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Class 24: May 2017 Atlas Corps Fellows

Ali Atallah, 26, Saida, Lebanon (HOST: Heartland Alliance International)

Ali has about four years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned two Master’s degrees in Business with a focus on management and marketing research from Lebanese University. Ali started his career in human relations, was transferred to the supply chain department and then shifted to the programmatic side of the humanitarian sector. In that project he focused on economic recovery and development, working for two years managing the logistics of the program, all with the International Rescue Committee in Lebanon. Through his rotation, Ali gained genuine problem-solving and interpersonal skills, efficient and effective communication, organization, flexibility, multitasking, time and stress management, as well as negotiation skills by liaising with different departments on one side and the field and the head office on other side. Coming from a business educational background, Ali found his fit in the humanitarian sector due to the absence of profit maximization and competition. For fun, Ali likes yoga, reading, watching documentaries, cooking, traveling, and nature photography.

Host: Heartland Alliance International

Fellow Role at Heartland Alliance International:
Ali will be responsible for supporting human resources needs throughout the organization. Due to having to coordinate policies and resources across multiple countries, languages, cultures, labor laws, and salary scales, Ali is needed to navigate the many intricacies of this work. Ali will work primarily on compliance with labor laws, employment standards, administration of employee benefits, performance management, orientation, and some aspects of recruitment.

Aymen Abderrahmen, 28, Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia (HOST: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy)

Aymen is the founder of the Tunisian Organization for Peace, the first secretary of the leading Tunisian watchdog organization iWatch, and the former secretary of Youth-Can. Aymen also has worked with several international organizations, namely the media development charity BBC Media Action and the peace-building organization Search for Common Ground. Aymen has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, particularly in the field of media development, peace-building, and transparency. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language (British and American), Literature and Civilization from the University of Tunis-El Manar. For the past three years, Aymen has served as an assistant project manager for the BBC Media Action office in North Africa, overseeing media development projects in the Middle East-North Africa region, and later specifically in Libya and Tunisia. He has worked closely over the last year with Tunisian Television on developing new youth programs and expanding its social media presence. Aymen has acquired management and leadership skills working with official bodies, civil society organizations, and informal youth groups in Tunisia and Libya He is primarily interested in the role of media in the context of democratic transitions, transitional justice as a key factor for peace-building, and youth participation in decision-making. Aymen also is a die-hard fan of heavy metal music.

Host: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy

Fellow Role at The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy:
Aymen, as the TIMEP-Atlas Corps Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow, will work in a research capacity for six months. The design of Aymen’s research will be developed in conjunction with TIMEP’s directorial staff and should reflect this project proposal (subject to development and restructuring with TIMEP’s directorial staff). The mission of the Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellowship is to honor the memory of Egyptian writer and commentator Bassem Sabry by providing an opportunity for youth in the fields of journalism, international relations, political science, or other relevant fields to work on an independent research paper or project of their own design under the mentorship of a TIMEP staff member through to its execution.

Beltina Gjeloshi, 27, Kruje, Albania (HOST: IMPACT2030)

Beltina has over six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Originally from Albania, Beltina carried out her studies in the United States and lives in Italy. She is a trilingual international development professional with a Master’s degree in Global Development and Peace (2015) and a Bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) in International Political Economy and Diplomacy (2013) from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. More recently, she completed international training studying terrorism and its geopolitics mutations at the United Nations Association of Italy (2016) in Rome (2016). As a technical consultant at the District Directorate Anti-Mafia in the prosecutor’s office in Venice, Italy, she helped implement operations to counter organized and drug-trafficking crimes in Italy and throughout Europe. Previously, Beltina worked with a New York City-based, state-funded nonprofit as an office manager and facilitator teaching life skills, adult education, and vocational rehabilitation to indigents and the disabled of all ages. Beltina also has worked for a community-based nonprofit to help refugees, asylum seekers, and victims of human trafficking transition in the United States, serving as a translator and a point of contact for resettlement in their new communities in Bridgeport. While advancing her studies, Beltina has consistently inquired into human development and international relations issues, delivering reports and supporting faculties’ publications and research journals while facilitating undergraduate and graduate courses in economic development, human security, and criminal justice. Additionally, her experiences at the United Nations headquarters provided Beltina the opportunity to take part in the Arms Trade Treaty (2012) and Sustainable Development Goals (2014) negotiations as an advising reporter. Beltina serves her community through active involvement in support of social justice causes and emergency preparedness with the Red Cross and the Volunteer Civil Protection of Italy. Through these experiences, she has developed leadership in community engagement, conflict analysis, writing, editing, and education management. Beltina enjoys focusing on gender equality and economic development, and she has a strong passion for education and women’s empowerment.

