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a year-long, paid fellowship for Korean professionals to serve in nonprofit organizations in the United States

아산나눔재단과 Atlas Corps가 함께 하는 아산 프론티어 펠로우십에 지원하세요!

Check back in 2017 for information about the next Class of Frontier Fellows.

Asan Nanum Foundation, in cooperation with the Atlas Corps, is seeking nonprofit leaders from Korea to apply for a 12-month professional fellowship. Atlas Corps Asan Frontier Fellows serve for 12 months in nonprofit organizations in the United States, such as Ashoka, Deloitte, Oxfam, UN Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision International, and CARE USA. Fellows also participate in 200 hours of in-person and online leadership training through the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab. Additional networking and membership opportunities provided throughout the year of service. This prestigious Fellowship includes a living stipend to cover basic expenses (food, local transportation, and shared housing) and health insurance.

About Asan Nanum Foundation

Asan Nanum Foundation Asan Nanum Foundation was established in October 2011 in memory of the late ‘Asan’ Chung Ju-yung, the founder of the Hyundai Group. The Foundation works to carry forward Asan’s vision of ‘building prosperous communities’ across Korea through its two main program areas: (1) promoting youth entrepreneurship and (2) fostering young global leaders.

Class #21: May 2016 Atlas Corps Fellows

Sunha Hwang, 32, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Host: World Vision)

Sunha has more than three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Myongji University in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently pursuing her MA in the Distribution Industry in Sejong University. Sunha worked at an international development NGO called the World Channel Sharing Foundation (WCSF) as a manager of the international cooperation team. She was sent to Cambodia to manage two charity schools from 2014 to 2015. As the Director of Cambodia Foreign Language School(CFLS), she managed the overall school system, including administration, finance, and cooperation with the headquarters in Korea in order to organize and implement a number of seminars and relief aid activities. She developed a new charity school and a community library, and also helped poor children in rural areas to be educated at the school. Previously, Sunha consistently participated in volunteer work in developing countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia while she was working in the for-profit sector. She was selected from Myongji University Volunteer Service Center to work at Workcamp in France through the International Workcamp Organization (IWO) in order to restore cultural heritage in 2008. Sunha is particularly interested in Children, Education, Project Management, and Gender Equality in third world countries. She is passionate about learning new things, and loves a new challenge.

Host: World Vision

Fellow Role at World Vision: Sunha will be working on project management and research support to several early grade reading programs in a number of national offices. She will also support the build out of our Literacy Boost model in Uganda, Ghana, Malawi and Nepal and help develop tools and resources that support improved teacher training, community action and reading assessment processes.

Class #20: January 2016 Atlas Corps Fellows

Bora Kang, 31, Seoul, Korea (Host: D3 Jubilee)

Bora has two years of experience working for Root Impact and has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Media from the University of Yonsei in Korea. While working as a senior manager in Root Impact, a for-purpose organization supporting change-makers including social entrepreneurs, she executed the social contribution program with client company and helped to build a vibrant community of change-makers based on co-working spaces. Previously, Bora worked for LINE Plus to expand user base of mobile messenger application into East Asian countries by creating TV and digital advertisements. Given her experiences in both, nonprofit and profit sectors, she achieved balanced perspectives for communication skills and strong project implementation. Bora enjoys focusing on the topics of innovative business model to solve social issues in terms of social and financial impacts, and has a strong desire to be a professional in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investment.

Host: D3 Jubilee

Fellow Role at D3 Jubilee: Bora will assist her supervisor in conducing due diligence on start-up companies, impact funds, and direct deal structures.She will also prepare quarterly reports for investors, look for investment opportunities, and help arrange meetings, seminars, and other networking events.

Kangkwon Lee, 30, Taejeon, South Korea (Host: Goodwill Industries International)

Kangkwon has over four years of experience in the profit and nonprofit sectors. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Korea University in South Korea. From 2013 to 2015, Kangkwon worked at KPMG, positioned in Climate Change & Sustainability Division. In 2015, Kangkwon, as a project manager, successfully developed ‘Creating Shared Value’ business model, which aims to revitalize depressed rural villages in Jeju Island, Korea. Kangkwon also worked at Eco-Frontier, a local consultancy, where he provided a number of advisory services on corporate social responsibility. Kangkwon also completed internships for research assistant role at the UN Global Compact Korea Network in 2010 and at People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) in 2009. Through the years of rigorous and demanding consulting experiences, Kangkwon acquired project management skills and a strong acumen for communication. Kangkwon is most concerned about issues that affect the youth, mostly education and unemployment, because he believes these are tools to foster success and empowerment. He has a strong passion to entrepreneurship for social change and one day hopes to find business-based solutions for education and employment issues facing young Koreans.

