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Class 25: July 2017 Atlas Corps Fellows

Abdulrahman Galal, 34, Cairo, Egypt (HOST: SAP)

Abdulrahman has developed both extensive academic and industry experience over the past decade. He has worked in a diverse range of environments including public, profit, and nonprofit organizations. He completed a PhD in Computer Science at Cairo University, achieving the Most Outstanding Thesis Award. Before that, he complemented his academic path with an MBA in International Business from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). While working at AASTMT as a Startup Support Officer, he helped students translate their ideas into business plans, worked on fundraising, and taught Computer Science. Previously, Abdulrahman supervised startup support activities at the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) where he orchestrated the Industry-Driven Startups Program to consult entrepreneurs on how to approach common challenges. Through these experiences, Galal has developed various skills, from programming, to giving public presentations, to drafting proposals.

Host: SAP

Fellow Role at SAP:
Abdulrahman will manage logistical tasks of the department’s programs, liaising with partners to coordinate programs’ related events, engaging as an instructor of the programs’ training offerings, and drafting reports regarding different aspects of the programs.

Abrefa Felix, 28, Accra, Ghana (HOST: Worldreader)

Abrefa has three years of professional experience and 12 years of voluntary experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. While working as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer with SABRE Trust in Ghana under the DFID and Comic Relief-funded FTTT program, he helped improve the educational outcomes for early primary school children in selected districts of the Western and Central regions of Ghana. Abrefa is the Co-Founder / Director of a community-based youth-led organization called Young Achievers Caucus and has, since 2012, contributed his effort to improving the standard of living of children from deprived communities through community outreach programs. His main aim has been providing sexual and reproductive health education to the youth in order to help curb teen pregnancy. Additionally, he runs the Adolescent Sexual Health Initiative, which focuses on helping teenagers in communities to better understand their sexuality and make informed choices to lead safe, healthy, and productive lives. Through these experiences, he has acquired skills in monitoring and evaluation, project data management, and other administrative duties. Through volunteering and as a co-founder, Abrefa has acquired strong project planning, coordination, and implementation skills, particularly at the grassroots level. He has a strong passion for community and child development.

Host: Worldreader

Fellow Role at Worldreader:
Abrefa will be responsible for developing monitoring tools, such as surveys, reading assessments, and electronic data collection templates; data analysis and visualization; reviewing, editing, and providing guidelines for the collection impact stories and lessons learned from the field. He will also ensure that data storage systems, records, and files are set up to support training for staff, enumerators and partners as required on data collection and monitoring as required; and support internal & external communication of lessons learnt and best practices.

Adelide Mutinda, 31, Nairobi, Kenya (HOST: RFK Human Rights)

Adelide has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies (magna cum laude) from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea and a Master's Degree (summa cum laude) in Public Policy from the Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management. Motivated by driving social change, social enterprise acumen, and youth capacity building, Adelide is the Co-Founder and Director of the Nairobi-based nonprofit organization Africa Young Entrepreneurs Support Centre, which runs youth social entrepreneurship and leadership training & exchange programs. Adelide has most recently worked as an Atlas Corps Fellow in Australia supporting the design and development of youth and social change programs at the Foundation for Young Australians in Melbourne. Previously, she has worked in in both government and non-governmental agencies, such as the Global Peace Foundation and the Korea Trade Promotion-Investment Agency where she was actively involved in policy analysis, project management, event planning, research, and report writing. Through these experiences, she has developed strong analytical, logical, project management, program design, and development skills. Adelide is passionate about high performance in the social sector, social inclusion, education, and youth and female empowerment.

Host: RFK Human Rights

Fellow Role at RFK Human Rights:
Adelide will develop strategies for expansion, provide support to fellows and nonprofit partners with Fellowship placements, execute and market events for Fellowship programs and fundraising, and build and maintain relationships with nonprofit partners. She will also identify new individual major donors, foundation prospects, and corporate partners.

Ahmed Ghamgui, 27, Sfax,Tunisia (HOST: SD Mayer and Associates)

Ahmed has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including two years in IT Management and three years in business administration. He studied at the Higher School of Engineering and Technology in Tunis (ESPRIT), as an IT Engineer specialized in software programming and embedded systems. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Enterprise Telecommunications from the National School of Electronics and Telecommunications in Sfax, as well as a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship from the Institute of High Business Studies (IHEC Carthage). Ahmed is the CEO and Co-Founder of Secure Drive Company, which develops ways to improve society and fix endemic economic problems through innovation and creativity. Secure Drive Company has been featured in TechCrunch as one of the top three most successful businesses in Tunisia. Previously, he has worked as a Project Manager of Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus, which funds projects promoting entrepreneurship and social business in Tunisia. He has also been selected several times to represent his country's ecosystem of entrepreneurship in many countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Egypt, and Morocco. Through these varied experiences, he has developed strong skills in leadership, public speaking, project management, business consulting, digital marketing, sales strategy, customer service, community management, technology, youth development, and social entrepreneurship.