Host: IMPACT2030

Fellow Role at IMPACT2030:
Beltina will serve as The Action Team and Project Officer and will be the voice of IMPACT 2030 in the Action Teams as they are being developed and as support as they are implemented. No. 2 under the guiding principles is where Beltina will have the most impact. She will work together with the local Regional Voice Lead (RVL) and the RVL manager to ensure that there is consistency of information flow and goals/milestones are met in a timely manner, and she will aid in the facilitation of increased participation in the Action Teams as warranted.

Catherine Miano, 25, Nairobi, Kenya (HOST: Northwestern University Buffett Institute for Global Studies)

Catherine has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. While working as a refugee status determination assistant with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), she determined whether people seeking international protection could be considered refugees under international, regional, or national law. She also worked as a resettlement intern at UNHCR, supporting the transfer of refugees seeking asylum in Kenya to third states willing to admit and ultimately grant them permanent settlement. Previously, she was founder and CEO of the nonprofit Pitch a Dream Organization, where she cultivated a reading culture by running reading and writing workshops in rural, underprivileged schools. Before this, Catherine gained one-and-a-half years of legal working experience from two law firms. In addition, Catherine volunteered for one year with the Arts in Medicine program at Mater Hospital in Nairobi, where she gained experience on using an artistic approach to working with children. She also volunteered for a year with a USAID- and PEPFAR-funded local nonprofit, Lifeskills Promoters, where she trained primary-school students on life skills and educated them on HIV, AIDS, and children’s rights. Catherine has participated in leadership training, including the USAID-funded Young African Leadership Initiative in 2015 to hone her leadership and management skills. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring skills on the grass-roots and policy levels. Catherine enjoys focusing on the topics of education, development, and international humanitarian affairs, and she has a strong passion for working with vulnerable people.

Host: Northwestern University Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Fellow Role at Buffett Institute:
Catherine will manage specific undergraduate initiatives across the global engagement programming, including the Buffett Award for Emerging Global Leaders, the undergraduate Fellows program, and project and research grant opportunities. She will contribute to partnership management, development, assessment work, and student preparation/orientation in the Global Engagement Studies Institute and Community-Based Research programs, especially with sites in East Africa. Catherine also will help to manage the transition of the Books & Breakfast program to new university partner.

Demna Devdariani, 28, Tbilisi, Georgia (HOST: National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry)

Demna has three years of professional working experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence from Georgian Technical University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Ilia State University in Georgia. He was granted a scholarship from the European Commission and studied at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, as an exchange master student of social sciences. While working as a legal officer under the migration program for the United Nations Association of Georgia, he supported asylum seekers, refugees, and other individuals of concern with administrative and legal issues. Previously, Demna worked with a community-based organization to promote access to education for ethnic minority youths in Georgia. As a civil servant, Demna worked with state agencies for a number of years and was closely involved in institutional reforms in Georgia. He also conducted research on civil service and pension reforms in Georgia that attracted a lot of media attention. Through these experiences, he has developed strong analytical, project coordination, and implementation skills. Demna enjoys focusing on the topics of migration, personal data protection, public administration, and youth engagement, and he has a strong passion for analytical work.

Host: National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry

Fellow Role at NCSEJ:
Demna’s responsibilities include monitoring legislation, researching and reporting on regional developments, producing publications, maintaining a web site, attending hearings and briefings, organizing and staffing events, and general administrative duties.

