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Class 23: January 2017 Atlas Corps Fellows

Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, 31, Ilesa, Nigeria (HOST: GenerationOn/Points of Light)

Abdulahi has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He graduated with honors in Demography and Social Statistics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in Nigeria. He also received certifications in Social Sector Management (sponsored by the Africa-America Institute) and NGO Management & Administration from Enterprise Development Center, Pan-Atlantic University and the Institute for Humanitarian Studies & Social Development, respectively. He volunteered with Living Hope Care under the American Jewish World Service project where he coordinated an empowerment program for the Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NEPWHAN) Osun State. While working as an Account Officer and Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, he facilitated the training of 403 female sex workers on the consistent use of condoms and trained over 80 traditional birth attendants on universal safety precautions and prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child. He founded the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH) and the Youth Affairs Center. Through these organizations, he has sponsored the Senior School Certificates Examination (SSCE) of 59 high school students, equipped 350 youths with books, awarded 17 vibrant teachers and reached over 15,700 youths in the areas of counseling and psychosocial supports. Under his leadership, ISERH provides oversight functions on the Npower Program of the Federal Republic of Nigeria designed to employ 500,000 unemployed graduates and 25,000 unskilled labors. He is a Fellow of YALI Regional Leadership Center (Cohort 3), Ghana (West Africa) 2016. In June 2016, Abdulahi was selected as a “Top 100 Brightest Young Minds” by BYM South Africa and Barclays Africa. He received ‘The Most Replicable Project Award’ of the Life Changers Foundation, U. K. in 2015. Abdulahi has developed strong leadership, youth education policy, strategy building and management skills. Abdulahi is very interested in good governance, civic engagements, youth education, social and health issues.

Host: generationOn/Points of Light

Fellow Role at generationOn/Points of Light:
Abdulahi will support the successful development and execution of the Points of Light’s portfolio of programs focused on meeting both the academic needs and service leadership development of youth through youth and volunteer engagement in generationOn. He will equip youth and volunteers with the right resources that allow youth, volunteers, parents and teachers to collaborate on academic interventions and service opportunities that support the development of caring, compassionate and capable youth.

Abeer Pamuk, 24, Aleppo, Syria (HOST: SparkAction)

Abeer is a communications specialist from Syria with more than three years of experience in the humanitarian and nonprofit sector. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Aleppo in English literature. In 2013, Abeer joined the communications team in Syria at SOS Children’s Villages, an international nonprofit focused on the comprehensive care of vulnerable children. In Aleppo, one of the areas most affected by the war, Abeer produced human-interest stories that showed the broad impact of the organization’s humanitarian relief program. Most recently, she has served as the Crisis and Communications Advisor in Casablanca, Morocco and is responsible for internal and external communication related to crisis and emergency communication in the region. Abeer has gained valuable experience in war reporting, digital storytelling, media relations, social media strategy, and corporate communications. She strongly believes in the power of good communications and storytelling in raising the money needed to support vulnerable communities.

Host: SparkAction

Fellow Role at SparkAction:
Abeer will support communications for SparkAction. These activities include providing content for LeaderStories.org, a website funded by American Express, created to share the leadership journeys of social purpose leaders who have benefited from their program.

Amani Osman, 26 Khartoum, Sudan (HOST: American Red Cross)