Host: Goodwill Industries International

Fellow Role at Goodwill Industries International: Fellow Role at Goodwill Industries International: Kangkwon will support the strategic expansion of the Goodwill social enterprise model internationally. He will join the International Development team, contributing in the areas of identifying new international partnership opportunities, supporting existing international affiliates and partners, and broad initiatives including data collection and analysis, fundraising, as well as development of tools for the delivery of technical assistance and training to international partners and other capacity­building mechanisms.

Suyoung Kim, 29, Seoul, Korea (Host: Jubilee JumpStart)

Suyoung has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is in the process of obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Policy for Development, from International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Suyoung previously worked for World Vision Korea, an international humanitarian organization, where she organized and coordinated fund-raising filming visits to 12 countries with Korean National TV stations. She communicated with many locals in need and local counterparts, and effectively delivered their reality to Korean audiences via mass media. She also contributed to Global citizenship education and peace building program for youth, by organizing the 24 Famine campaign and planning overseas volunteering programs. Through these experiences she developed strong communication and project coordination skills, and gained experience in the TV fundraising. Suyoung enjoys focusing on the topics of cross-cultural understanding and youth empowerment and has a strong passion for education.

Host: Jubilee JumpStart

Fellow Role at Jubilee JumpStart(JJS): Suyoung will support the Director of Development in managing JJS’ comprehensive giving program to help raise funds, with special attention given to JJS’ growing portfolio of individual supporters. She will work closely with Director and Executive Director to broaden and improve communications and awareness-building efforts. Overall, Suyoung will grow the effectiveness and impact of development and fundraising efforts.

Class #18: May 2015 Atlas Corps Fellows

Hyun Shin Kwack, 33, Seoul, South Korea (Host: CARE USA)

Hyun Shin has more than two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. While working as a coordinator in the Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (KSRPD), she operated the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Disability Forum (APDF), an international disability organization. She also contributed to international partnerships with Disabled People’s Organizations in Asia and Pacific region by organizing seminars and conferences in Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Indonesia. She planned and organized different projects for youth leadership. She also worked as an executive assistant and interpreter to the President of APDF for meetings at the UNESCAP and the UN Headquarters. Hyun-Shin did an internship at the Development Education Centre in South Yorkshire in the U.K. in 2011, and finished her research on “An analysis of children’s development awareness.” Previously, Hyun-Shin worked as a co-worker in the Camphill Community in the UK in 2004, where she was responsible for the house unit looking after residents with disabilities, and completed the National Vocational Qualification in Care. She also worked as an English teacher for Korean middle and high school students in private sectors for four years. Through these experiences, Hyun-Shin developed project management and coordination skills as well as teamwork skills. She enjoys focusing on the issues of international development related to disability, global partnership, youth participation, gender, and education.


Fellow Role at CARE USA:
Hyun-Shin will work with the Senior Policy Advisor of the Gender and Empowerment team, which is involved in a number of policy and influence activities related to gender integration, prevention of gender-based violence, and mitigation and prevention of child marriage. Hyun-Shin will work to support the team’s efforts to influence global discourse and policy implementation on these issues, and to monitor progress against the team’s influence and policy implementation goals.

Class #17: January 2015 Atlas Corps Fellows

H.Kelly (Hyun-jung) Shin, 35, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Global Good Fund)

Hyun-jung has ten years of work experience in the for-profit sector as a professional marketer. She earned a Bachelor's degree in English language and literature with a minor in Mass Communication and Global MBA at Korea University in South Korea. She previously worked at Amway Korea, CJ CheilJedang Corporation, and Double A Korea. Hyun-jung is experienced at CSR marketing, integrated marketing communication, brand management, new product development, marketing research and business data analysis. Hyun-jung’s interest in social entrepreneurship and leadership motivated her to help young social ventures as a pro bono marketing consultant, and she launched a three month social consulting academic program for university students. She has also designed and implemented a fundraising campaign to build a toy library for orphaned children. With her strong marketing background, she wants to devote herself to work in the non-profit sector in the future, with the goal to become part of making a better global community.

Host: Global Good Fund

Fellow Role at Global Good Fund:
Hyun-jung will work to manage portfolio of current and alumni Global Good Fund Fellows ensuring the Fellowship accelerates their leadership development. Not only will she identify and vet 2016 Global Good Fellows, she will also develop commercialization of leadership products.

