Refugee Protection team, she tackles important issues with children's rights, women's issues, domestic violence and legal difficulties. Jenny has experience working with other major stakeholders, such as the United Nations Refugee Agency and Save the Children, to cooperate for refugees' rights. Since refugees are the most marginalized people in Korea, resources are limited and helping them is a big challenge. However, Jenny has discovered many solutions on how to provide for the refugees' needs. By connecting with other networks in the area where many refugees reside, she was able to provide them with proper support and assistance. She is passionate about raising awareness of the presence of refugees in Korea and has appeared on the news channel SBS, a major broadcasting in Korea, to inform how poorly refugee children are being treated under Korea's limited social welfare systems. Moreover, Jenny's proposal for a program wherein refugee women instruct culinary classes, teaching their own recipes to Korean citizens, was accepted and implemented by the Korea Women's Foundation. Not only did the program provide a sustainable option for refugee women to generate their own income, but it also allowed the many Korean citizens who participated to learn about African culture and interact with the refugees as neighbors. Jenny is a very energetic, courageous and enthusiastic person, with a strong desire to put her experience to use working in the humanitarian field.

Host: International Student Conferences

Fellow Role at International Student Conferences:
Jenny will support staff in the planning and implementation of its three flagship programs: the Japan-America Student Conference (JASC), Korea-America Student Conference (KASC), and the US-Japan-Korea Trilateral Forum. She will also mentor a group of 24 college/graduate students who are serving on the Executive Committees of the JASC and KASC.

Julie Mabala Lwando, 30, Kitwe, Zambia (HOST: Save the Children)

Julie has six years of work experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Master’s of Science degree in Project Management from the University of Bolton, and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics and Public Administration from the University of Zambia. Julie has worked as Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Officer for Pact Zambia in Ndola since November 2016. She supported the Zambia Community HIV Prevention project (Z-CHPP) focusing on community HIV prevention. Julie's main role was ensuring a functional monitoring and evaluation system to catalyze innovative sustainable, accessible and quality health solutions. She supported Implementing Partners to ensure that data was collected from health service delivery points, analyzed and reported, conduct data quality audits, identify success stories for organizational learning, and participated in all research work. From March 2016 to October 2016, Julie worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Lusaka, Zambia for Society for Family Health (Population Services International). Her project portfolio included; Sexual Reproductive Health Initiative for all, Department of Defense, Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options and HIV self-testing. From February, 2012 to March, 2016 Julie worked for World Vision Zambia as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Eastern province. She contributed to World Vision Zambia’s mission to work for the poor and oppressed through the implementation of area development programs aimed at enhancing transformational development by reducing poverty and empowering communities. At World Vision, Julie’s project portfolio included Health, HIV/AIDS, Sponsorship, Water and Sanitation, Education, Food Security and Livelihood. Julie has assisted programs with planning, managing information systems, reviewing performance against targets, identifying and addressing implementation challenges, documenting lessons learned and most significant success stories, report periodically and, oversee research activities, program assessments and designs. Julie has acquired skills in activity scheduling and tracking, design and implementation of project monitoring and evaluation plans and, conducting both qualitative and quantitative research. Julie is interested in development programming, research and policy formulation and implementation to improve development outcomes. She enjoys travelling, site seeing, meeting different people from all walks of life and dancing.

Host: Save the Children

Fellow Role at Save the Children:
Julie will work with the HIV & TB technical team to support the technical aspects of program implementation. She will assist with program oversight, operations, logistics, and monitoring and evaluation functions and will also support the technical and M&E teams in reviewing program documents/reports and ensuring their timely submission to the relevant quarters. She will also contribute to the development of new proposals, program innovations, knowledge products and various other technical tools and processes.