Disha Arora, 28, New Delhi, India (HOST: Atlas Corps)

Disha has seven years of experience in the development communication sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Indraprastha University in New Delhi, India. She worked as communication manager with the Vasudha Foundation to promote socially just and sustainable models of energy in India. She also helped to develop the communication strategy for the foundation and its campaigns. She worked on creating the branding guidelines and specific communication material (audio-visual, print, and web-based) to be disseminated through media outlets. Previously, Disha worked on an independent documentary about women’s rights and religion in India. It was a self-initiated project, so she was responsible to do research, shooting, editing, and directing of the documentary. Disha has volunteered as a communications consultant for Outer Shell Africa, a social enterprise to enhance the wellness of Sub-Saharan Africans living with skin conditions. Through these experiences, she has developed strong strategic communication, graphic designing, and filmmaking skills. Being a feminist, Disha enjoys focusing on areas related to gender rights, and she has a strong passion for animal protection.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps:
Disha will be engaged in communications, public relations, project management, and partnership building. Disha will strengthen and practice these skills in the implementation, evaluation, and expansion of the Atlas Corps external presence as included in our communications and public relations strategy.

Eya Chamli, 25, Tunis, Tunisia (HOST: UBM)

Eya has more than two years of experience in the profit and nonprofit sectors in Tunisia and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Tunis Business School. She is working as an access to finance specialist under a USAID-funded job creation program, the Business Reform and Competitiveness Project. In this capacity, she is integrally involved in a broad range of initiatives designed to increase the accessibility of capital for small and medium enterprises in Tunisia, including promoting investment, capacity building with banks and microfinance institutions, technical assistance to enterprises seeking financing, and the implementation of economic reforms to improve the Tunisian business environment. Before this, Eya worked on the development and implementation of an online platform, Jamaity, serving nonprofit stakeholders and promoting their role in local development outcomes. As donor relations coordinator, she was responsible for grant management and coordination with institutional donors. Eya also is actively involved in diverse social organizations. During her studies, she was member of the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC), where she worked on corporate social responsibility advocacy and participated in the organization of seminars and conferences to engage new AIESEC members. She also spent six weeks in Pune, India, teaching English to underprivileged children. She worked in the financial department of a social entrepreneurship organization ENACTUS, managing the budget of a nonprofit aimed at improving life for the disabled. Eya also has participated in several capacity-building programs such as EFE ideation camp, where her team developed a web/mobile application promoting ecotourism in Tunisia. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project management, organizational, reporting, and communication skills. Eya is a Coca-Cola Scholarship alumna, a MENA Leadership Academy fellow, and a World Youth Alliance-certified member. She is particularly interested in economic development, social entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment.

Host: UBM

Fellow Role at UBM:
In line with UBM’s Events First business strategy and globally accessible CE program, Aya will focus on the strategic alignment of event-charity components and partnerships beginning with the Platinum band, approximately 35 top-tier events. The events focus will not limit itself to the events space, so Aya will gain valuable experience and make invaluable contributions regarding the day-to-day operations of the CE program and business as well as the ongoing communities that exist outside of the live event space.

Génesis Luigi, 23, Caracas, Venezuela (HOST: International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region)

Génesis has more than three years of experience as an advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and youth leadership in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Universidad Central de Venezuela with academic honors and an invitation to serve as a teaching assistant in the Clinical Psychology Department. As a youth network coordinator for International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere, she developed the structure and functions of the network, supporting meaningful youth participation and the network’s engagement with the organization’s strategical framework for 2016 2022. She was in charge of planning and providing capacity-building activities for nearly 23 youth board members of IPPF/WHR’s Latin American and Caribbean partner associations. She also took part in several advisory groups on comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive rights. Previously, she was program coordinator at Construyendo Futuros Civil Association in Caracas, Venezuela, in charge of Quiero Saber (I Want To Know), a program aimed at providing comprehensive sexuality education to children and adolescents in vulnerable and rural zones of the Miranda State in Venezuela, including Petare, one of the biggest slums in South America. During her tenure, she systematized program indicators and statistics and developed the program’s handbook for teachers and facilitators, leading to 38% growth in the numbers of schools offering the program to its students. She has been a volunteer for Family Planning, Venezuela (PLAFAM) since 2013, representing the nonprofit at national and international events but also as a peer educator at clinics and in Caracas’ vulnerable communities. She has developed program/project management, strategic planning and communications, and community outreach skills. Génesis area of expertise and interest is sexual and reproductive health and rights with a focus on youth issues.