Host: SD Mayer and Associates

Fellow Role at SD Mayer and Associates:
Ahmed will be responsible for strengthening SD Mayer and Associates’ current position in the nonprofit sector, while also expanding upon it. He will work on figuring out which services their clients could use in the future, and will assess the general needs of nonprofit organizations. Ahmed will also help market the firm, as well as to cultivate new client relationships and perpetuate current ones. Additionally, he will create an internal program to expand the community outreach of current employees.

Ava Danlog, 34, Manila, Philippines (HOST: Transparency & Accountability Initiative)

Ava is a development worker with nine years of experience managing global projects and campaigns, providing capacity development to communities and nonprofit organizations, conducting research, and designing and executing communications strategies for international NGOs. As Campaigns Officer for a regional organization on agroecology and food sovereignty, Ava supported the capacity development of communities and local organizations on community-based monitoring of the human rights implications of hazardous pesticides. She also initiated the development of a global campaign calling for the accountability of agrochemical TNCs for human rights abuse. Previously, she spearheaded a team to evaluate a large government program on a community-driven development approach to disaster recovery and rehabilitation. Ava has worked on various issues such as climate change, rights to water, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and aid / development effectiveness. As an activist, Ava is strongly committed to social justice, grassroots empowerment, and gender equality. She recently finished her Master’s degree in International Development at Massey University, New Zealand. In her downtime, Ava enjoys the outdoors to hike, swim, or aimlessly wander. She also likes to read, sing, and collect new experiences.

Host: Transparency & Accountability Initiative

Fellow Role at Transparency & Accountability Initiative:
Ava will help shape TAI’s communications, advocacy, and reporting. She will be responsible for managing the new TAI website, strengthening relations with member donor and grantee communications and knowledge management counterparts, raising awareness of TAI and members’ activities, and finding innovative ways to communicate findings from research and meetings to core audiences.

Hadeel Adel, 29, Cairo, Egypt (HOST: Kinvolved)

Hadeel has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor's of Science in Economics from Cairo University in Egypt and a Diploma in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Through her work as a Senior Business Development Executive and a certified Innovation Facilitator at the Information Technology Institute, Hadeel worked to profoundly scale up the impact of the Egyptian youth in the ICT workplace. She helped to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture and mindset among Egypt's aspiring talents by managing the Virtual Incubation Program in partnership with Waterloo University in Canada. Hadeel is a Gabr Fellow 2016, between the U.S. and Egypt. She has been to The White House, United States Congress, International Monetary Fund, and other esteemed entities both in Egypt & the U.S. to address local, regional, and global challenges and to discuss potential proposals and initiatives orchestrated to build strong ties between the two countries. Previously, Hadeel has worked at Ashoka Arab World, promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the Arab World and empowering social ventures and NGOs in Egypt. She is strongly passionate about people, ideas, stories, cultures, creating a more interconnected world, and good coffee.

Host: Kinvolved

Fellow Role at Kinvolved:
Hadeel will be responsible for coordinating local and national events and meetings, representing Kinvolved in community meetings and events, implementing marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, measuring and tracking progress and goals of marketing strategy, and assisting with the design of basic marketing materials.

Moh Ajamieh, 30, Bethlehem, Palestine (HOST: Solstice)

Moh has nine years of professional experience in marketing and communications departments, strategies, and business development for for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He earned both his BA in Business Administration and Diploma of Computer Information Systems at Bethlehem University. Previously, he worked as a Chief Marketing Officer at Sinokrot Global Group (SGG), Palestine’s largest diversified family business, which consists of 15 companies and 3,000 employees. He is a communications expert with extensive experience in enterprise development, corporate marketing strategies, standards, and communications - both locally and internationally. Prior to his work at SGG, Moh worked as a Marketing Manager for four years at Union Construction and Investment (UCI), a leading Palestinian real estate company. During his work at UCI, Moh developed business models to sell Palestinian lands to Palestinians in diaspora using cloud applications, in addition to managing marketing for MENA Geothermal, a renewable energy start-up. Moh is well-versed in the Palestinian economy and market, and hopes to contribute to its development and growth in the future. Moh has participated in the Middle East Web Design Award in 2009,and was ranked as the #1 Best Rich Internet Applications Designer in the Middle East and North Africa.

