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Atlas Corps Annual Report 2013

Letter from CEO

Atlas Corps describes 2013 as a year of expansion. We partnered with several new Host Organizations, strengthened our relationship with the U.S. Government, grew our Alumni Network through more interactive outreach, and improved our Training Program - Global Leadership Lab.

Atlas Corps improved our Training Program by creating the Global Leadership Lab (GLL). GLL is an in-person and virtual management training series. The in-person component occurs three times a year in four-day “Labs.” Each Lab is dedicated to a new class of Fellows. The Lab consists of four days of training or “immersions” whereas the Fellows learn from one another, thereby strengthening their skills and knowledge.

Atlas Corps strengthened its relationship with the U.S. Government through the expansion of its Sudan/South Sudan initiative. To date, Atlas Corps has received more than $1 million dollars in total funding from the U.S. Government. Read more..

These new partnerships and improved relationships provided useful insight for Atlas Corps, as we continue to learn how to grow and operate more efficiently. Atlas Corps would like to thank everyone that made 2013 a great success. Thanks to you, Atlas Corps has engaged more than 13 Classes of Fellows and is on our way to becoming a two million dollar organization. Atlas Corps continues to grow because of you!

Update from Fellows

For Fellows, the significant takeaways in 2013 were exposure to new possibilities, new methods of operation, and new solutions for the problems and professional challenges they will face in their home countries.

By serving as full-time members of diverse Host Organization teams in the United States and Colombia, Atlas Corps Fellows join a global network that enriches by bringing unique perspectives. Fellows also have a chance to explore new skills, challenge their perspectives, and challenge others to learn about other regions of the world. As an Atlas Corps Fellow, Nabeel (Sudan, Class 13, Host: Voice of America) shared, "My perspective has changed, but the issues I am passionate about have remained the same. I’m just taking it to the next level."

Update from Host Organizations

Host Organizations agree that Atlas Corps Fellows contribute to achieving an organization’s mission, strengthening their programs, and expanding their skill set. David Ray (CARE) and Meg Poole (Meridian International) have hosted numerous Fellows in their respective organizations and look forward to more partnerships in the future.

With 300 Fellows from more than 60 countries, it is no coincidence that Host Organization projects align with the diverse interests and skills of Atlas Corps Fellows. Each Fellow, whether focused on communications or peacebuilding or advocacy or community health, brings a unique perspective to the organization, which creates a valuable contribution to the field.

Update from Alumni

Masoora Ali is an Atlas Corps Alumni from Pakistan who served in Class 3. During her tenure as a Fellow, she served at Asian American LEAD in Washington, DC. The Fellowship helped her improve her confidence and her ability to take initiative and translate her ideas into actions.

Masoora describes being an Atlas Corps Alumni as being in a family, in terms of both the other Fellows and the Atlas Corps Staff. She values Atlas Corps both personally and professionally, as it has given her access to a global network of like-minded professionals. She is in touch with all the Fellows in Pakistan and her region. Thanks to the Atlas Corps Global Network, she can coordinate with other Fellows and accomplish more tasks than she could alone. She credits Atlas Corps for changing her perspective and making her a completely different person and professional.

Update from Colombia

In 2013, Atlas Corps Colombia successfully partnered with Fundación Escuela Nueva (New School Foundation), the only organization in Colombia recognized by Forbes as 1 of the 100 most important NGOs in the world. Atlas Corps Fellow Luis Rejano served with Fundación Escuela Nueva to improve their communications and partnership building.

This year also represented the commencement of an important alliance with Volunteers Colombia and SENA (National Service of Learning). The new collaboration will facilitate improved bilingual education throughout Colombia by engaging native English speakers as English Teaching Fellows in Colombia. In addition, Fellows will learn leadership skills in an international context while teaching English to Colombian youth. With the signing of this alliance, Atlas Corps Colombia expects to bring around 40 English Teachers to Colombia during 2014.

Atlas Corps Network

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