Lourdes Zapata Miranda, 23, Managua, Nicaragua (HOST: Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS)*

Lourdes has over three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and she recently graduated with honors from Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Nicaragua where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, during which she was an exchange student at Murray State University in the U.S. for one year as part of the Global UGRAD Exchange Program. While working as an Operations Coordinator at the Organization of American States (OAS), she helped coordinating logistics and administrative operations for the Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators (IPJF). Previously, she worked with the community-based organization Foundation for the Development of Cuapa (FUNDED CUAPA), where she assessed the impact of several poverty reduction projects. Recognized as a young leader by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and Junior Chamber International (JCI), Lourdes has also volunteered extensively in international organizations, first in the world's largest youth-led nonprofit AIESEC, and then as a Community Development Consultant in Brazil where she successfully developed strategies to address community needs and issues. As a fellow of the USAID funded Talent Cloud Fellowship Program, Lourdes has also conducted a research on volunteer experiences for the development of soft skills and their impact on youth employability in Nicaragua. Through these experiences she has developed skills in project management, impact assessment, research, and leadership. Furthermore, Lourdes has a strong passion for youth employment, social justice and women’s empowerment.

Host: Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS)

Fellow Role at Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS):
Lourdes will join a management team of three leaders with many years of experience to handle several major projects, including helping the Operations team at HHCS to grow toward a more strategic, coordinated approach by streamlining the infrastructure and customer service.

*Atlas Corps America Solidaria Fellow

Luigi Barraza Cardenas, 27, Durango, Mexico (HOST: The Mission Preparatory School)*

Luigi has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector in national and international environments. He earned a degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico, obtaining Academic Excellence Honors and the CIESLAG Academic Merit Award. In 2016, Luigi worked with Ciclo Organico in Rio de Janeiro, where he developed visual content and consulted on sustainability, project development, and urban landscaping. As an Architectural Assistant at Groupe 3 Architectes in Morocco, Luigi developed strategies to implement sustainable policies on architectural and urban projects. Luigi collaborated with Dare Inc. in Rabat, where he expanded the Dare Build project for sustainable architecture and interior design, and imparted workshops on community development, social impact, and recycled collective art. At the Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungarian refugee camp in Bicske, Luigi provided humanitarian relief and capacitated refugees by conducting training sessions on sustainable development, leadership, and environmental awareness. In 2015, Luigi acted as a visual content developer and graphic designer for LEAD India in New Delhi, successfully reshaping the public image of the organization by improving the quality and outreach of graphic, photo and video material. Luigi applied his leadership development skills during the planning and execution of National Training Sessions on integrating conservation and climate adaptation into urban and rural development in India. Prior to that, Luigi co-founded and led Proyecto ECO Ephemeral Architecture & Conceptual Art, a community movement to achieve social impact through context-based sustainable ephemeral architecture installations in marginalized areas in Northern Mexico. Through these experiences Luigi has refined his proficiency at designing and developing visual and media products, strengthened his project management skills, and reinforced his educational experience by conducting workshops and training sessions. Luigi has developed as an artist, volunteer and activist for over a decade and believes art is a channel to attain sustainability and originate positive impact on societies around the world. Luigi is passionate about urban development, social housing, community engagement through artistic development, environment and sustainability, and capacity building.

Host: The Mission Preparatory School

Fellow Role at The Mission Preparatory School:
Luigi will partner with the Executive Director and School Director to support internal communications, such as notices and materials to provide families with logistical and educational information, and external communications, such as online and print materials to communicate with prospective families, current and prospective donors, and the broader public to share updates about the school and enrollment information, cultivate engagement, and connect people to the school’s mission and programs.

*Atlas Corps America Solidaria Fellow

Mehdi Mejri, 31, Zaghouan, Tunisia (HOST: Center for Islam and Religious Freedom)

Mehdi is currently a project administrative manager with Doctors without Borders Spain In the emergency Unit in the Congo. He was also a regional Program Coordinator with an international political foundation and a Program Manager at an organization that studies the intersections between Islam and Democracy working on several projects like youth empowerment and political participation. The main goal of this organization is to contribute in the efforts of the democratic transition success and working on establishing a durable coexistence between Islamists and seculars. Further, Mehdi is the founder of a national organization and member of the Human rights networks in MENA region. Prior to that he visited both upstate New York and Washington DC as a fellow of Leaders of Democracy Program in 2013. He has been a member of his city council since November 2011. He was also assistant for the Election Observation Mission with the European Union in Tunisia and legal assistant for a childhood protection Project for 19 months.