Host: Solstice

Fellow Role at Solstice:
Moh will be responsible for generating inbound marketing content, including social media posts, blog posts, infographics, newsletters, and videos. He will run all online advertising and email marketing campaigns, create marketing collateral, update the company website, and optimize pages for relevant keywords. He will also drive new marketing channels to increase revenue and generate sales leads, and will build innovative marketing strategies to engage Solstice target audiences.

Mohsin El Hallouati, 25, Errachidia, Morocco

Mohsin is passionate about raising awareness and educating young Moroccans on gender equality, environmental issues, intercultural education, and Amazigh rights (the indigenous culture of North Africa). He is a 2015 Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Moulay Ismail in Errachidia. In addition to his background in mathematical and analytical skills, Mohsin maintains a passion for foreign languages. He speaks Arabic, English, French, German, Tamazight, and Spanish, and has spent time teaching these languages in both a formal classroom setting and as a volunteer. Mohsin has partnered with U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to teach Model United Nations, life skills, and journalism curricula. In 2016, he served as a Language and Cultural Facilitator with the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco, assisting youth development volunteers in strengthening their linguistic and cultural knowledge. While working with the Peace Corps, he developed lesson plans and adapted them to various learning styles and age categories. Additionally, he served as a bridge between trainees and their host families, assisting them in overcoming cultural gaps and misunderstandings. Mohsin is an avid writer, having contributed articles to the local all-English publication Morocco World News. His writings cover a variety of subjects, such as gender, Amazigh culture, education, and the environment.

Fellow Role at Host Organization:
Mohsin will help to manage global volunteers and NGO partners, and will work on Employee Experience and Strategy Development. He will also research Volunteer Opportunities, Employee Value Propositions, and the best practices in corporate social responsibility in order to develop recommendations for the organization.

Nada Belhassen, 31, Tunis, Tunisia (HOST: Deloitte)

Nada has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, specifically in the fields of international education and youth development. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, Literature, and Civilization from the University of Manouba. Nada is a strong advocate of cultural and academic exchange programs and their impact on the youth and other communities. Her drive to work in international education is rooted in her own experience as a Fulbright Scholar to the United States. While working at AMIDEAST Tunisia, Nada managed a variety of grants and scholarship programs, such as the Fulbright program, the Professional Fellows Program (NGO focus), and the Youth Exchange and Study Program. Over the last five years, she has helped to send over 400 students to various scholarship programs in the U.S. She also worked to establish two alumni associations to improve alumni programming in Tunisia and to help returnees from different programs and sectors invest in and impact their regions and communities. She has worked on programs and projects in a variety of sectors, including public health, democracy, community development, entrepreneurship, youth development, education, environment, tourism, law, and technology. She developed organizational management skills and gained experience in international and local conference-planning for different target audiences. Nada is interested in continuing to work in the field of international education focusing on youth development and community engagement.

Host: Deloitte

Fellow Role at Deloitte:
Nada will serve as a liaison for clients in Tunisia and DTT Tunisia, develop concept notes, reports, and analysis, moderate conversations on different topics, and act as the bridge between the U.S. and Tunisia teams.

Rukmani Kapoor, 32, Aurangabad, India (HOST: Dalai Lama Fellows)

Rukmani has a deep passion for educational equity. She has worked relentlessly for six years in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors, developing sustainable and scalable solutions that have an impact on a systemic level. She has a Diploma in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick in the U.K. and a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Instrumentation from Cummins College of Engineering in Pune, India. In her most recent role as Project Head at Civic Response Team in Aurangabad, she served as the liaison for the local government to create and execute a professional teacher training plan for teachers working in public schools. She was responsible for building partnerships with government officials and nonprofits, fundraising, and building a strong team. Prior to this, Rukmani worked with a nonprofit, Learning Links Foundation, in which she managed a STEM training project which was funded by IBM. She traveled across rural India training 2,000 teachers, an experience that gave her deep insights into the gaps of India’s educational curriculum. She also worked with a social enterprise, Varthana, in which she researched the needs of low-income private schools and developed a school transformation program that was linked to monetary benefits for the school. Through experiences such as these, which have fueled her passion for education equity, she has developed a strong skill set in project management, implementation, and building partnerships.

Host: Dalai Lama Fellows

Fellow Role at Dalai Lama Fellows:
Rukmani’s role will include Fellow coordination, curriculum support, and marketing and selection support. She will work closely with the team to ensure engagement with the Fellows on the online learning platform, and will provide ideas on how to improve engagement and review. She will also work closely with the Director of Programs and Partnerships to prepare collateral and material, research key areas, coordinate with external faculty, and continuously integrate key insights and expert guidance within the curriculum from expert faculty and the global network.

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