Julia Jungmin Oh, 27, Seoul, South Korea (Host: The National Bureau of Asian Research)

Ms. Oh interned for one year in separate research roles for the Korea Economic Institute of America, in Washington D.C., and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, in New York City. While completing her MA, Ms. Oh also contributed to the Centre for Science and Security Studies in London and NK News, a North Korea–focused news and information service. She recently worked for the Korean government in London as a Marketing Assistant Manager for the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. As a 2015 Atlas Corps fellow, Oh will join the National Bureau of Asian Research in Washington DC.

Ms. Oh holds a BA in Communications from the University of Delaware and an MA in International Relations from the Department of War Studies at the King’s College London, where her thesis focused on the role of North Korea's nuclear weapons program in domestic propaganda. She has native fluency in English and Korean.

Host: The National Bureau of Asian Research

Fellow Role at The National Bureau of Asian Research:
Julia will serve as part of the Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs group and the Political and Security Affairs (PSA) group of NBR. As a member of these two groups, she supports the group leader, Assistant Director, and Project Manager in business development, project management, fundraising, and grant and contract management. Part of NBR’s mission is to train the next generation of Asia specialists and instill in them the importance of policy-relevant research.

Ruth Kim, 31, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Pyxera Global)

Ruth has over three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned her Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Architecture and Urban Design from Handong Global University in Korea. Ruth initially worked at Haeahn Architecture for four years as an architect in training where she operated as an intermediary between Korean and foreign firms and translated Korean-English documents. At the end of Ruth’s four year apprenticeship, she decided to make a career change to one which involved the social issues that she is passionate about, and utilized her professional skills. She most recently worked as a Vision Trip Specialist for Compassion Korea, an international nonprofit child advocacy organization focused ofrelieving childpoverty. For the past three years, she has coordinated and co-hosted trips to countries all over the world for individuals, corporations, VIPs, youths, church groups, advocates and other interest groups. She also planned and executed events for sponsors that have been on trips to ensure and expand future sponsorship and commitment. Through these experiences she has developed skills in leadership, communication, management and project coordination and implementation.

Host: Pyxera Global

Fellow Role at Pyxera Global:
Ruth will join Pyxera Global as a communications and public affairs fellow. She will support and eventually lead, the planning and execution of various seminars/events including PYXERA Global’s 25th anniversary. She will manage the overall event design, supportive brand building and communications, audio-visual production, budgeting, logistics, managing vendors and ensuring a good client/participant experience.

Sue Ohe, 26, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Polaris)

Sue has two and a half years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts and Sciences in East Asian Languages and Culture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While working as a Legal Coordinator with International Asylum Protection Team of Refuge pNan, she helped asylum seekers from Africa, Asia, and Middle East with their refugee application and lawsuit filing, interviews, livelihood and social integration throughout their refugee status determination(RSD) procedure. One of her specialties is Country of Origin Information (COI) research, and she had taught at several lectures for Korean pro-bono lawyers and legal clinic students on how to conduct COI research. In 2013, she was a project coordinator of Center for Global Partnership, where she organized a roundtable on refugee resettlement and social integration. In 2014, she conducted field research in Myanmar and Thailand on local community capacity building to help returning Burmese refugees. As a part of effort to raise public awareness in Korean society, she lectured at high schools about refugee issues and civil diplomacy. Sue enjoys working on the topics of asylum protection and forced migration, and has a strong desire to be a professional in the field of humanitarian assistance and emergency relief.

Host: Polaris

Fellow Role at Polaris:
As a Campaign Fellow, Sue will provide critical support to the Strategic Intervention team, assisting the team in its effort to eradicate modern day slavery by combating sex trafficking. She will support the team as it focuses on grassroots action campaigns, legislative advocacy, law enforcement engagement, and bilateral collaboration with source-country stakeholders, providing unique capacity to the Korean community.