Host: International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region

Fellow Role at IPPF/WHR:
Génesis will assist staff in managing sexual and reproductive health programs related to youth, gender-based violence, and HIV/sexually transmitted infections (STI) to implement programmatic strategies related to: youth leadership, comprehensive sexuality education, increasing access to quality health services (including HIV- and STI- related services), prevention and mitigation of gender-based violence, sexual rights and sexual diversity, and youth participation in programs and governance. Génesis will provide vital support to achieving the desired outcomes of these programs and contribute to the strategic vision of the team, including monitoring existing programs and developing new ones.

Hasan Kilani, 27, Amman, Jordan (HOST: Heartland Alliance International)

Hasan has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking Science from Philadelphia University of Jordan. For the last three years, Hasan has worked as a protection assistant at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in Amman, Jordan. The unit coordinates with inter-agency protection sectors and provides direct support in case management for child protection, sexual- and gender-based violence, legal, detention and diversity/minorities’ caseloads. Hasan is one of the main focal points working on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) cases. He was instrumental in implementing the UNHCR Jordan LGBTI protection program, which included the development of training material and the setup of an interagency network. In this role, he has developed the ability to liaise with UN colleagues and external stakeholders on this sensitive topic with professionalism and organizational awareness. Hasan is passionate about working with marginalized groups, particularly within the LGBTI community. Travelling and meeting new people are among his hobbies.

Host: Heartland Alliance International

Fellow Role at Heartland International:
Hasan will work as the Sudan Taskforce Project Manager and will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the implementation of a project to support the taskforce. He will ensure that all program activities are implemented in line with the project’s work plan and in accordance with organization and donor requirements. Hasan will be responsible for oversight of all components of the project and for quarterly reporting.

Houssam Eddine Bentridi, 28, Algiers, Algeria (HOST: YLabs)

Houssam has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He graduated with honors in Finance and Actuarial Science from the High National School of Statistics and Applied Economics in Algeria and has attended training courses relating to leadership, teamwork, and business management in London, Moscow, Dubai, Zagreb, Cairo, and Tunis. Balancing his education and social work, he worked for three years as a volunteer with the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC). The experience allowed him to gain not only technical skills related to the nonprofit field such as fundraising, community project management, and financial management, but also valuable soft skills such as teamwork, public speaking, and negotiation. Houssam has five years of experience in management accounting, working as a planning and reporting manager for a multinational company, with his main role involving budgeting and managing the company’s reporting process. Houssam’s biggest achievement with AIESEC was to contribute to the launch of two projects: Hand in Hand, which aims to cheer sick children by bringing fun and enjoyment through activities in hospitals, and Summer Sunshine School, a project that brings teachers from abroad to teach disadvantaged children new languages for free. Through this experience, he has developed strong project-management skills. Houssam has a passion for the education of underprivileged children and helping sick children feel better and forget about their pain.

Host: YLabs

Fellow Role at YLabs:
Houssam will act as the program manager and work closely with the director of programs to support the planning and coordination of projects in Africa and Asia. This role as a member of a small team in a new organization offers an exciting opportunity to gain a variety of skills related to project and organizational management. These include: project planning, financial management, remote support to staff in the field, partner communications, social media communications, dissemination of our research, and coordination of field activities.

Najoua Soudi, 31, Rabat, Morocco (HOST: Affinis Labs)

Najoua has more than eight years of experience in the venture philanthropy and nonprofit field, and she earned an MBA from Al Akhawayn University with concentrations in Finance and Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid. She recently wrote a research-backed paper about underprivileged women’s entrepreneurship that was commissioned by the European Union. Before this, she served as program manager for the Drosos Foundation, a Switzerland-based venture philanthropy, where she reviewed funding proposals and was involved in carrying out design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning to support programmatic and financial decisions. She also led the development of the Enactus Morocco program, inspiring and monitoring teams to develop and run entrepreneurial projects that improve the lives and standards of living of people in need. She is dedicated to inspiring new entrepreneurial approaches to solve global poverty issues, as well as conducting research on impacts measurements. She is persuasive and recognized for her ability to train, lead, and be part of effective teams. Her skills build on her eagerness for new learning, a genuine compassion for vulnerable children and people, and a belief that anything is possible if we can actively imagine it into existence.

Host: Affinis Labs

Fellow Role at Affinis Labs:
Najoua will apply her skill set to managing entrepreneurship projects primarily in the Middle East and North Africa region, including startup hackathons, prize competitions, and the supervision of the Minbar online entrepreneurship platform.