Host: Center for Islam and Religious Freedom

Fellow Role at Center for Islam and Religious Freedom:
Mehdi will assist with CIRF’s research, education, media production, and advocacy, working in partnership with Muslims in support of religious freedom. He will assist with research into the impact of secular law on Islam and religious freedom in the Middle East/North Africa region. He will take part in educational programs about religious freedom, provide advice to CIRF about its MENA work, assist with CIRF’s social media outreach in Arabic and French, and assist with grant applications as well as programming design and implementation for CIRF projects in MENA and other areas.

Mohammed Almadhoun, 34, Gaza, Palestine (HOST: IBM)

Mohammed has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector; he earned MBA from the Islamic University of Gaza, and a Bachelor’s of Information Technology in Computer Information Systems from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan. Through his job as Research and Evaluation Officer - UNRWA Community Mental Health Programme (CMHP), Mohammed works in the monitoring and evaluation of the results and impacts of CMHP projects' and programmes' implementation. He gathers, standardises and maintains data on different structured programmes through databases for internal and external use for M&E and summary reporting purposes. Before his current position, Mohammed worked for CMHP as Training Coordinator where he helped in planning, organizing, and developing capacity building strategies for staff members who provide psychosocial support and counselling services to Palestinian refugees (children & adults) at both UNRWA schools and primary health care centres. Previously, Mohammed worked for UNRWA Khanyones Training College as Technical Instructor, he provided semi-professional training to students of Business Diploma Programmes; in addition to his academic experience in delivering a number of management and business administration modules, he contributed practically in delivering different ICT, MIS & Information Management modules. As part of being initiative, Mohammed had a voluntary role during 2014 summer hostilities in Gaza, he worked as a collective centre member in providing PFA, logistical, and emergency preparedness support for internally displaced people (IDPs) in the emergency shelters, which as a result contributed in enhancing IDP’s coping and resiliency. Mohammed is passionate in supporting youth development in different aspects such as training & capacity building as well as entrepreneurship initiatives.

Host: IBM

Fellow Role at IBM:
Mohammed will work closely with the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) Program Manager in Armonk on a number of projects to support the ongoing operations and deployment of CSC teams, in addition to developing new models for community engagement.

Nino Ben Haj Yahia, 26, Tunis, Tunisia (HOST: PYXERA Global)

Nino has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the International University of Tunis. After founding two social businesses, Nino became a social entrepreneurship specialist and has developed a curriculum for a MEPI funded job development project. The project will teach practical skills to young unemployed people on starting and running their own businesses. He also serves as manager of EL SPACE, a community shared workspace that he co-founded. EL SPACE provides interdisciplinary workshops for local business people and affordable office space for social entrepreneurs. While working on these initiatives, Nino developed project management skills: conception, research, design, planning, execution, quality control, and report writing. He is the volunteer head of an ongoing organization, Tunisian Association for Nature and Sustainable Development (ANDD), which educates people through public workshops and debates on climate change. This work followed his volunteer work with EVASIONS, an outdoor activity association which he co-founded, that encouraged good bodily health and exploration of Tunisia. Through EVASIONS, he learned how to manage large groups of people and organize events. He also managed the budget for EVASIONS and ANDD. Nino is determined to improve the community by developing social entrepreneurship thus encouraging economic development for young people.

Host: PYXERA Global

Fellow Role at PYXERA Global:
Nino will assist in improving local partner and participant training/tools for the SAP program that has a focus on assisting entrepreneurs. He will also help with Ares client management, social media/communications, project development, and impact measurement.