Class #14: January 2014 Atlas Corps Fellows

Hae Soo Park, 26, Seoul, South Korea (Host: InterAction)

Hae Soo Park has three years of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Kyung Hee University in Republic of Korea. Currently, Hae Soo is interning for Good Neighbors International, a Korean nonprofit humanitarian organization focused on child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. She is researching case studies of global campaigns and international governance, as well as updating current international issues and trends. Prior to her internship, Hae Soo was a Research Assistant at a private financial company in Korea, Woori Investment and Securities, for almost two years. She joined the firm in 2011 and assisted the equity research analyst in researching market trends, industry trends, and company updates. In 2009, she completed an internship for nine months at The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO). Her work mostly dealt with assisting the executive coordinator with updating membership database and information. She was also responsible for covering meetings on behalf of CoNGO at the United Nations. Finally, she assisted the staff of New York in organizing the logistics for CoNGO-sponsored meetings and receptions, including CoNGO Board Meetings as well as the Civil Society Development Forum. Through her experiences, Hae Soo has not only learned research skills, but she has also learned how to work proficiently in a fast paced environment. Hae Soo enjoys and feels passionately towards topics related to children's empowerment, education, and rights advocacy.

Host: InterAction

Fellow Role at InterAction
Hae Soo will provide support to InterAction’s Standards related work, as well as support the planning and execution of the 2014 InterAction Annual Forum.

Julie Lim, 32, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Net Impact)

Julie has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned her M.A in Business Administration at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea. She is in process of obtaining her Ph.D. in Sociology. In 2008, Julie started the Work and Family Institute, a social enterprise that provides better information on how to balance work and family life. She provided consultations on how to have a more flexible work environment, as well as educational programs to enhance the quality of life for working parents. In 2010, Julie founded a nonprofit organization on her own, the Korea Work and Family Foundation. She successfully persuaded investors to help fund her foundation. She has worked on numerous projects with government officials and corporate sectors for a better working environment for working parents, and received an outstanding recognition award from The Ministry of Gender Equality Family and The Ministry of Health & Welfare. She was involved in many policy making processes, including workers’ rights, childcare, and flexible working time for working parents, with government officials. She advocated using press, news and media via off and online channels. Through these experiences, Julie developed project coordination and government relations skills. Julie enjoys focusing on the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility and Women’s issues, and has a strong passion for Social Entrepreneurship.

Host: Net Impact

Fellow Role at Net Impact
Julie will play a key role in Net Impact’s success by supporting projects that present skill building opportunities for students created in partnership with corporations and organizations such as Banana Republic, Walmart, and the National Park Service.

Karam Chae, 27, Seoul, South Korea (Host: Agora Partnerships)

Karam has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She double majored in Business Administration and Mass Communications, with a minor in English Literature, at Yonsei University in Korea. With her previous experiences at a social enterprise and in private equity, Karam has recently been concentrating on impact investment at the Happiness Foundation. She reviewed business proposals that were submitted by social enterprises which needed funding to scale up, evaluated their financial and social value, and structured investment instruments. Previously, she worked as a CFO at Delight, a social enterprise which manufactures and retails hearing aids. She negotiated investment terms and conditions with potential impact investors, developed annual cash flow forecasts, and obtained B Corp certification. As an analyst in a private equity investment team with Hana Daetoo Investment Bank, she reviewed investment opportunities, forecasted corporate values and monitored portfolio companies. Through these experiences, she developed financial management and evaluation skills. Karam enjoys focusing on the topics of novel financial investment structures in the social economy sector and has a strong passion for empowering the disabled, women, and youth.

Host: Agora Partnerships

Fellow Role at Agora Partnerships
Karam will work to strengthen Agora’s Investor and Mentor Networks in support of the Accelerator Program. She will plan and execute IIA, Agora’s largest event of the year and culmination of the Accelerator ’14. She will also support key initiatives in strengthening Agora’s brand in the US and internationally.

Sook Hee Yuk, 31, Seoul, South Korea(Host: Global Campaign for Education)

Sook Hee has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Development studies from the University of Ghana in Ghana and a Master’s of Economics in Middle East and Africa areas of studies from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. While working as a Director and Founder of Make Africa Better which is based in Korea and Ghana, she helped women and communities in northern Ghana to improve quality of life through an income generation project. At the same time, Sook Hee gave lectures about “Africa and Sustainable development” and “Africa and NGOs” at the Hankuk University of Foreign studies. Previously, she has worked as a research assistant in several research institutions including AFDB and Korea Legislation Research Institute. Through these experiences, she has developed balanced aspects of Africa development. Sook Hee enjoys focusing on the issues of poverty alleviation through income generation and education program, and has a strong passion for marginalized people in Africa.

Host: Global Campaign for Education

Fellow Role at Global Campaign for Education
Sook Hee will work the with Director on researching potential funders and writing grant proposals to foundations. She will also assist with the development and functioning of a GCE-US Youth Advisory Group to enable the organization to more effectively engage the next generation of advocates for Education For All.

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