Natalia Alonso, 31, Santiago, Chile (HOST: Open Road Alliance)

Natalia has four years of experience in the public sector, and she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Control Engineering at Universidad de Chile and a Master’s degree in Accounting, Auditing and Control at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. While working as a national funds analyst at Superintendencia de Seguridad Social (SUSESO) in Chile, she evaluated maternity grants, audited the expense reports of nationally funded subsidies, and analyzed the data related with maternity grants reported by different entities as well as preparing information for the study of public policy in the field of social security. Additionally, she was a studies analyst at Servicio Nacional de la Discapacidad (SENADIS) in Chile, analyzing information about different areas of disability and defining indicators. She also was the academic director of the management control diploma at Universidad Mayor in Chile, responsible for designing the academic program, structuring the courses, and recruiting professors in addition to her teaching activities. Finally, Natalia has volunteered as an accounting teacher in a program called Creeme, which supports microentrepreneurs who did not have the opportunity to pay for business consulting, providing them with business tools to improve their smaller companies, teaching them how to apply for national funds, and giving lessons about taxes, accounting, finance, and computing. Through these experiences, she developed strong analytic skills and the ability to work in teams. Natalia enjoys focusing on the topics of maternal and child health, disability, business consultancy, and education. She has a strong passion for public service.

Host: Open Road Alliance

Fellow Role at Open Road Alliance:
Natalia will support the expansion of Open Road’s recoverable grant portfolio. She will assist in the screening and development of the grant-making pipeline through sector mapping and outreach to appropriate professional networks, and she will be the primary driver on research projects.

Olga Kuzmina, 22, Blagoveshchensk, Russia (HOST: DC SCORES)

Olga Kuzmina has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Central European University in Hungary. As an undergraduate student, she spent a semester in Evansville, Indiana, where she devoted much time to local volunteer projects, such as an after school center for children. She spent three years volunteering as a Projects Coordinator and President of the nonprofit organization Model United Nations of the Russian Far East, launching projects aimed at achieving sustainable development goals and developing student leadership. Olga has professional experience in teaching English as a foreign language, interpretation, and organizing business events. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project management, communication and analytical skills. Olga deeply cares about civil society building, education and youth empowerment.


Fellow Role at DC SCORES:
Olga will be a significant contributor to DC SCORES as she works to pilot and evaluate new program streams and to respond to the unique challenges and leverage the unique opportunities of this critical moment in DC SCORES’ history.

Rachael Kentenyingi, 33, Kampala, Uganda (HOST: Global Communities)

Rachael has more than seven years of progressive hands-on experience in communications, public relations and marketing in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in Uganda. She has particular expertise in creating and editing original communication works, brand management, events management, and media writing, among many other things. As a tech-savvy professional and keen connoisseur of the fast evolving social/new media landscape, Rachael has harnessed the power of social media and the Internet to optimize communication reach and impact. In her job as the Public Relations and Communications Officer at Makerere University Joint AIDS Program (MJAP), Rachael has been commended for her proactive role in advocating for addressing the human rights issues that aggravate the spread of HIV among adolescent girls and young women as a way of controlling the epidemic. She is also a campaigner for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS and represented MJAP on the national organizing committee during the nationwide campaign launches. Her work at MJAP has given her a deeper understanding of HIV prevention, care and treatment, HIV policy, LGBTI issues, and sexual and reproductive health among others. In her previous job as Communications Manager at Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited, Rachael was a community investment champion and volunteered in projects aimed at equipping disadvantaged young people with the skills necessary for them to become employable or able to start their own businesses.

Host: Global Communities

Fellow Role at Global Communities:
Rachael will work across the team and focus on developing and implementing strategic partnerships internal and external communication strategy. Also, she will complete research and analysis projects of the current development landscape, including the identification and due diligence of potential partners.