Rayan Abuamer, 26, Yafren, Libya (HOST: Impact Experience)

Rayan has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Architecture and Urban Planning in 2014 from the University of Tripoli in Libya. While working as a Program Officer at the American Bar Association in Tripoli under the USAID-funded National Dialogue and Constitution program by developing and implementing the rule of law across Libya. She was able to manage and implement more than 100 activities to promote the Libyan constitution, raise the public awareness and have conflict resolution and community dialogue Sessions in over 25 different cities across Libya. The role was to also train and raise awareness for over 1400 stakeholders and developed 19 recommendation letters that have been sent to the Constitution Drafting Assembly and many of the demands were considered in the final July 2017 Constitution. During her undergraduate study, Rayan was one of only 4 students who represented the Architect and Urban Planning department in an international workshop to design a proposal for a housing compound to host the illegal immigrants in the island of Lampedusa-Italy. Rayan is an active member in H2O team, a Libyan nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the gaps between youth and authority figures. Through these experiences, she has developed leadership in community engagement, conflict analysis, and project management. She is particularly interested in economic development, social entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment.

Host: Impact Experience

Fellow Role at Impact Experience:
Rayan will play a pivotal role in the strategy, execution, and growth of Impact Experience. She will help deepen the scale of Impact Experience’s work while engaging first hand with community leaders, helping to serve needy communities around the world.

Nadiah Saba'neh,, 33, Jenin, Palestine (HOST: IBM)

Nadiah has eleven years of diverse experience working for Relief International, an international non-governmental organization as a programs manager, Palestinian Cellular Operator Jawwal in the Project management and the strategic planning unit, in addition to Teaching at the Electrical Engineering department in BirZeit University. Nadiah was a DAAD scholarship holder and earned a very good standing M.Sc degree in Wireless Communication Engineering and Excellent standing B.Sc degree in Telecommunications Technology. Nadiah works as the Head of the Technical Development Directorate at the Palestinian Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence. Her responsibilities vary from evaluating projects, overseeing the incubation process of startups, leading the discovery of young innovators from schools and universities and building a strong innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Palestine. Throughout her work she has developed a diverse character with strong leadership, management and operational skills along with the solid technical background. Fostering and integrating innovation in various sectors and fields for better economy is Nadiah's main focus while empowering youth and women empowerment is of her main interests as she is an alumna of Techwomen mentorship program 2015. Nadiah enjoys voluntarism and traveling.

Host: IBM

Fellow Role at IBM:
Nadiah will work closely with the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) Program Manager in Armonk on a number of projects to support the ongoing operations and deployment of CSC teams, in addition to developing new models for community engagement.

Nastya Megid, 24, Omsk, Russia (HOST: Empowered Women International)

Nastya has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Arts degree in International Relations and minor in Foreign Languages from the Omsk State University in Russia. She is a training and capacity building specialist with professional experience in program management, civil society empowerment, leadership development, community building and sustainability. While working as project manager and coordinator for Social Project for Transgender People "LAVERNA" - an initiative that she has launched in Siberia, Nastya has helped to build and develop the capacity of transgender communities in Siberia and has worked on women's empowerment in the region ensuring access of marginalized communities to professional, leadership, safety and economical support and development. Previously, she worked with community-based human rights organizations to advance human rights education and advocate for the rights of LGBTQI individuals and raise awareness about the discrimination and hate crimes in the country. She has also worked as coordinator in Siberia for American Councils for International Education promoting and strengthening youth leadership development and civil society empowerment in Siberia region. She has vast experience in coordinating regional projects, developing and conducting regional and international trainings with different international stakeholders, such as US Embassy, Amnesty International, TGEU, UN Women, IGLYO and ILGA-Europe. Through these experiences she developed strong coordination and project development and implementation skills. Nastya has a strong passion for women's rights, peace and conflict resolution and community building and leadership development.