Amani Osman has over nine years experience in the nonprofit sector. She is a graduate of Criminology and Sociology from Royal Holloway University of London and has spent her life between the UK and Sudan. In her most recent capacity as Communications Officer for International Organization for Migration (IOM), Amani was responsible for all forms of communications for IOM Sudan including but not limited to; media relations, press releases, human interest stories, IOM Sudan website, global campaigns and events, social media accounts, advocacy efforts and local government relations. She designed and developed a monthly interactive newsletter, as well as creating and launching from scratch the new IOM Sudan website. Amani acquired skills in utilizing social media and print media, newsletters, calendars, fact sheets, information briefs and advocacy reports. Project planning, monitoring and evaluation systems, quality assurance, budget management and capacity development among others have all been essential components of her previous job roles. Whilst working as Grants Manager at GOAL Sudan, Amani successfully developed comprehensive multisectoral project proposals gaining the organization over twelve million dollars in funding for projects in health, WASH, protection, nutrition and livelihoods. Through her work with different international organization in both London and Sudan, Amani has gained skills in research, communications, monitoring and reporting, grant and proposal development in numerous fields; including conflict resolution and peace building, human and women’s rights, child protection, and democracy and governance. With a strong passion for and firm belief in human rights, gender equality and protection, Amani is interested in focusing on developing human rights standards and increasing awareness in Sudan on child protection, law enforcement and peace building. She is also committed to capacity development of local organizations, in turn assisting those less fortunate through conceptual understanding of participatory approaches and sustainable development interventions.

Host: American Red Cross

Angelica Moncada, 23, Tegucigalpa, Honduras (HOST: Laureate)

Angelica has five years experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned her Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business from UNITEC. Her academic connection enabled her to have a job at the same institution for over four years where she gained responsibilities and skills through her hard work. She has served as the president and founder of Club Amor, an organization that helps children fighting against cancer through a public hospital in Honduras. Recognized as a young leader by Rotary Honduras, Angelica has been awarded by the International Youth Foundation and Youth Action Net as a social entrepreneur and winner of the gold medal for Exemplary Citizenship. Angelica has volunteered in many nonprofit institutions such as Operation Smile, Hands in Christ, Fundacion para el Niño con Cancer, Club Rotario and Isaia 61. Angelica is very passionate towards helping others.

Host: Laureate

Fellow Role at Laureate:
Angelica will join Laureate’s Global Communications, Public Affairs and Social Impact team. She will focus on supporting network awards and scholarships, YouthActionNet, Here for Good activities, internal and external events, and B Corp network integration.

Anna Safronova,23, Ufa, Russia (HOST: SOS Children's Villages USA)

Originally from Ufa, a city within the Ural Mountains in Russia, Anna lived in Moscow for the last 6 years. She graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2015 with a B.A. cum laude in History and International Relations. She later completed a social entrepreneurship program at Watson University in Boulder, CO. As a high school student, she spent an exchange year in the United States where she donated much of her time to community service. While volunteering as a teacher assistant at a local art gallery, she met an orphaned elementary school student who lived in a foster home. The child led a completely normal life, wasn’t isolated from other kids and went to a regular school. The contrast between his life and those led by Russian orphans seemed so striking that inspired Anna to do something about it back home. Upon her return to Russia, Anna started an independent volunteer project called MDC International, aimed at providing a positive social environment and educational opportunities for inner-city orphans. To date, the project has engaged volunteers in more than 20 cities in Russia and over 8 other countries has impacted over one thousand children. In September 2016, Anna launched a new curriculum at SOS Children's Village - Tomilino in Moscow region that is aimed at educating teenagers about different professions and helping them to successfully transition into adulthood.

Host: SOS Children's Villages USA

Fellow Role at SOS Children's Villages USA:
Anna will work to help raise awareness and funds, joining a passionate and dedicated team that has exciting plans for 2017 to help boost awareness for the organization. She will especially focus on communications materials, including press-releases, fact sheets, web content and blog posts, as well as assisting with coordination of media outreach with media releases for TV and radio.

Calum Lindsay-Field, 25, Melbourne, Australia (HOST: Atlas Corps)

Calum has seven years of experience in the nonprofit and education sectors, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Melbourne. While working at the Foundation for Young Australians, Calum coordinated a number of education campaigns utilizing his expertise in policy, media, government relations and digital campaigning. Calum also designed, facilitated and evaluated programs to support young people's transition from education to employment. Previous to this, Calum worked as a teacher assistant at an elementary school for three years where he supported and led classes across a range of disciplines. Through these experiences, Calum has developed strong skills in policy analysis, campaign strategy, and a detailed understanding of the education sector. Calum is passionate about supporting all young people in their transition from education to employment and strives to create a world where everyone can participate in lifelong learning.