Sara Tariq, 28, Lahore, Pakistan (HOST: Atlas Corps)

Sara Tariq has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and is passionate about educational empowerment and youth development. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Lahore School of Economics, and an Masters in Philosophy degree in Education from Beaconhouse National University. While working as an Acting Registrar at Nur International University, a project of Nur Foundation, she worked on developing a long-term strategy for a newly chartered university and led a cross functional team to successfully launch the university’s first undergraduate degree program within a short one month period. Her focus was to introduce programs that would strengthen academic-industrial nexus to harness full potential of the existing demographic youth bulge in Pakistan. While working with Nur Foundation, she also facilitated several other projects initiated by the Foundation including projects with Nur Center for Research and Policy (NCRP) and Nur Student Leadership Program (NSLP). With NCRP, she assisted in implementing the Ilm IDEAS funded School Health survey in Punjab, providing strategic direction for data collection processes geared toward assessing the existing status of public school children’s nutritional status. As a Program Coordinator at NSLP she was responsible for planning and implementing an internship program for young individuals to educate them about poverty issues, marginalization and social exclusion at community level. Sara also worked as Project lead with the Medical Education Department on developing a competency based curriculum for Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry and Fatima Memorial Institute of Allied Health Sciences. Previously, Sara worked as an Academic Coordinator for the University of Louisville’s Masters in Public Health program being offered in Lahore in collaboration with Nur Foundation. Throughout her career, Sara has worked in several areas of development, such as education, health policy and advocacy, youth empowerment and community health. Through these experiences, she has developed strong competencies such as project management, project coordination and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, leadership development, policy development and marketing and communications.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps:
Sara will be responsible for managing the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab (GLL), a training program for rising global nonprofit leaders participating in the Atlas Corps Fellowship. She will also plan and manage this leadership development program to empower Atlas Corps Fellows in their professional journeys.

Sheila Senfuma Nakanyike, 29, Kampala, Uganda (HOST: Financial Services Roundtable)

Sheila has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Professional diploma in Procurement and Supply from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS UK); and a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree majoring in Finance from Makerere University in Uganda. While working as a Project Coordinator for the USAID Spring Accelerator Program at Ensibuuko Technologies, she helped improve access to financial services through technology and mobile banking to youth, particularly girls in rural areas of northern and western Uganda, and also carried out capacity building and training of trainers programs to rural Savings Cooperatives’ staff in areas of financial technology and mobile banking. Previously, Sheila worked in the operations department of Citibank Uganda for four years, providing cash management services and incorruptible vault practices. Through these experiences, she has developed strong project coordination and implementation skills, capacity building, and event management skills. She has been a volunteer with Uganda Rural Fund and African Empowerment Hub for three years; mentoring and empowering youth, and also providing business and entrepreneurial training to rural women entrepreneurs in central Uganda. Sheila enjoys focusing on topics of microfinance and poverty alleviation, and has a strong passion for women’s and youth empowerment.

Host: Financial Services Roundtable

Fellow Role at Financial Services Roundtable:
Sheila will focus on the FinTech Ideas Festival (FIF), Technology Collaborators Program. She will assist with the full conference -working with sponsors, managing timelines, and securing speakers and small group facilitators.

Shorouk Elkobrsi, 23, Alexandria, Egypt (HOST: Nestle)

Shorouk has three years of experience in science and social entrepreneurship. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in physics and chemistry from Alexandria University, and initiated her start-up social enterprise to provide innovative solutions for water scarcity in Egypt using CSP technology. Her leadership and entrepreneurial skills helped her team receive technical and business support from TUB Campus El Gouna, Youthinkgreen-Egypt, GESR Misr El Kheir, and Nile University and get funded by the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology in Egypt. As a passionate, multilingual storyteller, she has encouraged her to team to work on a documentary about emerging social entrepreneurs in East Africa who are supporting climate protection. Previously, Shorouk contributed to informal educational programs for already existing entities and organizations, to promote sustainability and social entrepreneurship, she volunteered as an academic staff member, a head of the academic committee, and a project manager, she has also been a coach in several non-profitable organizations. She is a very dedicated researcher, an action-oriented worker and an excellent presenter.

Host: Nestle

Fellow Role at Nestle:
Shorouk will support stakeholder research, the development of communications on CSV topics (potentially including both short- and long-form writing and graphic design), digital media management and analysis, and media relations background research.