Host: Empowered Women International

Fellow Role at Empowered Women International:
Nastya will assist the Program Director with implementing the entrepreneur training programs in three locations in the DC region, with a focus on seeking ways to enhance program delivery, recruitment, and communication. She will also gather written and graphic summaries of key impact information, for use in funding proposals and final reports, as well as in communication with individual donors.

Nesrine Souissi, 27, Tunis, Tunisia (HOST: PYXERA Global)

Nesrine has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Master Degree in Business Management in Marketing from the Mediterranean School of Business in Tunisia. She has worked as a Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator since January 2017 at the USAID-funded Business Reform & Competitiveness project (BRCP): a job creation project in Tunisia through a targeted technical and HR assistance for small and medium enterprises with the aim to increase their competitiveness. She worked closely with BRCP’s different components elaborating work plans, setting objectives jointly with the team and stakeholders. She also monitors on a regular basis the advancement and achievements of the project in accordance with the project goals - based on key performance indicators. She also reports the results to the project management, Home Office, and USAID. During recent years, she has been involved in the world of entrepreneurship and she took part in several different conferences in order to acquire more understanding in entrepreneurship. She also participated in an entrepreneurship based-program for empowering entrepreneurial minds in the emerging world. During this program, she had collaborated with other participants to create a participatory online platform to enable better communication between citizens and municipalities as well as between citizens themselves.

Host: PYXERA Global

Fellow Role at PYXERA Global:
Nesrine will help with the public and communications department in planning the Fall 2018 Global Engagement Forum, corporate sponsorship, and marketing material. She will also contribute her entrepreneurial experience to other events and strategic priorities.​

Ons Gharbi, 26, Tunis Tunisia (HOST: Microsoft)

Ons has more than two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Tunis Business School in Tunisia. As a national coordinator of Tounes at Ta3mal which is an initiative of Microsoft and Sialtech, Ons was responsible for every aspect of program activities in Tunisia. She contributed to the development and growth of the Ta3mal ecosystem, which includes building a network of key contributing partners, adapting continuously the platform to the Tunisian context, and handling the outreach efforts to promote the services to youth and youth-serving organizations. Previously, Ons was the employer engagement officer of Tounes Ta3mal and became a great added value to the team and to the overall performance of the project by building strong, authentic and sustainable partnerships between the “Tounes Ta3mal” platform and the corporate environment. Through this position, she was able to connect to young opportunity seekers with talent hunters, thus shortening the unemployment gap that is facing the young Tunisian communities. Looking back at these years of active civic engagement, Ons can now say that her experience with project management in complex organizational ecosystem was the major live-training field in which she developed both interpersonal and leadership skills, but also an analytical mindset that allowed her to take into consideration new different perspectives.

Host: Microsoft

Fellow Role at Microsoft:
Ons will help evolve global project engagements, partnerships, processes, tools, research, and thought leadership by supporting the AAI team, which collaborates with internal and external partners to develop innovative new products, solutions, and business models that enable billions more people to affordably get online and access applications and services powered by Microsoft’s Cloud.

Ridwan Sheikh-Nor, 27, Mogadishu, Somalia (HOST: Save the Children)

Ridwan has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Accounting from SIMAD University in Somalia. While working as a Finance Manager with Chemonics International Inc. under the USAID-funded Strengthening Somali Governance (SSG) project, he helped to manage project funds through information analysis, monitor project spending against projections to identify potential project under-orover-expenditure, and liaise with the DCOP to recommend the required action. He also assisted identifying areas for cost reductions and operational improvements, periodic forecasting, and assisting with periodic analysis of operations performance. Previously, Ridwan Worked with the Ministry of Education (MoE) of Somalia serving UNICEF funded Go to School Project as the Technical Finance Officer. He was responsible for maintaining financial information for project and disbursement of teachers’ salaries. He established good relationship with UNICEF and MoE on the liquidation of the advances taken in each period and submitting the monthly financial reports. Through these experiences, Ridwan has delivered financial, budgetary management, and internal control skills. Ridwan is very interested in financial management, budget and accountancy and has a strong passion for operational management.