Host: Atlas Corps

Fellow Role at Atlas Corps:
Calum will help enhance the capacity of the CEO and advance strategic goals and initiatives, especially expanding the Atlas Corps model. He will help with managing internal and external communications managing internal and external communications; coordinating the CEO’s schedule and travel; researching and collaborating on strategic projects and initiatives,; and nd supporting critical relationships with partners, supporters and the Board of Directors.

Esra Mohamed Mirgane Edres, 28, Khartoum, Sudan (HOST: Disaster Accountability Project)

Esra has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s degree of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Khartoum in Sudan. She also received a Professional Diploma in Management of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Sudan. While working as a Program Associate with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), she coordinated the implementation of the DFID-funded Joint Resilience Project (JRP) in Eastern Sudan. This was to improve targeted communities’ health and nutrition conditions, increasing their livelihoods and building their capacity to absorb shocks. She managed to ensure that communities were satisfied with the package of interventions provided and donor requirements were being met. Previously, Esra worked with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) serving the women in Darfur as a member of the Humanitarian Response unit. She was responsible for managing the yearly work plans and providing regular reports on programmatic financial data. Through these experiences, Esra has developed good project management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting skills. She appreciates focusing on results-based programs and working on tools that measure the impact of assistance on people’s lives.

Host: Disaster Accountability Project

Fellow Role at Disaster Accountability Project:
Esra will will add critical capacity building support as DAP prepares for the launch of SmartResponse, an ambitious effort to improve effectiveness/transparency/accountability in humanitarian aid donations by collecting and sharing “location-specific” and “pre-disaster” data on the capacity, activities, and history of CSOs, NGOs, and INGOs involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and other human services.

Gentian Minga, 33, Tepelene, Albania (HOST: Voice of America)

Gentian has 14 years of experience in Media, and earned a Bachelor's of Journalism from the University of Tirana in Albania. While he worked in different printed and electronic Media, he developed strong communication skills. Though his work at its early stage focused on show business, lifestyle and entertainment, he showed a strong passion and interest toward social issues, using entertainment industry and its popularity to give voice to vulnerable social categories. Not many Media expert have been using entertainment industry for social and human rights purposes. Previously Gentian has worked with UN Albania and UNDP Albania in a fancy project, focused on deaf pupils abilities and talents, under the slogan “People with limited abilities but with unlimited talents.” He has leveraged entertainment, show business and lifestyle media to give voice to social and human rights causes and campaigns.

Host: Voice of America

Fellow Role at Voice of America:
Gentian will identify and research news and feature stories about American life, thought and institutions that are of interest to the Albanian target audience in the Balkans, and will be called upon to conduct interviews. He will expand his skills in journalism and storytelling and produce TV reports for international broadcast and/or digital content for the Albanian Service website and work at its social media outreach.

Itena Hoxhallari, 35, Tirana, Albania (HOST: Making Cents International)

Itena holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy-Sociology from the Social Sciences Faculty of Tirana University, Albania. Currently she is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the same University. Itena has eight years of work experience in the nonprofit sector. While working as a project officer at "Children Are the Future" organization in Albania, Itena has coordinated several projects aiming at the improvement of education quality and empowerment of children and youth in disadvantaged areas. She has worked closely with schools through awareness-raising and consultation meetings, capacity building trainings, and workshops with students, teachers, and parents. Her studies and work experience have helped her gain a deep understanding of various issues concerning youth and education in Albania and she is highly committed to the development of a socially just society, where children and youth have equal chances to develop and realize their full potential. Itena likes focusing on topics of education, capacity building, youth and human rights at national and international level.

Host: Making Cents International

Fellow Role at Making Cents International:
Itena will support the YouthPower.org learning hub and YouthPower Learning webinar series, which provides a learning platform that strengthens the positive youth development field across all sectors (Health, Education. She will also participate in the planning of the annual YP meeting and contribute to social media outreach.