Sushmita Lama, 33, Kathmandu, Nepal (HOST: Internews)

Sushmita has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and holds a Master's of Science in Microbiology from Bangalore University, India. While working as a Program Coordinator at Media Advocacy Group in Kathmandu, she coordinated several projects on gender equality in the media, safe migration, women's empowerment, civic education and right to information. Along with this, she managed overall programmatic and organizational activities including internal staff, donor reporting, event management and grant writing. Previously, Sushmita has worked in READ Nepal that builds Community Library and Resource Centers (CLRCs) to bring rural prosperity through education, social and economic empowerment, for three and half years. In READ, she gained communication and marketing experience along with project planning and implementation skills. Moreover, she got the opportunity to learn community engagement and community mobilization through direct interaction with women and marginalized community. Besides, she was engaged in short term hand washing project funded by UNICEF in several schools of Kathmandu. Over the years, she has managed programs for different donors including UN Women, UNDP, South Asia Women's Fund, USAID and FHI 360. Through these experiences, she has developed strong skills in policy advocacy, community mobilization, capacity building, partnership development, donor communication, event management, and media engagement. She enjoys working with diverse communities and has a strong passion for working for the rights of the socially excluded to bring positive social transformation in society.

Host: Internews

Fellow Role at Internews:
Sushmita will report directly to the Vice President of Global Technology, providing assistance on a broad range of matters ranging from events coordination to strategic planning and communications. She will also provide direct assistance in implementing Internet freedom and digital security programs.

Vivien Solomon, 29, Lagos, Nigeria (HOST: Susan G. Komen)

Vivien has seven years experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Calabar in Nigeria. She has also taken short courses in public health and project management. She is a medical volunteer with Health Army Initiative, Project PinkBlue, and the Lakeshore Cancer Center where she educates women on the need for early detection of breast and cervical cancer through routine screening. She participates in the cancer support group at Lakeshore Cancer Center. While working for Omni Medical Centre Advanced Fertility Clinic, she was part of the pioneer team that implemented the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS program. She helped improve the health of rural communities in the Mushin area while working with the primary health care department by organizing mobile clinics, donating free medication and giving health presentations. She also served as the Deputy Head of the Samaritans Welfare group for two years where she organized and provided free health consultations and medications to members of the community. These experiences have helped her develop strong coordination, project management and, leadership skills. Vivien’s interests lie in public health, health education and cancer prevention. She is looking to gain further experience in public health that she can employ in her home country to increase disease prevention efforts. For fun, Vivien likes reading, basketball, swimming, and dogs.

Host: Susan G. Komen

Fellow Role at Susan G. Komen:
Vivien will be exposed to the different components of the organization, from breast cancer assessment reports and community profiles, to individual projects and grants. She will also assist with other program activities including the arrangement of site visits, planning of roundtable meetings, data collection to assess impact, and the creation of presentations and marketing tools.

Zaneta Pereira, 23, Pune, India (HOST: Teach For All)

Zaneta has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Philosophy in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University in Cambridge in 2016 and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. As a United Nations Intern in the Office of the Special Representative to the Secretary General for Sexual Violence in Conflict, she worked with colleagues to produce country reports, briefing notes, communications material and project proposals. Zaneta worked for four years for the Los Angeles Loyolan, Loyola Marymount University’s National Pacemaker Award-winning student-run news organization, including a stint as Editor in Chief overseeing a 50+ person staff. As a journalist, her work has been recognized by the California College Media Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Zaneta also spent two summers interning with the International Justice Mission in their Kenya Field Office. As a Communications Intern in 2013 she developed specific curriculum for school trainings on issues related to child sexual abuse and produced all external communication and monthly reports for the office. In 2012, as an Administrative Intern, Zaneta compiled research reports on Kenyan legal and police policy issues and planned various projects including a police and prosecutor training co-sponsored by the US Department of Justice. Through these experiences, she developed strong skills in research and reporting, media and communication, and project management. Zaneta enjoys working on issues of justice and human rights and is particularly passionate about women’s and children’s rights.

Host: Teach For All

Fellow Role at Teach For All:
Zaneta will ensure the effective day to day operations of the Public Affairs team and contribute to the team goals of raising awareness of Teach For All and forwarding the work of other teams through communications and marketing support and project management.

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Gbenga has ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, where he has focused primarily on development. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in History and International... Read more..


Atlas Corps Partners

Atlas Corps Host Organizations and Partners include leading organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Below is a list of some of our current and past partners.. Read more..


Volunteer at Atlas Corps

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