Host: Save the Children

Fellow Role at Save the Children:
Ridwan will help the HIV & TB Unit of the Global Health Department, working with the Awards team to support the award management aspects of the program implementation. He will assist the award team on a daily basis on AMS support, approvals and coordination with Country Offices for their support in grant management, financial management and audits.

Sara Çapaliku, 24, Tirana, Albania (HOST: Internews)

Sara has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, from University of Tirana, Albania, an “Undergraduate Exchange Student Award” at University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s of Arts Degree in European Studies from the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany. As an Open Society Foundation Fellow of the “Undergraduate Exchange Program,” she lived and studied for one year in the U.S. and studied sociology. During her year in the U.S., Sara was a volunteer for two nonprofits, working in grassroots’ level in East Side Austin. As a Master's student, she was awarded a grant from the Jean Monnet Leadership Programme to implement her Community Project “In from the Margins”, in Albania, focusing on social and educational needs of marginalized children/youth in the extremely poor suburbs of Tirana. Through fundraising for this project she helped 30 beneficiaries with school supplies, and books. Currently, she is working as a Youth Trainer for the Youth Project of the nonprofit Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, in Tirana (Albania).Sara’s responsibilities as a Youth Trainer consist in designing and developing MWL Youth Leadership Porgramme, targeting youth located in highly marginalized rural areas in Albania; leading the Awareness-raising Training sessions on Human Anti-trafficking in more than 15 vulnerable areas of the country; supporting the Line Manager in implementing project's economic empowerment strategy for youth; collaborate for fundraising activities, and widen the network with third parties. Due to her job, Sara is part of various European Anti-trafficking Networks, such as RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation), ANDANTE (European Alliance of Catholic Women's Organizations), and URAT (United Response Against Trafficking). Through these experiences, she developed strong community-based project coordination skills, as well as, abilities to create innovative implementation ways in grassroots level. Sara enjoys focusing on youth empowerment, education, training on human anti-trafficking, and is very passionate about lobbying for human rights, fundraising and policy making.

Host: Internews

Fellow Role at Internews:
Sara will help Internews build new strategies that incorporate youth development and counter people-trafficking using the organization’s core capacities in media and information. Her tasks will include coordination across staff, consensus-building, administration and logistics for consultants, research, and supporting representation with partners and donors.

Shumaila Mansoor, 29, Chitral, Pakistan (HOST: American Red Cross)

Shumaila Mansoor has more than five years of work experience in the development sector with the rural communities in the northern areas of Pakistan. She earned her Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Peshawar in 2011. While managing the Monitoring, Evaluation and Research component of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, she contributed in improving the socio-economic conditions of the people through the regular work of the organization which included improving rural livelihoods, renewable and hydro energy, social development, women development and economic development programs. During her work with the AKRSP, she also led field research in the region focusing on the quality of life assessment, socio economic survey, poverty scoring survey and the labor market assessment. She has a good understanding of a number of analytical tools and frameworks for both field monitoring, result based management and field researches and also an experience of qualitative and quantitative field researches on gender, hydro and renewable energy, women economic empowerment, institutional and market development, livelihood in emergencies and youth development. Before joining the AKRSP, she had worked with a Norwegian funded NGO (CIADP) where she contributed to the overall wellbeing of women in accessing safe drinking water and better education and health facilities. Shumaila is a strong believer in just and equitable development and is interested specifically in development of mountain and rural communities. She has a strong inclination towards field researches and aspires to learn new cross cutting methods during her stay in the U.S.

Host: American Red Cross

Fellow Role at American Red Cross:
Shumaila will support a 2 year grant-funded project on Organizational Learning, conducting literature reviews of key learning questions, writing summary reports of program evaluations and supporting the dissemination and utilization of knowledge products, lessons learned, and evaluation findings.

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