Marina Bulavskaia, 25, Saint Petersburg, Russia (HOST: Spark)

Marina has over three years of development experience and ten years of international volunteer experience. She graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a Bachelor’s in Management with a semester at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Marina has contributed to several social development organizations from around the world. For the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Marina applied strategic planning skills to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to increase national outreach. She became a fellow of the UN Foundation and Fair Observer “Voices of the World” Program, and deepened her experience in social journalism. At The Earth Saviours Foundation in India, Marina developed awareness campaigns on noise pollution and environmental issues. At a refugee camp in Hungary, she organized sustainable development, employment, and human rights sessions for the refugees. She was Head of Public Relations at the International Sustainable Energy Development Centre under the auspices of UNESCO in Moscow. There, Marina was in charge of preparing climate and energy conferences and monitoring international clean energy policies for the Ministries of Energy and Environment. These activities allowed her to strengthen analytical reporting and content creation skills to ensure a strong public and government relations profile. She promoted sustainable practices during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi and Rio. Marina is passionate about sustainability agenda, climate change and environment, women empowerment, and volunteering.

Host: Spark

Fellow Role at Spark:
Marina will provide programs, communications, and resource development assistance to the Executive Director. She will be involved in all aspects of the operations including programming, marketing, and fundraising.

Maxsalia Salmon, 29, Kingston, Jamaica (HOST: Council on Foundations)

Maxsalia has six years experience in the nonprofit sector, particularly engaged in activities related to youth development, gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. She completed her second Master's degree in International Development at the University of Birmingham in England and also holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Bachelors degree in Psychology and from The University of the West Indies. Maxsalia was most recently employed as a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Jamaica, where her duties included liaising with multiple state and non-state stakeholders, coordinating meetings, preparing reports, briefs, statements and position papers on a wide variety of development issues. Furthermore, Maxsalia is passionate about youth and women’s empowerment and has extensive advocacy experience as part of local, regional and international nonprofit networks such as the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), Advocates for Youth (AFY), and Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN). Through these experiences, Maxsalia has developed strong coordination, interpersonal, research, and communication skills.

Host: Council on Foundations

Fellow Role at Council on Foundations:
Maxsalia will work closely with the Council’s Global Philanthropy Director in growing a portfolio of internationally focused programming for the Council on Foundations, including supporting ongoing resource development for expanded global activities. She will also help research and write about trends in international philanthropy and develop marketing and communications strategies and support the Council’s advocacy activities on global regulation of cross-border grantmaking.

Masya Elsarag, 30, Omdurman, Sudan (HOST: Street Sense)

Maysa is a graduate of Computer Man College (CMC) where she obtained Bachelor’s of Information Technology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Medical Science and Technology. Maysa has three years’ work experience in nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Maysa was the Programs Coordinator at Organization for Voluntary Humanitarian Assistance Programme at Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL). In thos role, she researched humanitarian needs and vulnerable population context, implementation of food security and livelihood activities and conducted monitoring and evaluation of food security and livelihood projects In November 2016, Maysa participated in a mission to South Sudanese refugee camps to assess the food security situation and livelihoods opportunities reinforcing her resolve to do more to alleviate the sufferings. She is passionate about food security, women empowerment projects, disarmament, topics of poverty alleviation and eradication of hunger and passion for child education and development.

Host: Street Sense

Fellow Role at Street Sense:
Maysa will oversees the sales department –where vendors purchase newspapers from Street Sense as independent contractors and then sell those newspapers to the public. She will work with both the sales operation directly and supervise a volunteer sales team, focusing on the delivery of case management.

Mazhun Idris, 32, Kano, Nigeria (HOST: Center for Islam and Religious Freedom)

Mazhun has six years experience in professional content production and translation for nonprofits. He has a Bachelor’s in Economic Science from Ahmadu Bello University, proficiency certificates in Hausa and Arabic languages. He also possesses MOOC certificates in “Building State Capability” from Harvard Center for International Development and “Creativity Innovation & Change” from Pennsylvania State University. Mazhun is a professional web search analyst, open-source data miner and volunteer linguist. Mazhun has delivered volunteer localization works for Breast Cancer Self Awareness messages under Project PINK BLUE-Health & Psychological Trust Centre. In June 2016 in Kano, Mazhun organized a one-day regional training workshop on sustainable control of Tuta Absoluta tomato pest, sponsored by Russell IPM, London, for northern Nigerian farmers. Five years ago, Mazhun was the acting editor of Al-Ikhtiyar, a monthly Islamic social reform magazine. In his previous employment with a media communication firm, Mazhun acquired content production skills as a guest interviewer, scriptwriter, subtitle supervisor, and cultural adaptation specialist for various TV programs. Mazhun has authored two books, two academic papers, and a number of poems in literary magazines, along with many features in Leadership, The Nation, Daily Trust and News of Nigeria newspapers.

Host: Center for Islam and Religious Freedom

Fellow Role at Center for Islam and Religious Freedom:
Mazhun will assist with research, education, media production, and advocacy, working in partnership with Muslims who support religious freedom. He will take part in educational programs about religious freedom, provide advice about work in Nigeria and other areas, and assist with grant applications.

Njeri Muturi, 33, Nairobi, Kenya (HOST: generationOn/Points of Light)

Njeri has over five years working in the nonprofit sector. She has earned a Diploma in Social Development Studies, Bachelor’s in Social Work from Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya and a Master’s in Criminology from the University of Brighton in the UK. She previously worked at St John’s School and College in Brighton, working with young people who have a wide range of complex learning disabilities and difficulties. Njeri has volunteered in Ghana as a Human Rights and Organization Development Advisor at Widows and Orphans Movement. In this capacity, she created partnerships with Action Aid Ghana, Amnesty International, Ghana and UNICEF. In addition, Njeri worked at African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Dagoretti Child in Need Project where she provided community-based support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and assisted them in re-joining the Kenyan school system. She developed hands-on experience in the process of Rescuing, Rehabilitation, Re-socialization and Reintegration (4-Rs). Prior to that, Njeri worked at the AMREF and Terra Nova’s Students, Artisans and Youth Program as an Apprentice Social Work Consultant. Her experience at the Aga Khan Foundation-Kenya, Coastal Rural Support Program saw her grow the company's network by 70%. She conducted capacity building training and supported Village Development Organizations. More recently, Njeri has worked as a Project Director at Kestrel Limited where she increased employment opportunities and training in many Nairobi communities. Through these experiences, she developed strong skills in capacity building, project coordination and implementation, networking, and human rights and advocacy. Njeri is a social impact professional, zealous about creating meaningful and sustainable change among marginalized people and communities by contribution to strategic social interventions.

Host: generationOn/Points of Light

Fellow Role at generationOn/Points of Light:
Njeri will support the successful development and execution of the Points of Light’s portfolio of programs focused on meeting both the academic needs and service leadership development of youth through youth and volunteer engagement. generationOn. He will equip youth and volunteers with the right resources that allow youth, volunteers, parents and teachers to collaborate on academic interventions and service opportunities that support the development of caring, compassionate and capable youth.

Nyasha Frank Chibanda, 33, Kadoma, Zimbabwe (HOST: BroadFutures)

Nyasha has a strong background in youth employment initiatives, workforce training, and community engagement. Following his relocation to South Africa, he earned his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing Management from the Management College of Southern Africa. He is committed to the development of sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives to improve the living conditions of underprivileged communities in Southern Africa. As a Work Seeker Support Manager, he has been a part of the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator’s Leadership Team that facilitated the successful transition of over 30,000 at-risk youth into sustained employment. The team also supported over 250,000 young unemployed South Africans with the skills needed to find themselves employment since 2011. In his role, he provided operational leadership to support the organization’s work seeker support targets. Previously, Nyasha worked as an IT Coordinator for Media Works, an education and training organization focused on literacy and numeracy challenges for groups in need, including people with disabilities, and farm and mine workers. There he was involved in the design and implementation of e-Learning projects funded by various Skills Education Training Authorities (SETAs) in South Africa. Through these experiences, Nyasha developed strong leadership, project coordination, and management skills. He is passionate about promoting youth employment, skills development, and has a particular interest in development communication.

Host: BroadFutures

Fellow Role at BroadFutures:
Nyasha will support the Program Director and CEO with coordination and management of the BroadFutures program, including program development and implementation, communications and marketing. He will also help BroadFutures to serve a greater number of interns both directly through the program and through in-services and workshops.

Shaza Khan, 27, Islamabad, Pakistan (HOST: Disaster Accountability Project)

Shaza has four years’ experience working in the development and corporate sector of Pakistan. She earned a Master's degree in Organizational and Social Psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. She worked closely with the Minister for Planning, Development & Reform on strategic communications of some of the biggest development projects in the country, including China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Vision 2025. Shaza was part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) team that worked towards modernizing and reforming the public sector of Pakistan through Civil Service Reforms. She brought to the government’s attention the long-neglected issue of mental health and advocated for legislative action through organizing a first-of-its-kind policy dialogue on the issue. Previously, she worked as a Brand Manager at GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan and at an NGO helping flood victims in Punjab, Pakistan. One of her great passions in life is to explore cultures through travel and photography.

Host: Disaster Accountability Project

Fellow Role at Disaster Accountability Project:
Shaza will will add critical capacity building support as DAP prepares for the launch of SmartResponse, an ambitious effort to improve effectiveness/transparency/accountability in humanitarian aid donations by collecting and sharing “location-specific” and “pre-disaster” data on the capacity, activities, and history of CSOs, NGOs, and INGOs involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and other human services.

Sopheakpanha Nem, 23, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (HOST: Voice of America)

Sopheakpanha Cambodian citizen who resides in Phnom Penh. He graduated two years ago with a major in English language from Royal University of Phnom Penh and in economics from Royal University of Law and Economics. For roughly a year and half till now, he has been working as a digital media coordinator at Voice of America (VOA) in Phnom Penh. As a digital media coordinator , his job is to translate assigned international news articles, help edit the translation work from other digital media news assistants, transcribe English audio of an interview for translation and handle the Facebook page of Voice of America. In addition, he helps organize the digital work flow by delegating works to other digital media news assistants since quality digital news contents need to be posted on VOA online platforms in a timely manner. Until now, VOA digital work flow embarks on a smooth road with the number of audience engagement keeps on rising as the digital team brings forward quality and credible digital contents. Providing the audience quality enterprise news reports to the audience is one of the driving forces behind his taking up of journalism.

Host: Voice of America

Fellow Role at Disaster Accountability Project:
Sopheakpanha will work on reporting, translating, voicing, narrating, shooting video, recording audio, posting and publishing digital text and visual content online to digital web and social platforms, and conducting on-camera interviews.

Wafaa Heikal, 26, Dakahlia, Egypt (HOST: Meedan Labs)

Wafaa has five years of experience in Media, and earned a Bachelor’s of Mass Media and Communication in Journalism from the University of Cairo in Egypt. During the first year of the uprising of 25 of January, Wafaa found herself diligently engaging wholeheartedly in student activism, in specific campaigns, which lead to the amendment of the 2011-2012 Electoral and Constituency laws. While working as a freelance editor with Correspondents an online platform to support journalism development as a key factor in conflict transition, across three post-revolution nations, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Wafaa has also worked for Welad El Balad where she successfully help shed a spotlight on hyper-local journalism, helping to magnify the voices of marginalized communities in a highly centralized socio-political environment. Through these experiences, she developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. Wafaa enjoys focusing on the topics of culture, human rights and education, and has a strong passion for women empowerment.

Host: Meedan Labs

Fellow Role at Meedan Labs:
Wafaa will work with the Business Development and Product teams to refine and implement a communications and launch strategy for Check, Meedan’s award-winning verification toolkit. In addition to working on public, lead-generating communications (through blogging, media outreach and social media) she will also support the Check Product team in customer and partner-facing communications related to product updates and support.

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